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The Greatest Extra Chapter 1- The Prince of the fallen Empire (1)

Everyone must have thought at least once.

‘I want to be the main character in the novel.’

An absolute reigning Emperor

A Swordmaster that can go against tens of thousands of troops.

A Great Wizard who can peek at the truth.

A cold-blooded assassin who rules the darkness.

The main characters of all the novels I read were all attractive. So sometimes I thought, I want to be the main character from a novel too.

Maybe, I was tired of a life that just revolved like a cogwheel, a continuous cycle.

The desire that I thought would pass by, quickly became real.

However, it was impossible to be the main character I desire of. I wasn’t stupid enough to sincerely hope for it.

There was no such thing as absolute.

When I woke up, I transmigrated in a novel. Yet, I was not the main character, contrary to my long-cherished desire.

Raymond Pilius.

It was the name of the character I transmigrated as.

He was a villain who faced a miserable death right at the end of the first volume of the novel.

But it was worth trying.

Because I know all the happenings of this novel.

* * *

The warm morning sun touched the man’s cheek.

He opened his eyes, yawning. However, he frowned at the strange blurred vision and a sudden headache attack.

“Oh, I don’t remember drinking.”

This was a hangover.

The man instinctively reached out to his side, as if he was looking for something.

Then, he realized that something was weird.

‘When did my living room become this spacious?’

Originally, there would be a narrow table within an arm’s length, but now there was nothing at all.

“What is this…?”

His mind was full of confusion as his blurred vision slowly recovered.

“Where am I?”

He was inside a spacious bedroom decorated with splendor. There was a full-length mirror next to the bed.

The man stepped down subconsciously.

Standing in front of the mirror, there was a chubby blonde with prominent Western features.

“Is this me?”

As soon as he inadvertently uttered his innermost thoughts, he heard a voice coming outside the door.

“Your Highness, Prince Raymond Pilius, have you recovered from your hangover?”

He was taken aback by the young man’s voice.

“I’m Raymond Pilius..?”

The man, called Raymond, murmured in a small trembling voice.

There’s no way that he didn’t know this name. Rather… he knows it too well.

“I’m Raymond Pilius, the same asshole from ‘The Fallen Empire’?”

Raymond Pilius was a character in his favorite novel, “The Fallen Empire”.

When he opened his eyes, he transmigrated in this fiction Novel, but how?


He didn’t know why this happened.

But, there was a more important fact than that.

‘The Fifth Prince Raymond Pilius died at the end of the very first volume. And his ending was very miserable…….’

How Raymond died was not described in the book.

However, he still remembers the only sentence that describes it, which was ‘The most miserable death.’

‘The Event that Exterminated the whole Imperial family!!’

There was a huge event that happened at the end of Volume One, where Raymond Pilius died.

“Why do I have to..?”

Can’t he just transmigrate as the main character?

At this moment, his voice trembled and irritation mixed up.

But after calming himself, he gave up and threw himself into the chair next to him, sighing.

It was then.

He could hear the footsteps over the tightly closed door.

It was quite noisy as if there were several people were outside.

The sound was getting closer.

After a while, the sound of footsteps stopped as they had reached the door.

There were murmurs, but he couldn’t hear the contents well.

“This is Alex, Your Highness, please Excuse me.”

The reason was unknown, but Alex opened the door cautiously with a nervous voice as if he was anxious for something.

A handsome servant walked in.

Alex was dressed in robes with a smiling face, but somehow Raymond felt that it was an awkward one. His eyes roamed nervously around.

Behind him, several lightly armed knights with red capes walked in.

Soon their eyes fell on Raymond, who was sitting on a chair, and showed a common reaction.

Raymond opened his mouth wide and wanted to talk.

By then, he realized that it was impolite and hurriedly returned to his usual face.

‘His Highness, the Fifth Prince is already awake at this hour?’

‘He drank so much yesterday…….’

These were the thoughts of all the knights present.

‘I’m glad to hear that…’

Alex, who glanced at Raymond’s clear-eyed eyes despite drinking too much yesterday, was relieved.

Every time Raymond drank at night, he would have to try waking him up dozens of times the next day.

Of course, Alex, who was in charge of the process, was beaten because of Raymond’s irritation.

“Your Highness, how are you feeling?”

Alex politely bowed his head and asked about his physical condition.

The absent-minded Raymond turned his head and look at Alex.

