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Superstar From Age 0 Chapter 2.1

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I am hungry.

The small stomach filled up quickly and digested quickly, so I was hungry all the time.

I have lived many lives, and I have many memories.

I thought it was good to move according to instinct without holding back in this baby phase, especially about eating and sleeping.

“Yum yum.”

Hearing the baby, Seo Eun-Hye, warm powdered milk.

“Our Seojun. Are you hungry?”

Seo Eun-Hye fed the seven-month-old Seojun alternately with baby food and powdered milk. But according to Seojun’s personal preference, powdered milk was still delicious.


As he was fed milk, Seojun was thinking about something.

I decided to become an actor. No, I decided to become a superstar beyond an actor.

Fortunately, this world was similar to my first life. It was too much to identify things with a baby’s eyes, which still had a small range of activities in the house.

On the television that his Dad and Mom watch, the same broadcasts from the previous life, such as news and entertainment programs, came out, but the faces of celebrities were strangers to him.

Of course, many years have passed since his first life, this might be the same world as his first life, but he could not recognize them by still being a baby.

‘Well, it doesn’t really matter.’

The baby was lying on a white, soft blanket while sucking in the powdered milk.

It’s delicious

The small two feet folded and unfolded.

Seo Eun-Hye, as a mother, knew what the baby did whenever he wanted. She smiled and touched the baby’s small feet.

The bottom of his feet felt tickled at his mother’s touch, so the baby shook both feet in the air.

The milk no longer came out from the bottle.

This means there was no more milk.

The baby’s small stomach was soon filled.

The baby’s body was shaking. Seo Eun-Hye held the baby and patted his back. Seojun put his cheek on his mother’s shoulder.


“Our Seojun. Aren’t you eating too well? Hahaha.” [1] Uri Seojun=, Our Seojun, is an intimate calling to a family member or someone very close to you.

Eun-Hye burst into laughter at the baby’s burping sound, and the baby also laughed with her.

* * *

Seojun thought. As an Actor, no, what does he need to do to be a superstar?

The current “body,” which can’t even stand on its own, can only open a blue door as big as a dog house made during his life as a slime.

Inside this door, there were only memories of living as a small monster, such as the memory of living as slime and living as a fairy as big as an adult’s palm.

Such monsters usually die early due to their short life span or because they die by becoming prey.

‘Would that help?’

Seojun recalled the memories when he was a small slime.

It was when I lived near Dragon Rare. A Slime, wandering near Dragon Rare to find food, was beaten to death by a half-awake dragon’s Breath. It was probably a yawn. I died three days after I was born.

Seojun shook his head from his flashback, and by recalling this memory, he felt like sighing, so he decided to go into the library.

He pushed the blue door with my palm. Slowly the door opened, and two small-tier bookshelves lined up.

Most of the books were as thin and small as baby picture books. There were few books with letters on them, and they were full of pictures drawn like in those fairy tales.

Seojun crawled slowly and looked at the name of the book.

[Slime 1][Slime 1-2]…… [Fairy 1][Fairy 1-2][Fairy 2]…… [Ant 1]…… [Plant 1]…….

The bookcase was divided into monster types.

He was reborn as a slime several times, the same as being a fairy.

There were times when he reincarnated as the same type consecutively, and there were times when they were different.

He couldn’t remember everything.

The Baby took the book [Slime 1], put it on the floor, and sat in front of it.

It was a book with a big picture.

There was a picture of green slime absorbing food and a picture of stretching tentacles and hitting trees.

The Slime’s abilities were recorded in pictures.

‘Slime dissolves with acidic fluid and can extend the tentacles…….’

It was what the baby thought.

Slime was shaped like a droplet so that it could change its shape according to the mold.

It seemed to be of no use other than that.

It was a monster that even a child could catch.

[Fairy 1] book opened.

As a flower bloomed, a small fairy resembling a flower was lying in it.

There was a picture of a fairy flying around and a picture of a flower falling asleep together on the last page.

The picture reminded me of this fairy.

In [Fairy 1], the fairy was a fairy of mischievous flowers.

This fairy was born in flowers, smelled like flowers, and died together with the flower.

It was characterized by its colorful appearance that resembles a flower.

There was no special skill.

It was just a fairy who died after living a happy life.

‘Looks good, but…….’

Using this fairy’s technique required a flower to be based on taking the ability.

If he were to find a beautiful flower and register this technique, he would have a similar appearance to that flower.

The problem is, If the flowers died, he would also die.

No matter how long the flower can live, it will die when it lacks water, the wind blows, the stem breaks, and when stepped on, the flower will die. Basically, the flower was a fragile creature.

The baby quickly closed the book.

He looked at the other books on the bookshelf.

‘Maybe it’s because it’s my first time to be a superstar that.…. I don’t know what I need.’

The uncertain future brought expectations.

The baby slowly walked around the bookshelf and looked at the contents of the book.

‘This isn’t good.…. This sounds good!’

Seojun chose two abilities.

These were [the ability to digest] found in [Slime 3] and [the sparkle of fairies] found in [Fairy 15].

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