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Playful Woman Chapter 1.2

While Eunha was thinking that, the man was clutching his chest with a painful look at the same time.

Is it an acute myocardial infarction?

“What’s wrong with you? Do you want me to call 119?”

She asked out of fear, the man groaned and pointed at something with his finger.

It was the mop that Eunha was holding.

“No, I don’t care about my mop…….”

And Eunha stopped breathing.

She can’t believe the edge of the mop was hitting something!

“Big brother!”

She heard a shout from somewhere, and in an instant, some men in black suits rushed out and surrounded the man.

“What’s going on, brother? Why can’t you tell me?”

“What? What’s wrong with you? Did you hurt your ribs?”

“How dare a big man dare to hit my big brother’s ribs!”

So this was the situation in which Eunha quickly made a decision.

She just hit the gang leader’s rib with a mop and injured him!

A man who couldn’t even open his eyes properly in pain barely opened his eyes after a while.

The moment that their eyes met, the man suddenly looked surprised.

He opened his eyes wide, stared at Eunha’s face, and managed to open his mouth.

“Hey, do you happen to…….”

In Eunha’s ears it sounded like he was trying to say this.

‘Hey, do you like being buried in the back of the mountain?’

Eunha, who was scared, took a backward step, as the man reached out his hand.


At that moment, his shoes slipped all the way on the floor of the tile she just wiped.

A huge body slid down the floor like in the anime, followed by a scream in the men’s mouths.


She didn’t know if the gangster boss died or lived or what happened after that.

Because Eunha threw out a mop and ran away, saying, “Save me.”


Inside the studio with sky blue and white clouds floating around.

Eunha stood in front of the mirror and checked out her outfit and hair again.

A pink t-shirt with cute puff sleeves and a slightly wavy brown bobbed hair.

She made sure that the microphone was properly attached to the collar, smiled brightly at the mirror, and finally wore a headband.

Her trademark headband changes every day, and today it was a headband with cute ears and ribbons.

As she sat in front of the desk, the camera director signaled the start of the recording.

“Hi, friends. It’s Mini!”

Eunha waved her hands at the camera and smiled broadly.

“Today, we will make a turtle ship with this clay and play with Admiral Yi Sun-shin. Shall we get started?”

She began to make Admiral Yi Sun-shin by taking off a large chunk of clay.

“Now, make a big knife like this……how’s it? Isn’t it cool, guys?”

In fact, what was made was the quality of being afraid that Admiral Yi Sun-shin would come out of the tomb if he saw it, but it doesn’t matter much by then.

Mini and Friends channel’s little subscribers are imaginative and generous.

“I will protect Joseon until the end! Come on, enemies!”

He was having a lot of fun, and the camera director winked at Eunha.

‘Eunha, it’s time to get this over with!’

Only then did Eunha come to her senses.

‘Oh, my God, you’re playing around again.’

Infants and children can’t focus on too long videos.

It had to be cut off in about 15 minutes at the longest, but Eunha herself was so into playing that she often went over time.

Eunha smiled and raised her thumb and pretended to press hard at the camera.

“Don’t forget to press subscribe and press like! See you next time, friends!”

The camera stopped.

“Good job, Eunha!”

Eunha took off her headband with a long sigh.

At this moment she returns to 27-year-old Go Eunha from the children’s friend Mini.

At this point, I’m sure you’ve noticed about Eunha’s job.

Yes, Eunha is a kids creator on the YouTube channel ‘Mini and Friends.’

It’s a video clip of playing with children from a video streaming site. It’s called Kids YouTuber.

I heard YouTubers make so much money these days, but why is her salary 700,000 won?

That’s a very small part of the story on the top of that pyramid, and Eunha was still an unknown YouTuber with more than 10,000 subscribers.

In fact, even 700,000 won a month is paid at a loss by the company.

After finishing the recording, Eunha sat blankly thinking about what happened yesterday.

‘Will he be all right? Him.’

Even if he fell down and made a mistake, his ribs were hurt because of me, but he should have paid for the hospital bill.

I felt guilty, but Eunha shook her head quickly to shake off her thoughts.

“Fool, do you ever get buried in the mountains behind you when you’re trying to pay for the hospital bill?’

Any good citizen would have acted just like himself if he were in that situation.

In addition, Eunha had an experience of being almost killed by a gangster when she was young.

So I never saw a gangster movie even when it was in full swing.

How scary are the gangsters in the world, and I can’t believe I can laugh at them!

‘I haven’t found Hyunwoo yet. Can’t I die?’

That’s how Eunha rationalized herself.

Then, the gang leader’s sharp eyes came to her mind which made her back chill immediately.


As she shuddered, Eunha prayed inwardly.

I’m scared that they will come and catch me, so I hope you didn’t get hurt too much!

Thirsty deer Co. is a large meat processing company with nearly 500 employees with three factories nationwide.

What was unusual about the company was that 99 percent of its executives and employees were ex-convicts.

It serves as a member of a healthy society by providing quality jobs to ex-convicts with a firm will to rehabilitate.

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Playful Woman

Playful Woman

Playful Girl, Play Girl
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
“The man I met for the first time, I laid him down!” An unpopular kid’s YouTuber, “Mini and Friends” Eunha accidentally injures a man during a cleaning part-time job.” Super tall, muscular, massive physique, bloody expression and scarring! The frightened Eunha runs away. Meanwhile, Ji-hwan, the scary man who woke up from the hospital, said, “Find her and bring her back politely.” I think he knows Eunha for some reason……?


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