‘Did he say that his name was Alex? If I’m the Fifth Prince and this man is Alex…….’

Recalling his memories about the Novel’s settings, he soon remembered Alex’s backstory.

Alex Tilinger, Baron Tilinger’s second son.

For now, he only remembered this much.

However, he remembered that there was nothing special about this character.

“Your Highness?”

When Raymond only looked at him and didn’t say anything, Alex asked again carefully.

“Nothing really. I am okay.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Would you like to change your clothes right now?”

Information about imperial etiquette came to Raymond’s mind.

This was part of the memory that the Fifth Prince, Raymond Pilius, had.

“Your, Your Highness…….”

Raymond frowned because of the short headache, Alex stepped back in surprise while the knights stepped forward.

This behavior of his was very familiar to them. It was a sight they had seen often.

‘How much did I beat them if they reacted like that?’

Raymond thought it was strange, but soon he could see the answer.

One of the fragments from the memory of this body was related to Alex.


In the past, Raymond seemed to have severely beaten his servants whenever he was bored.

Eventually, his servants were replaced each time and finally it was taken over by the powerless second son of Baron Tilinger.

He was beaten so far because he had no strength, and it seems that he had his bones broken not long ago.

Since then, whenever he went to wake Raymond up in the morning, there seemed to be several Imperial knights accompanying him.

“Nothing will happen. Relax.”

Raymond spoke with the softest voice he could. Only then did the Imperial knights back out and Alex walked away a bit.

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“I need to change.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

The maids came in and helped Raymond change his clothes.

Thanks to the memory of Raymond Pilius, he was able to act proficiently when he was taken to change his clothes.

However, he was annoyed at one thing.  The maids were too rigid as soon as they started to do their job.

‘How many times have I beat them…?’

Raymond’s memory did not return completely, but it was clear that he had beaten them many times seeing the reactions of the maids.

In the novel, the Fifth Prince was said to be famous for being a scoundrel Prince, so he expected him to be brutal to some extent but not this extreme.


“Sorry, your highness!”

While putting up the insignia on his uniform, a sharp needle poked his flesh very lightly.

He frowned at the prickly feeling, while the maid, who made the mistake, kneeled down immediately.

Raymond was dumbfounded by her appearance.


He shook his head with a sigh. Then one of the knights hurriedly stepped forward.

“Your Highness the Fifth Prince! You must not kill the maid! Please, calm down!”

‘Oh, my God, I’ve killed a maid before? How could a tyrant like him still be a prince?’

The moment he thought so, a sentence from the Novel came to his mind.

‘Raymond is the worst man in the history of the imperial family, but because he has inherited the blood of the Imperial family, the noblest of all, he could remain as a prince so far.’

The worst bastard in the whole history of the Imperial Family.

But it’s not yet too late.

He can change that.

“What’s your name?”

The Fifth Prince didn’t pull out his sword for some reason.

Alex’s eyes were filled with fear and the knights gave an anxious look.

He probably thought that instead of pulling out his sword immediately, he would give a bigger punishment.

Seeing the Imperial knights, who seemed to be moving forward at any moment, he had no choice but to sigh at his unluckiness.

“Se, Seria. Your Highness.”

Seria, who was shaking like crazy, showed a lot of stiffness just because the punishment still didn’t appear.

“You look very surprised, go get some rest now that you’re done with changing my clothes.”

As he finished speaking, he picked up the red cape that the knight was holding and put it on his back.

The Imperial Knights were surprised at the fact that no tragedy took place.

Raymond could feel their eyes staring at him.

“I’m hungry. Alex, is the breakfast ready yet?”


“I asked if breakfast was ready.”

“Mm, I’ll take it here.”

He went first out.

After Alex went out and the knights soon followed, leaving only Seria and the two maids in the Fifth Prince’s bedroom.

“Is he the same Fifth Prince? Can a person change like this in just a day?”

“Isn’t this a sign that the world is going to collapse?”

Seria pinched her cheek amidst the murmur of the maids. She felt pain. This wasn’t a dream.

The Fifth Prince had changed.

* * *

The palace was quiet.

It was when Raymond was walking where breakfast was prepared that a man dressed in similar robes to Alex followed him and bowed his head.

He opened his mouth with calmness.

“Fifth prince, His……. His Majesty wants to have breakfast with you.”

