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Superstar from age 0 Chapter 58

“What’s this?”

“It’s a snow leopard.”

Children often learn about the world and common sense by curiously asking, which seems to be the same case with Seojun.

Is Mac like this in front of kids? He doesn’t think so. Currently, Evan is thinking hard about how Mac acts in front of children.

Sitting on a rock and yawning, the snow leopard made eye contact with Seojun, who had just finished filming inside the zoo.


The snow leopard tilted his head and wandered in front of Seojun. There was a large glass wall between them, but it didn’t take its eyes off Seojun.

“This Snow Leopard seems to like you.”

At Evan Block’s words, Seojun moved to the right. The snow leopard also moved to the right. As he moved to the left, the snow leopard followed him. Everyone looked surprised at this sight.

“Hmm. Is it because of Baron Cat?”’

Seojun nodded and disabled Baron Cat’s elegant steps. The snow leopard, who had been following him for several times, tilted his head and went back to his seat, and yawned.

Throughout the filming in Central Park, the two actors really enjoyed sightseeing and talking to each other.

They felt like the enjoyment was also conveyed to others. They did not only for filming a movie but also made a promotional video of Central Park. Even a Central Park employee guiding the filming team asked if it would be okay to use some footage as a promotional video after its release later.

While filming, wouldn’t Seojun Lee’s role on the Internet be a hero? Many posts began to come up. Photos of the two actors surrounded by staff members were also posted.

During the break, after Seojun and Evan Block shooting, Jonathan summarized the posts floating on the Internet and informed it to director Ryan Will.

“Jun looks like a hero. Many fans say so. There were many asking about why William, who disappeared inside the wormhole, is in Central Park. ‘He grew a lot, but isn’t he too different from Shadowman?’ There were comment like that, too.”


Director Ryan Will nodded.

Filming in Central Park was also part of Shadowman 2’s promotion. While, important scenes of Shadowman 2 were planned to be filmed on set for security. The filming in Central Park ended in a friendly atmosphere.

“Jun. This.”

Jonathan showed a letter to Seojun, who was busy removing his makeup.

“You fan gave it to me. Let me check the content first. If the content is good we will let you read it.”

Seojun replied that it was okay. Jonathan and the staff quickly headed to another tent.

Lee Min-Joon smiled. He was happy, as a parent, seeing everyone treating Seojun preciously.

Jonathan handed Seojun a clean open envelope. His eyes were a little red.

“This is the letter. I guess she’s really your fan.”

Seojun opened the letter. The letter was written in a hurry but still very neat.

The sender of the letter was Emma, she was someone who has depression but managed to escape from the loneliness after seeing Seojun’s picture.

Although it was still not totally cured, it was clear that she felt indebted to him. Now she can travel abroad and enjoy life.

The letter ended by asking him to act for more movies in the future.

“Good for you!”

Seojun cherished the fan letter in his bag. It would have been good if his photo helped many people during hard times.

Seojun and Lee Min-Joon carried their bags to return to their accommodation.

“But the fan really recognized me. Dad. Didn’t I have a very different image?”

Lee Min-Joon pondered. Seojun smiling brightly in white angel clothes, and Seojun, who looked a little pale in black clothes.

When they were filming around Central Park, he could eavesdrop some conversations.

“You were slightly different, but some would quickly recognized you. If someone looked at the picture and asked if it was you, they would realize that you are the same person.”

“Sigh. I see.”

‘I can’t believe it. Even if I became taller, and my hairstyle is different, people would still recognize me. As Director Ryan said, the picture taken on Christmas Eve must have been really impressive. (TL: Why didn’t the Author released a chapter of what happened back in Christmas Eve. I am now very curious.)


Seojun smiled. His Black Mana wrggled as if he was announcing his presence to Seojun. His efforts was still rewarded after all.

“If they watch the movie until the end, they’ll forget everything soon!”

Seojun was going to do his best to make that happen. No one will remember the Angel Seojun.

After the filming in Central Park, they were now going to film on set.

With Ryan’s permission, Seojun stepped on the completed indoor set with his father. Jonathan took the role of being the guide.

Lee Min-Joon and Seojun, who saw the movie set for the first time, were amazed.

It was perfect as if there was an art exhibit. People’s photos and notices were written on the wall, and people’s last things were displayed on the glass exhibition table at the center.

“It’s really looks like an exhibition hall, Jonathan-Hyung.”

