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TL: the first part of the chapter will be in the first point of view of Raymond/Sunghyuk.

See you again on Monday. This will be the last updates this week for the free chapters. I update every weekday with no specific time.


How many opportunities will the general public have in their lifetime to touch a sword?

At most, the kitchen knife is their limit.

If someone ask me if I ever touched a sword, my answer would be yes.

I also took some basic lessons.

For filming and for showing off, I learned one or two moves.

Naturally, it was not a real sword that could cut or hurt someone.

So this was the first time I actually held a sharp sword.

I swallowed my saliva.

Was it because of the tension of grabbing the real sword for the first time?

I’ve never felt this way before. The feeling of fullness and excitement that I could do anything around me.

My heart beat fast, and I was busy facing the sword.

I could feel each of my cell responding sensitively.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

How should I swing the sword?

In fact, there was no ‘real’ sword technique that I know of, and even if I swing it right now, I could only swing it recklessly.

I do not want to hurt myself by swinging recklessly.

“What should I do?”’

I thought for a while.

To the point where this concern is overshadowed, I already knew the solution.

There was a sword technique that I know.

One sword technique that I know very well in detail.

‘The Sword technique used by the main character.’

A Sword technique without a name.

Since it was often described in the novel ‘The Master of talent’, I had no choice but to memorized it in detail.

“Raymond? Are you okay?”

Selina asked worrying about me standing still while facing the sword.

As for her, of course, she thought I wouldn’t be able to wield a sword.

Maybe she was angry and wanted me to make a fool of myself if I swing the sword recklessly.

“Was it too much?”

In this moment Selina was thinking like that.

I took a short breath.

That’s how my own ‘acting’ began.

I am the one who knows the main character better than anyone else in the world.

Maybe more than the main character himself.

What if I ‘acted’ as the main character?

[“The Unknown God” glitters in anticipation of your acting.]

Ignoring the message window, I lowered the sword.


The sword swung neatly through the air.

TL: 3rd point of view from this part.

Raymond moves half a step forward and twists his body.

The sword was being lifted before he knew it.


In Raymond’s hand, which he had never held a sword properly, the sword moved freely.

The sword cried, as if it was finally freed from the previous ‘bad’ movements.

It was a sense of freedom.

Once again, Raymond moves forward half a step, bowed down, and thrust the sword forward.

Sharp sound could be heard from the sword.

He deliberately took a short break from breathing and swung the sword halfway around.

The sword moved at high speed, cutting through the air.

As he continued each movement, he kept thinking about the main character in his head.

He needed to act the main character thoroughly.

To perfectly imitate the main character’s sword technique.

He could feel that strong emotions were suppressed deep in his heart.

It was wriggling in response to his sword.

It was not known whether Raymond always had this feelings or whether it was caused by acting as the main character.

Looking at it, he had one question.

“Was there a need to keep suppressing this?”

The answer wasn’t difficult to find.

There was no need for him to hold back at all.

He needed to free the feeling of suppressing it naturally.


A sound of something breaking apart was heard.

Emotions spread throughout his body, and he felt like it was dominating his body.

He could not allow this.

His burst pent-up feelings, shouldn’t be allowed to affect him.

All of those emotions were put at the end of the sword.


The sword was slashed stronger than before.

At the end of the sword, he put his life experiences and continued swinging it.

Thrust, thrust.

As he executed each movement, it seemed like he was swinging it randomly, but after he swung the sword in succession, it became a sword technique with a proper execution.

It was only then that Raymond could realize it.

When be held a sword, he was no longer an extra.

If he have a sword in my hand.

At least at that moment, he was the main character.


Selina laughed a little when Raymond took the sword.

Raymond Millennium.

Son of Count Millennium, a Master Wizard.

Nevertheless, he is still at 1st circle and is an untalented jerk.

She was, of course, very familiar with the rumors around Raymond.

However, Selina wanted to see him and judge him rather than hearing it from the rumors.

That’s why he look at him as unbiased as possible, and tried to see what he was like in reality.

Her first impression was, “I don’t think he’s such a jerk.”

And the following criticism of Raymond’s swordsmanship.

“Your feet seemed to follow a little late… Is that how it’s supposed to be done?”

When Raymond said so, Selina could see that he had no malice in mind.

Nevertheless, Selina instinctively acted defensively because she felt as if someone saw her weakness.

“I can’t believe you came to the Warlug family and pointed out swordsmanship. You’re a rude person.”

Normally, she wouldn’t care what Raymond would say about swordsmanship.

The problem is that what Raymond has said had already been pointed out from others.

She reacted sensitively because of that.

“The basic swordsmanship of the kingdom. Would you like to try if you know?”