Ronald Pilius, Emperor of the Pilias Empire.

“His Majesty?”

“Yes, Your Highness. His Majesty will be greatly grieved if you refuse this time as well.”

Alex gave a cold look at the servant who added such words.

The servant, who brought it up, also realized it and hurriedly bowed his head.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness. That was presumptuous of me.”

“No, no, no. Of course, I’ll go if the Emperor calls me. Take me to the main palace.”


When Raymond replied, the servant doubted his ears.

‘All of a sudden, the Fifth Prince who had been refusing the Emperor’s meal offer for the last five years after the death of the third empress, finally accepted the invitation.’

Although he delivered the Emperor’s meal proposal, he was rather embarrassed because he knew that only firm refusal would return as usual.

“What are you doing? Guide me. Shouldn’t we arrive before His Majesty?”

The servant once again doubted his ears.

If the man in front of him wasn’t the Fifth Prince, he might have asked back.

Fortunately, he endured such a worst-case scenario, but he couldn’t even make a straight face.

Raymond read the servant’s face and lamented.

‘What a bummer you were…’

In the novel, Raymond was a small villain, and he did not have a significant role.

Like most novels, “The fallen empire” had a few descriptions of Raymond because the story was mainly revolved around the main characters.

“I’ll take you to the palace.”

The servant moved first.

Right behind, Raymond followed together with Alex and three Imperial knights that escorted him out.

The Fifth Prince’s palace was located at the outskirts of the Imperial Compound, so there was a little bit of a distance to walk in order to go to the Imperial Palace.

He had to rush his steps in order to not be late for breakfast.

‘How surprised were they?’

‘Was this a strange reaction caused by a minor collision between the original Fifth Prince’s personality and the new personality?’

Although the compound was wide, they were able to arrive at the Imperial Palace quickly thanks to the mobilization of a carriage.

The Imperial knights’ eyes widened when they saw a golden carriage with a Fifth Prince flag on it.

“In the Imperial Palace, the Fifth Prince came to the Imperial Palace?”

“What the hell is going on here…….?”

The Imperial Knights guarding the main gate of the imperial palace were whispering. They seem to have tried to reduce their voice but…

‘I can hear you, you bastards.’

The carriage was higher than expected, so the Imperial Knights did not see Raymond’s frown.

“No problem.”

With the approval of the Imperial Knights, the carriage carrying the Fifth Prince, Raymond Pilius, crossed the main gate of the palace.

Looking at the back of the carriage moving away, the Imperial Knights opened their mouths with incredible expressions.

“Do you know how many years it’s been since the Fifth Prince crossed the main gate of the Imperial Palace?”

“Since Her Majesty, the empress, died he had been staying at the Fifth Palace for five years.”

“This is so unusual.”

“Isn’t it just a whim?”

At the words of his subordinate, the Imperial knight looked up at the sky, shaking his head.

“I hope so too.”

* * *

Upon arriving from the vast palace, Raymond got off the wagon and recalled the memories of the set-up house.

‘I know a lot about the Pilias.’

The Pilias Empire.

It is the only Empire that survived the great war that ended in the ancient era, maintaining a thorough centralized regime.

The Imperial family’s lineage was established to deal with one of the ancient relics, the Soul Sword.

Therefore, there have been many secret organizations that protected the Imperial family since long ago. But now that they are declining, they did not possess much power like before.

‘I am still not to the point where I’m confident that I know everything.’

But, he knows all the secret settings that appeared in the novel from the Point of View of the main character, so he didn’t need to worry about anything.

When he first read the novel and later came across the settings of the book, there was one common thought.

‘Oh! This writer is terrible at writing the settings.’

He thought so. Funny enough, the volume of the Novel exceeded only one novel.

A novel that has only three volumes in total.

“Im-Imperial Guard…….”

When he was in the middle of his thoughts, he heard Alex’s surprised voice. As he looked up, a man wearing a golden uniform and a mask was leaning against the wall.

It was the ‘Shield’ designated to protect the Imperial family

Looking through the memory of the Fifth Prince, he had never really seen them in real life.

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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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Looking forward to future chapters! 🙂

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Interesting start, what will the release rate be for the novel?

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Thank you for your translation

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Villain struggles against death flags, quite common

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Thanks for your hardwork ╰ (* ´︶` *) ╯
It looks like a classic but i like these types of novels
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