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This Damn Marriage Chapter 1

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“Shall I just kill him?”

If so, how should I kill this man?

Should I hire a killer myself, or should I do it myself?

Do-hee thought about “the smartest way to deal with Kang Ji-seok” in silent while being inside the elevator.

As soon as the elevator door opened, she shot out.

She entered the office of the vice president of Geumyoung Department Store with a cold aura that surrounded her.

What’s with this unpleasant woman doing here? Ji-seok’s eyebrows tightened as he raised his head and rose up from his seat.

“I asked the secretary to not let anyone in until this afternoon for the event.”

Ji-seok’s cold eyes stared at Do-hee’s face.

“It’s was your secretary that was unable to work properly, didn’t you thought them well?”

Do-hee, who proudly straightened her back, did not want to lose face as she stand in front of the man.

She bent her upper body flexibly, slammed her palm at the desk, and tightened her eyes.

“I’m sorry, but there’s no place in this company that I can’t get in.”

The shade under the long eyelashes quickly created an atmosphere of coolness.

The subtle smile around her mouth was alluring.

She looked like a cute cat hiding its fierce claws behind its languidness.

“Explain what you are here for because I’m not in the mood for your jokes.”

When Ji-seok’s lips were about to open, Do-hee, clenched her fist, hit the desk roughly.

“Explain! What’s up with the divorce please?!”

The news that Do-hee just heard was that Ji-seok was preparing to put an end to the marriage between them.

And he seemed to be in a hurry.

“Are you out of your mind? Do you really have to screw people from behind like this?”

“This is the company. Lower your voice. There are a lot of eyes and ears.

“Does a blind eye apply for a divorce settlement without a consultation?”

“It’s because he’s an eye-catching person. If you were a reckless person like yourself, you’d start with a lawsuit.”

Ji-seok pulled the chair back a little and bent his back to cross his legs.

Then he crossed his arms in front of his firm chest and slowly raised his head.

“You know how big a wave it’s going to cause this, don’t you? You don’t forget who you are, do you?

From head to toe, a dense and sharp gaze reached Do-hee.

Young CEO of Geumyoung Department Store, Lee Do-Hee.

Her father was the chairman of the Geumyeong Group, and her two older brothers were the representatives of the same affiliates, Geumyeong Logistics and Geumyoung Hotel.

She has a pretty appearance, a clear head, and an excellent business ability that has rapidly grown the company by taking the position of president at a young age.

Do-hee has become a celebrity not only in this industry but also in the media.

“The divorce of rich people has a huge impact on stock markets and companies. So this is the best way.”

These words spread displeasure over Do-hee’s face, which was crumpled immediately.

“There’s a limit to treating people like idiots. Are you asking me to give you a compliment because you did a good job?”

“You know that our marriage is describe as a wonderful love story on the outside, right?”

Of course, Ji-seok did not respond.

It has been seven years since Do-hee and Ji-seok maintained a close marriage.

It was only a year after the wedding that their belief of love alone could make you happy was broken.

Three years to start growing tired just by looking at each other, and three years to be indifferent to each other like strangers.

In a way, what was not strange at all having the divorce between the two.

However, it was not suppose to be this rude and sudden.

“You’ve known that it’s beneficial for each other to pretend to be a good couple. Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

Do-hee, with her arms tightly folded in front of her chest, asked Ji-seok a question.

“You looked like someone who’s determined to cut ties with the Geumyeong group. Was it because of the Chinese contract?”

At the moment, Ji-seok’s lips opened for a while, but they soon closed.

His eyes seem to have shaken for a while as if he had something to say.

Ji-seok, who was still looking at Do-hee, raised himself and walked towards the window.

It was just past noon, but the outside was already filled with darkness.

The rugged sound of rain penetrated the silence between the two, tapping violently on the clear window.

The Chinese contract that Do-hee said was an export that Ji-seok had prepared for a long time.

It was the largest Geumyoung department store business in recent years, and the company was in a festive mood due to the success of the contract.

Therefore, it was natural that Ji-seok, who was at the forefront of the contract process, received enthusiastic cheers and support from people.

A voice as sharp as Jiseok’s eyes passed by his ears.

‘A shameless fellow who doesn’t know grace. I don’t need an excuse.’

His two fists in his pocket wriggled violently.

“I’m done with the marriage. Then I won’t let you make a big fuss. You like it this way, don’t you?’

His face was stiffened, and his lower lip was twisted as if he were holding back his anger.

