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Superstar From Age 0 Chapter 32

“Too good…….”

“Great indeed.”

Ryan Will nodded and leaned back on the back of the chair at the words of James Landon, the camera director who had been with him since his first short film.

They had filmed all day.

With only the youngest child actor left, he wondered if he should give up this scene because he didn’t like all of them.

He didn’t like it, but fortunately, the last child did a good job. No, it was the best every scene.

He showed a startling performance.

Ryan smirked.

The little boy’s acting made him cry, which would have been unthinkable if it were Ryan Will from an hour ago.

“At first, I thought his legs hurt when he sat on the floor.….”

“The way he stood up smiling seemed more welcoming to her.”

“…is it a coincidence?”

“He could be a genius.”

It was Seojun’s smile that made their heart ache even when they looked at it again.

Just thinking about the amount of people who will watch this scene would react made him laugh.

James nodded.

“A five-year-old actor who can make his co-actor immerse in their role. Someone will think it’s a joke.”

“He is not even five years old.”

Ryan laughed.

“What? How old is he?” James asked.

“He is 58 months. It’s been 10 months since he became four.”

“Well, he will be five in two months.”

* * *

“Okay at once?”

“Jun did a good job. I got emotional, too.”

“Melissa’s acting was amazing, too. Even her last expression!”

“I’ve seen Melissa’s movie before, and it’s totally different from then. It was a similar role, but today, I feel like she broke out from her shell.”

“But, did you see that?”

One of the staff’s voices whispered.

The staff, who were moving the luggage, stood up.


“Ryan and James, the camera director were crying.”

“…Is Melissa acting that good?”

“No, I felt like they were crying at Jun’s acting.”

The staff tilted their heads.

“It maybe good but not enough to cry?”

“I think Jonathan was crying, too.”

The staff made eye contact with each other. Jonathan Will is Ryan Will’s nephew and was now studying under his uncle to become a film director.

He was a boy expected to win a prize at a film festival for middle school students.

“…Is there something we don’t know?”

The temporary tent used as a child actor’s waiting room was weak in soundproofing. Seojun, who was drinking orange juice, nodded at the conversation of the staff coming from outside.

He recalled the number of people watching him at the time of filming.

About 30 people.

Melissa, Ryan, James and Jonathan Will. These four people.

‘[The illusion of mushroom smiley fave] is low-level, so it only works for people like this.’

The top-notch skill that worked for everyone who he targeted, [the coveted packaging of a small mimic], was a skill beyond comparison with [the Illusion of the mushroom smiley face].


Today, Lee Min-Joon arrived at home first. At dinner time, the family talked about what happened on the set of the movie, while eating a large curry with potatoes and meat made by his.

Lee Min-joon asked continuously because he was sad that he couldn’t see his son’s first time in filming a movie.

“How was the shoot?”

“It was fun!”

“After hearing compliments from the director, Seojun must did a great job, right?”


Before they went home Director Ryan stopped by the tent after the shooting and patted Seojun’s head lightly, saying, “Well done.”

Seojun just laughed.

“I even took pictures and videos. Let’s see watch them later while eating strawberries.”

After dinner, the three of them ate dessert while watching photos and videos taken by Seo Eun-hye on television.

The first picture that appeared was Seojun and Ryan Will shaking hands.

Seojun looked very small in the picture taken with a large Ryan.

Seojun said while eating strawberries.

“It’s the director!”

“He is huge.”

“Nara says he’s over 190cm tall.

“Wow……. I think he would have done a great job if he were an athlete.”

Then there was photo of Seojun with Melissa, and Barren with their already changed clothes afterwards.

“You can’t leak this. But because it is Seojun’s first time filming it, he allowed me to take pictures from afar.”

Next was Seojun’s scene.

Unlike the video that director Ryan Will showed to Ssojun, while saying “If you are an actor, you must monitor your acting after filming,” the mother’s video from a distance looked different.

It was amazing to seeing himself from the distance.

Sitting on the floor, standing up, stretching out both arms.

It felt like someone else was moving in his body.

Lee Min-joon clapped his hands as he saw Melissa’s faint and Seo-joon disappeared leaving only a shoe.

In particular, Melissa’s performance made Lee Min-joon feel extremely sad.

“The actress Melissa’s acting is amazing.”

“I think so too. I can’t believe she was unknown so far.”

“What about me?”

Seojun asked his parents because they were only complimenting Melissa.

Seeing their son being sulky they smiled broadly.

“Seojun did a good job, too!”

“I can’t believe he got an OK in one try! Well done!”

Seojun smiled and took a bite of the red ripe strawberry.

“But when is it going to be released?”

“They need to shoot more and do some background work like CG…….and Nara says it will be released in late March or early April.”

“We’ll have to watch it at the cinema.”

“But since it was an audition and filming, I’m not sure if I’ll write a scene where Seojoon comes out or not.” Seo Eun-hye hesitated a little and frankly said to Lee Min-joon, who was currently checking the schedule with anticipation that his son would be in a movie for the first time.

Seojun, who was eating strawberries unintentionally, was the most shocked.

‘No, I worked so hard filming it, and it was hard not to laugh all day long!’