She gave him her sword while saying that, she didn’t think Raymond would really accept it.

When Raymond picked up the sword.

She felt strange inside, but she stepped back thinking about how far he would go and created a space for him to swing the sword.

Like that, Raymond began to move the sword.

Selina was able to realize that Raymond’s movements were not clumsy in just one swing.

She was also a member of the Warlug family and knew well what swordsmanship was.

I think he’s a genius.

It was not difficult to see that the movement of the sword wielded by Raymond is unusual.

The sword split the air.

When Raymond’s sword tip headed toward her, Selina faltered without realizing it and took a step back.

At that moment, she started to think instinctively about how to prevent the sword from heading toward her.

She took her hand to her waist but then she realized that she had no sword.

Selina clenched her fist.

Her muscles were tense.

The more Raymond swung the sword, the more terrible pressure spread around her.

Killing intent.

It was like a predator, and she was like a prey that couldn’t move.

Standing next to Selina, the butler carefully put his hand in his arms.

He must have instinctively held his hidden dagger from the pressure caused by his killing intent.

“What’s this…”

He couldn’t say it was perfect.

Raymond’s body wasn’t suitable for wielding a sword, and perhaps because of that, the butler didn’t feel like he was doing it perfectly.

“But still…”

The butler didn’t know how to deal with it.

With countless thoughts from both of them, they watched Raymond swinging the sword.


By the time his sweat began to flow, his sight started to get blurry.

He exhaled briefly and stopped swinging the sword after stretching the sword from top to bottom as he did at the beginning.

“I’m tired.”

He turned around and look at Selina, who was trying to calm down her shaky arms.

Raymond could see her astonished face.

[“The Unknown God” looks at you with a satisfied face. He praise you for your perfect acting.]

The message comes to mind again.

Who on earth is this unknown god?

Raymond shook his head after thinking for a while.

Just thinking about it doesn’t mean he will get the answer, but now there was something more important.

He slowly lowered the sword and walked toward Selina.

His acting is over.

“I don’t know the basic swordsmanship of the kingdom, so I swung it at will.”

He gave back the sword to her with a polite manner.

Selina trembled her lips and received the sword he gave her.

“Have you ever learned swordsmanship, young master Raymond?”

‘I don’t know if I should say I learned… Today is the first time I’ve ever swung a sword with a sharp blade.”

Although he swung sword when he was acting, it was not a real sword.

He didn’t even learn properly. So he answered truthfully.

Honestly, he wanted to leave a good impression as much as possible.

Selina groaned quietly.

How can such a perfectly executed sword technique was executed when he didn’t even learn how any swordsmanship?

She was confused.

“You… are very different from what I thought.”

Selina looked at Raymond with eyes full of complicated feelings.

He was very aware of rumors about Raymond.

He knew what she was talking about.

“You are really different from what I thought.”

“What did you think about it?”

“I thought… You look pretty with silver hair.”

With a light smile, Raymond lowered his gaze towards his hands.

He been bothered by the blisters in his hands since earlier.

His palm that held the sword was badly peeled.

Seeing that he was about to scratched a blister, he felt it was a little ridiculous.


Raymond don’t even think he had swung a sword for so long, but he can’t believe his palm is already like this.

“Your hands…”

“Oh, don’t worry too much because I can treat it simply later.”

It’s nothing but a dry hand.

It will not even take a day or two to heal this. If he did something wrong while acting earlier, these amount of wounds would be nothing.

He tried to cover his hand because it wasn’t something he needed show her, but Selina already saw it

She ‘Tsk’ her tongue and turned her head slightly and looked at the butler.


“Yes, lady.”

“Please treat Raymond.”

“Okay, lady.”

The butler bowed his head slightly in response.


“I was surprised to see him run out of nowhere. Raymond must have caused an accident.”

Count Millennium spoke to Count Warlug, looking at Raymond and Selina standing far away.

Count Warlug was just looking at Raymond and did not give much answer.


At the voice of Count Warlug calling him, Count Millennium turned his head.

With his forehead narrowed, Count Warlug continued to speak.

“Your son.”

“Why Raymond?”

“He knows how to use a sword.”

“What does that mean? Raymond has never touch a sword in his life.”

Count Millennium shook his hand as it was not the time to joke around.

However, Count Warlug’s face was serious.

“It was definitely the skill of a man who had learned swordsmanship.”


“The swordsmanship he just shown is from someone who had taken thousands of lives.”

Count Warlug muttered.

He glanced at his arm.

He got goosebumps.

His body reacted by itself to the terrible killing intent.

‘Something big will happen to the Millennium family.’

He thought to himself.

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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