Playful Woman

Playful Woman Chapter 1.1

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‘What kind of company is this?’

While wiping the hallway floor with a mop, Eunha was complaining inside her.

A part-time job dispatching company sent Eunha to this building about a week ago.

Several companies were located inside the 10-story building, and Eunha was responsible for cleaning the fifth, sixth and seventh floor of the building.

On the fifth and sixth floors, there were just ordinary offices, but what she was suspicious of was the company that used the entire seventh floor.

The company’s name was Deer Thirsty Co. (I checked the dictionary many times and it was really referring to a deer. Maybe this has a different meaning figuratively but this is the literal translation for now.)

 What kind of company are they? The name was already fishy enough.

Uhmm, everyone coming in and out seems a little dangerous?

Most of their expressions look rough, some have a thick forearm that looks like Ma Dong-seok (The husband of the pregnant woman from the train to busan), and some even have tattoos on the back of their necks.

‘Are they some gangsters or something?’

Thinking so, Eunha shook her head quickly.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.….

“Shit, What f*ck man, Are you an asshole? Shit! Shit!”

At that moment, a swear word broke out in the office coming from the said  “secretary”. 

Eunha freaked out and almost dropped the mop.

“That’s why I said you can’t be a gambler, my God!”

An angry man’s voice roared loudly.

Eunha graduated from a girls’ middle school, girls’ high school, and even in a girls’ university.

There were more curses she just heard in these 30 seconds than what she heard in her whole life.

“That’s enough, big brother, get the kids out of here before they know it. If we are all caught, we’re all dead.”

Eunha started to mop again with a shiver.

‘No matter how hard it is to find a part-time job, I can’t do it here, I’ll ask them to send me somewhere else after this week.’

I was 27 years old, and I was kinda resentful of myself for having to switch part-time jobs.

The monthly salary I get from the company I work for is 700,000 won per month (628$), but I can’t make ends meet with that money for a month, so I have no choice but to find a part-time job at the same time.

At a time when the minimum hourly wage is running towards 10,000 won (9$), what is the purpose of the company’s salary of 700,000 won?

Let’s think about it later.

Anyway, I’m going to mop first.

Tomorrow is the day where I will get paid for a week’s worth of part-time work, so even if I heard some secrets, won’t I just get paid if I were to do my duties diligently until then?

Eunha rubbed the floor with a mop to the point that her arm hurt thinking that she needed to finish them faster.


Eunha was so surprised when she heard a groan that she turned around immediately.

A young man in his early 30s stood behind her back, clutching his chest.

The reason I was surprised was because of the man’s extraordinary physique.

His shoulders were as wide as the male lead of the Shinjo Mayu’s manga (A BL japanese author LOL), which she read in class without her teacher’s knowledge, and his thick chest can be seen over the black suit he is wearing.

Looking up, she felt like she was going to get a stiff neck, knowing that the person in front of her was at least 190 centimeters tall.

He’s wearing a suit, but his muscles were not hidden at all. They look sturdy and solid.

It looked as if he had trapped a mass of explosive power in a tightly packed black suit.

To put it simply, he looks like Thor in a suit.

Aside from everything, he possesses a very handsome face.

Compared to his physique, his face doesn’t look very rough, and he has neat and clear features, so he must be an outstanding handsome man.

A sharp, cool-looking guy?

But the problem was that his expression was so scary!

The eyes under the thick eyebrows were sharply raised.

If Seo Tae-woong’s (don’t know which character is this because I only know their japanese name not the korean) eyes from “Slam Dunk,” which she watched when she was young, recalling so, his eyes are exactly like that.

His raised nose was so sharp that he looked very ethereal.

What made the man’s impression critically frightening was a large scar on his left cheek.

It’s like a long cut with a knife.

‘These guys are really some gangsters!’

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