This Damn Marriage

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A married couple will divorce in their 7th year are the only way they can think of to live! 

Ji-seok, who married a woman from a chaebol family, became vice president at the Geumyoung Department Store. 

I believed that I would be happy with love alone, but now it is difficult to endure the ignorance of Do-hee and the pressure from her family, who would growl only looking at my face. 

“If you want to divorce, do it.” 

It was Do-hee, who said that upon his request for divorce, but will she really wash it away like this, why was she suddenly approaching approaching him as if seducing him when she said that?

 With the indiscriminate temptation of the breathtaking, and fascinating Do-hee, will Ji-seok succeed in divorcing safely?


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