“The art team had a hard time making it, and I helped a little bit.”

Jonathan said shyly. Seojun, who was walking along the arrows marked on the floor, read a notice in Korean and other languages.

“……An alien invasion creates abnormal wormholes around the world. This is a picture of Ray Kasman, a high school student who went missing at that time. You wrote all of these?”

“These days, people take screenshots and analyze the background. I left all of this to the translators. If I write something without knowing the language, I’ll become crazy.


There were as many stories as the picture attached here. The writer must have been amazing. Seojun and Lee Min-Joon slowly looked around the set.

Jonathan quietly followed the two. There were many picture of people who disappeared into the wormhole smiling broadly hunging on the wall. These pictures must have come from their families, they were full of memories, from old photos to recent photos.

As they looked around one by one, a picture caught the eye of the two people.

“My picture!”

“It’s William!”

It was a photo that Ryan Will asked Seo Eun-Hye to send. It was a picture of the Four-year-old Seojun, smiling brightly.

Lee Min-Joon’s eyes became blurry as he looked at the picture.

Looking at his son’s picture here, he really felt uneasy.

The memorial hall was so well-established that his heart ached.

“You were so young!”

“Pfft. I am still young.”


They soon laugh at Seojun’s words.

Seojun saw a notice next to William’s picture. It was a letter from William’s parents posted along with an ordinary notice.

Seojun and Lee Min-Joon slowly read the letter. It was a letter from a parent wishing for the happiness of their child.

“This isn’t the original letter that the Screenwriter wrote. He wrote another after seeing Melissa’s acting in Shadowman 1.The director also liked it, saying it was better this way.”

Jonathan explained. Lee Min-Joon and Seojun nodded. They don’t know what the previous letter is about, but this letter really covered their despair of losing their child.

* * *

“Let’s start filming!”

Director Ryan Will shouted. The minor actors, who played the acquaintances of the victims, were now in the memorial hall sitting while waiting for the shooting to start.

Seojun, who was talking to Evan, also stood up from his seat. His clothes was the same as it was back in Central Park, and his shoes remained the same.

Evan Block and Seojun stood at the entrance of the memorial hall.

Director Ryan Will, who was looking at the monitor, shouted. Several cameras were directed at two people.

The actors recalled their lines, and the staff held their breath.


Seojun tapped the floor twice with his feet.

[(First) Baron Cat’s Elegant Step – Lower level]


Mac and the child entered an exhibition hall in the Central Park.

Unlike other places in the lively Central Park, this place was tranquil and full of silence.

Some people were looking at the pictures on the wall with a sad face and others were about to burst into tears.

Mac didn’t utter any sound in that solemnity.

“This is a memorial hall. It was created to commemorate those who disappeared due to the wormhole a year ago, those who went missing, and those who died.”

“What is a wormhole?

“You’re still young, so you don’t remember. At this time a year ago, aliens invaded the Earth.”

The child blinked.

“They attacked the Earth, saying they were from Natra and that they were here to find a traitor.”

Mac bit his lips. Why did he do that? In the end, they won, but there were many wounds left.

The child look at him blankly. Why does that word sounds familiar?


“Yeah. This person had a wedding that day. And an abnormal wormhole was formed on the platform where the bride and groom were standing, and the bride was swallowed. This is the bouquet that the bride had that day.”

Mac pointed towards a picture of a woman and a man smiling happily.

Mac slowly looked at the picture and explained. The story of what happened that day, the people who were left behind, and things like relics. The dried bouquet looked like a family member with fallen petals left.

“I think he did something wrong, too.”

The person who kept standing in front of the picture of a man smiling with a soccer ball said. The brutal voice rang the quiet memorial hall.

“That guy, what did he say he is called? Shadowman? Why didn’t he defeat aliens from the beginning? If he had done it before they start creating a wormhole, this wouldn’t have happened!”

“Calm down, calm down.”

A friend who came with him comforted him. He lost his best friend right in front of his eyes.

An abnormal wormhole was created at the travel destination he proposed to go. The photos and relics of his friend who disappeared into the wormhole were here at the memorial hall.

And today was his birthday. He shouted in an angry voice.

“Isn’t the traitor that aliens were looking for is actually Shadowman? it must have been him! If it weren’t for him, this wouldn’t have happened! He said he was a hero! But Why? Why didn’t you save my friend?”


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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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