“Yeah. Why? I heard he got an OK?”

Seojun and Lee Min Joon asked Seo Eun-hye.

“I heard that in movies they don’t use everything they shoot. There are a lot of scenes that are going to be edited out. Cut out the useless parts, taking in consideration the movie’s time.

That’s probably why [movie deletion scene] and [movie director] appear on the Internet every time.

Nara said in advance that they shouldn’t disappointed after watching the movie, in case Seojun didn’t appear on the movie.

Seo Eun-hye’s words has Seojun laying on the carpet.

“I tried my best!”

Like a zombie doll, Seojun rolled around on the carpet.

“I did my best!”

Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon laughed quietly at Seojun’s antics.

* * *

Two men in suits were walking somewhere. The two men had open Ipad in their hands. I am not really a fan of Marvel so I don’t know which movie represents the others.


Marine, is a production house that produces many movies.

The Vice President Richard Bowin, scrolled through the Ipad.

Among Marine’s numerous directors, Palin is in charge of RedBorn.

“No choice. If we change Redborn main actor to another, it’s going to be a mess.”

“Yeah.That’s true.”

Redborn was a superhero film produced by Marine Production House at a huge cost. Of course, the resulting revenue was also enormous.

In order to keep up with the popularity gained from the first film, the main actors of Redborn were casted.

They spent more money on production for this movie than the first one for more manpower and latest equipments.

In addition, they were planning a massive promotion with simultaneous overseas releases.

Based on that preparation, Redborn 2 was now in the middle of its filming.….

“He was ruined by paparazzi.”

Richard Bowin frowned.

The main character of Redborn was chased by paparazzi and had an accident. Fortunately, it was not life-threatening, but it will take time for him to get well and start acting again.

A big hole has been created within the schedule planned for Redborn 2.

At this rate, there was no use for the equipment and manpower acquired, they are going to lose more money at this point.

Richard Bowin and Palin were forced to put two directors’ films in between the schedule.

Money, no, it was okay that they lose money. They had decided to test the next generation directors of Marine Production House. They had been paying attention to them for these past two years.

Marine Production House has made calls to two promising Directors.

One is Ryan Will.

He was a short film director who dealt sharply with social issues such as racism. He had good directing skills, but he especially had a good eye in searching for actors. He casted them himself for his movies so the vividness of the movie gave deepl impression to the audience.

“I was wondering what would happen if he could use his casting skills for other Marine’s film.”

“The actors in Shadowman are almost unknown. From the portfolio alone it isn’t interesting. Would it suit?”

On the Ipad screen in Palin’s hand, Ryan Will’s resume, the cast’s resumes and portfolio appeard.

They are actor good at acting but not very attractive.

There is even an extra that came out for a short time of period.

He wanted to asked Director Ryan Will what sort of talent he found in these actors. The other party’s expression isn’t good either.

Whether he listened to him or not, Richard Bowin just tapped his finger on Ryan Will’s resume, which rose above his pineapple screen.

Richard Bowin said in an irritated voice.

“I don’t even like choosing Shadowman in the first place.”

“Well, Shadowman is not popular.”

Palin nodded his head.

Redborn was the most popular character within Marine Comic.

That’s why it was made into a movie and was able to become a hit all over the world.

On the other hand, Shadowman, frankly, wouldn’t have been known if they hadn’t heard it from Ryan Will.

Palin, who was looking through the portfolio, shook his head.

He couldn’t tell no matter how hard he look at it.

What kind of movie will it become between director Ryan Will and these actors?

“What about Sarah?”

Richard shook his head and looked at the newly-emerged resume.

Palin opened the ‘Sarah’ folder in the Ipad.

Another director. Sarah.

She was the director who won the grand prize at the short film festival with a beautiful background and action scene that blends with music.

In particular, sha has a reputation with her action scene going well with the music reminds peipley of a music game.

She was a must-have director for superhero movies featuring cheerful action scenes. She also directed her first full-length commercial film.

“The actors of Sarah’s cast are quite well-known. I got good reviews for their acting skills. I wonder what Sarah’s Green Wing would be like.”

Green wing.

It was a character that was quite popular among Marine’s heroes with its incredibly fast speed.

Marine Production House also recommended it, and Sarah herself said yes at once.

They were looking forward how she would film the world of speed.

Two men arrived in front of the big door. Palin grabbed the doorknob.

They could hear the loud door slowly opening and rumbling.

Large screens were installed in the center among the seated people.

It was a pre-edited preview of films conducted inside Marine Production House.

Richard and Palin sat in their own seats. Soon, the host came up to explain about the two films and the two directors.

The inside of the conference room became dark.

Soon, Marine’s logo appeared on the screen, and two superheroes looking at each other appeared on the screen.

[Green Wing vs Shadowman]

“I don’t know about anything else, but the promotional phrase has been decided.”

In this kind of confrontation, the public definitely couldn’t have been less interested.

“Now, let’s watch Ryan Will’s Shadowman.”

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

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He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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Thanks for the chapter!

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Shadowman…, Is that supposed to be a parody of batman? And Green wing, of superman or flash. And Marine is Marvel haha

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Green arrow?

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