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Superstar From age 0 Chapter 33

Ryan was sitting down among the employee of Marine Production House, but he couldn’t concentrate on his first movie at all and was lost in thoughts.

Ryan’s dream was to make a hero movie. Justice to deal with the evil of the world.

There was no one who invested to him, so he made a short film at first.

His first short film showed social problems such as racism and the gap between rich and poor.

After that, the opportunity came.

He was offered by Marine Production House.


It was Ryan Will’s first hero movie.

The main character, Mac, was an alien child who landed on Earth.

The alien, who landed with him, quickly died and as a baby, who couldn’t even walk at that time, faced the society while growing up in an orphanage.

Only a cold society was for orphans, but thanks to acquaintances who loved him, he started to like this country and this world.

One day, a necklace came into Mac’s hand.

Aliens invaded Earth in search of the necklace.

Mac, wearing the same necklace around his neck, used his powers to protect the Earth.

But people went missing while Mac was fighting the aliens.

And one of the missing people was the biggest villain of Shadowman.

‘That’s William.’

Ryan Will wanted to turn Shadowman into a series but it wasn’t his thing.

So he thought about whether to include this scene as a double track or not, and he finally decided to add it in the end.

Ryan’s superhero and Shadowman’s only opponent is William.

Ryan recalled the image of a boy.

The black-haired boy stood looking at the dark masked shadowman with a cold look on his face.

Before filming the movie, originally William was a white man with black hair, but after seeing Jun, he decided to add his childhood story and not edited out the scene anymore.

‘This movie needs to be successful so that we can film the next one.’

However, no matter how irrational Ryan was, he had to be optimistic about the film’s success.

“Sob, sob…”

It was Richard Bowin, the vice president, crying like a child who lost his mother.


In April, when the flowers bloomed, the theater was full of people.

Today, Shadowman and Green Wing were simultaneously released.

“Mom! Dad! Come on!”

In front of the entrance, Seojun was stamping his feet with his slime bag.

Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon were walking behind Seojun while holding packed snacks and clothes for him.

“Seojun, it’s still cold because of the spring breeze. You should put this on.”


Seojun put on his outerwear.

The couple eventually burst out laughing at the sight of him being too excited.

“Aren’t you too anxious?”

“Yeah! I’m in a movie!”

On March 10, when he was still in the U.S., Seojun’s birthday party was held.

(TL: So Seojun’s Birthday is March 10)

The two-year business trip to the U.S. has been extended to four years due to the circumstances of his father’s company.

They were worried about the extension, but fortunately, their business trip to the U.S. is finally now over.

Since they had to leave the U.S. soon and return to Korea, they invited people who where their close friends to say goodbye and threw a party for Seojun.

While eating, playing, and talking, Seo Eun-hye’s cell phone received a call. It was director Ryan Will.

Ryan confirmed Seojun’s appearance and congratulated him.

Seojun ran around the room shouting “Hurray.”

He was then scolded by his mother, but he couldn’t stop laughing at Seo Eun-hye’s face and the other people’s faces.

Everyone congratulated and promised to watch the movie where Seojun appeared.

And time flew by. Now, they are back in Korea to organize their luggage, cleaning up their house and find a kindergarten for Seojun to attend.

And today.

Finally, Shadowman was released.

Since this morning, Seojun’s eyes have been sparkling.

The couple intentionally decided to go after the release date because they were afraid that Seojun would have a hard time due to many people watching.

But they still booked movie tickets on the first day as Seojun couldn’t stay still from the day he watched the trailers.

Even inside the elevator, Seo Eun-hye shook her head as she looked at Seojun, who couldn’t stay still for even a second.

Lee Min-Joon and his wife were shocked by the ‘Shadoman’s ad’ they saw for the first time in Korea.

It was because Marine’s two hero movies, Shadowman and Green Wing, were advertised as rival movies.

Furthermore, the movie tickets would be use as a mode of voting to encouraged more competition.

Also, the internet heated up even before the movie was released as it said that people could win figurines of the hero and certain other products by the end of the lottery.

Since then, Seojun has been very nervous. He was confident of winning the audition, but, now, it’s a movie versus a movie.

He was worrying about how Ryan edited it.

What if they edited out the part where he use [Illusion of the Mashroom Smiley Face]?

Seojun recalled director Ryan Will’s face, he was calm even after the shooting.

He patted his head and said he did well, but does that really mean he did well?

Seojun was now very nervous.

The elevator arrived on the first floor and the family headed to the nearest movie theater.

This was the largest movie theater in this neighborhood.

The movie theater was crowded with people. People here and people there.

Seojun held his mom and dad’s hands tightly.

He had never seen so many people before.

“Do you want to watch the Green Wing?”

Despite the noisy place, these words struck in Seojun’s ear like an arrow.

Seojun pouted his lips.

Since then, there have only been people talking about Green Wing.

Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon also turned their heads and heard the conversation between the two Marine Fans.

“That’s a scary promotion.”

“I know. I heard people went crazy when they heard Redborn main character had a car accident.”

Since leaving their houses, all the streets have been promoting Marine’s movie.