How long has it been?

Ji-seok, who had solid eyes as if he had made up his mind, opened his tightly closed lips.

“Yes, that’s why.”

Behind the short, concise answer came a loud breathing sound.

“Sigh, you’re so…Now that you’ve signed a 20 billion dollar contract, you don’t need a background from Geumyoung Group? Are you going to take the position of CEO instead of me for this one?”

Ji-seok’s eyebrows wriggled for a moment.

“Don’t talk recklessly.”

“Is this how you end up bossing people around?”

“I told you not to judge whatever you want and force it to be true.”

“Do you lie to me that you were crazy about your job for the company?”

Do-hee advanced toward him with her chin pulled close and fists clenched.

“Don’t be ridiculous! It was all for you. Because of the anxiety about your position, because of my inferiority complex, because I don’t want to be ignored by people, like crazy ……!”

Ji-seok, who instantly narrowed the distance from Do-hee, grabbed her wrist violently.

The air that is quite different from before has wrapped Do-hee’s skin.

“I told you to…… talk less.”

As if to suppress his anger, Ji-seok cut off every word.

Ji-seok’s eyes were rapidly changing into desolation.

“You’re right. It’s for me. ‘Cause I’m a man with nothing.'”

All he has was his face and ability.

Ji-seok sarcastically criticized his situation.

There was a reason why Do-hee was famous other than her background.

It was her marriage to Ji-seok.

A man who seems to be familiar with putting everything under his feet from birth.

This is because Ji-seok, who breathes out a breathtaking sense of pressure, quickly became a member of the Geumyeong Group from a regular employee of the Geumyeong Department Store.

People’s interest in the marriage of the century between a chaebol woman and an extremely ordinary man has not cooled down yet.

Cinderella Man.

The media called him that because he married the CEO’s daughter, the current president of the department store, and his status rose vertically as the vice president.

“When the 20 billion dollar deal was signed, people were supporting me like never before. Thanks to you, I don’t even need the name Geumyeong Group anymore.”

Ji-seok’s eyes, which turned dangerously black, were like that of a predator who bit off his once-held prey without mercy until he was out of breath.

“There’s no one on my side like you, so I have no choice but to defend myself with my own hands.”

Ji-seok gave close strength to the arm that held Do-hee and shook her coldly.

“Oh, my answer…You wanted to hear that, didn’t you?

Her eyes filled with criticism swept through her whole body.

Do-hee felt as if all the moisture in her mouth had escaped from Ji-seok’s exasperated emotion.

With her dry lips dampened, she breathed a despondent breath.

“I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve ever seen what’s truly inside your heart. Yeah, it’s better to be honest than lying that you love me and got married because of it.”

Contrary to the appearance of raising his chin with his hands up on his waist, Do-hee’s mouth was filled with a bitter smile.

“You should have come out like this earlier. If you did so, I wouldn’t have lived with no reasonable expectations.”

A void occurred to Do-hee’s eyes looking far away.

Unlike her confident voice, her shoulders were down.

“Divorce… If you want, do it. Have I ever not listened to what you wanted?”

Ji-seok’s pupils were blurry at the words from Do-hee’s mouth, which him look in dazed.

She moved quickly away from him.

However, when she reached the door, she hesitated as if she was trying to delay their breakup.

“It’s been seven years.”

Do-hee, who stopped talking for a while, struggled to create a sentence by opening her lips that did not fall off.

“Did you have any regrets?”

At the end of the question, there was an unnatural silence between the two.

“Just for a moment…Have you ever loved me from the bottom of your heart?”

On this silence, Do-hee could only shed a clumsy smile.

“You don’t need to lie anymore. I hate you. I hate you’re really a hateful person.”

Do-hee took a deep breath and held on to the doorknob hard.

“Do whatever you want. But you won’t be able to easily take out anything you get from the Geumyoung group.”

Giddy high heels scraped down the marble floor with a harsh sound of iron.

“I’ll stop whatever it is.”

So the romance broke, and only silence remained.

After leaving Ji-seok’s office, Do-hee quickly went down to the basement of the building.

“This is how you hit people in the back of their heads? How can you say divorce like it’s nothing?”

RecallingJi-seok’s calm voice and brazenly confident attitude made her very angry.

It was the divorce between the president and vice president of Geumyoung Department Store.

But more than anything, she was really angry for the answer to her question earlier.

‘Have you ever really loved me for a moment?’

Ji-seok, answered the question with his too honest silence.

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