Lee Mi-yeon took the reserved ticket out from the machine.

Green Wing’s tickets were sold out, so they bought Shadowman.

They were going to watch both movies anyway, so it didn’t matter.

“But still, Marine is Marine. How can we make a topic of conversation with this kind of confrontation?”

“I think I’ll watch both. Two new directors, a famous character and an unknown character.”

“I’m sure Green Wing will win, right?”

“Now that I remember, the director of Green wing won a lot of awards.”

Marine was promoting the Shadowman on the right side of the Green Wing in one pamphlet, perhaps because the promotion of the two films, Marine has decided for rivalry.

Green wings in green and shadowman in black.

Below that, they wrote down the film director’s history.

Certainly, Green Wing’s Awards were more.

“It’s weird. Usually, people put an unknown director in a famous character and a famous director in an Unknown in order to be fair, right?”

“I see. This is a complete lose for Shadowman.”

Definitely, Lee Mi-yeon already know about Green Wing, but Shadowman was only found out when the movie trailer came out.

Park Sung-ah, who had been thinking for a while, said.

“Or maybe he was after people’s psychology.”

“People’s psychology?”

Seojun, who picked up a Pamphlet also raised his ears.

“Because if you think the movie is going to lose in a one sided battle, people are bound to cheer for the weak. The Underdog.”

“Oh, that’s a possibility.”

“Well, they know what are they doing. It’s Marine.”

“But when will Redborn 2 come out?”

“I think it will be summer because it is summer vacation.”

The two people, who were chatting, turned away.

Those who listened to their chatter also turned around and pretended that they did not hear them.

It wasn’t just Park Sung-ah and Lee Mi-yeon. The movie theater was full of chatter about Marine, as if they had only come to watch Marine’s movie.

Two movies made by the same movie company.

Everyone gathered at the cinema to exercise their right to vote, as if they were cold-hearted movie critics.

“As expected, there are a lot of people watching Green Wing.”

“Green wing is very popular.”

“I’m going to watch Shadowman! Support the Underdog!”

“Where did you hear that?”

The couple laughed at Seojun’s words. Seojun held the movie ticket that his mother gave him.

Shadowman Hall 3.

“Mom, it’s the third hall!”

Seojun is now good at reading numbers.

The family held on their pounding hearts as they stepped inside the third hall.

“Wow, the green wing movie is no joke.”

“Yeah, our world now feels so slow. I thought the time stopped.”

The screening of Green Wing ended first.

The audience expressed their thoughts as a person came out one by one.

“The background music and the timing was amazing. When the Green Wing hit the villain, the rings was at the right timing. It’s like hitting with music. It’s not even 4D, but I thought it was 4D!”

Some were planning to watch it again and some shook their heads, saying it was worse than expected.

However, people couldn’t help but nod their heads, saying, “As expected of a Marine movie.”

The previous airing of the Shadowman ended also as many people who lined up and went in slowly.

The door of the third hall opened.

People came out, but it wasn’t that many.

A movie theater employee, who saw that the previous audience of Shadowman are coming out, shouted loudly.

“Shadowman’s screening is over. Please bring your things and come out. Tissue is prepared in front.”

It was so loud that even the Green Wing audience, who was going down from the side, could hear it.

As the movie theater staff said, there were several tissue boxes next to him.

The Green Wing audience was confused.

It was a film by Marine competing with Green Wing, even though it is underrated.

It must have been a cheerful superhero movie, but why the tissue?

When the movie theater staff finished talking, a person appeared in front.

He was the only who came alone and lined up for the tissue. He was so busy crying that he didn’t even know that the door had opened.

“Oh, my. I…… Phew…… sob sob……please…….”

“Yes, here it is.”

“Thank you…… sob sob…”

After that, the remaining audience came out. Some of the audience who watched Shadowman were crying.

There was only about 10 percent of the audience, but most of them were crying so hard that it stood out even more.

One was crying but still getting tissue, and the other needed to come out with a friend’s help.

The friend was very embarrassed.

“Why are you crying?”

“Will…… I feel so sorry for William…”

“I also feel sorry for him, but……. Was it to the point where you need to cry?”

Lee Mi-yeon burst into tears.

“Hey, I’m embarrassed.”

Park Sung-ah quickly pulled the tissue from the tissue box next to the movie theater staff and gave it to Lee Mi-yeon.

Lee Mi-yeon kept crying while wiping her tears with the tissue.

Even after Lee Mi-yeon’s appearance, there were visitors who cried from time to time coming out from Hall 3, which screened Shadowman.

They were crying regardless of gender or age.

Green Wing audiences were staring at the shadowman audiences.

What kind of movie is it?

The audience who already watched the Green Wing was curious.

Some were already booking tickets for the next Shadowman movie on their phones.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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1 year ago

if shadowman 2 get an ok, maybe they’ll ask Jun for more scene later

Reply to  Zales
1 year ago

wish for William’s villain origin story

1 year ago

Just started the advance chapter is it normal to have lots of typo and when it gets released in public it will be polished?

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter!

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