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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 2.2

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I remember my moment of death clearly. 

Vermouth and his colleagues believed they would kill all the remaining demon kings. 

But in reality? Of course, the world has become peaceful. 

The devil doesn’t want to conquer the world anymore. All because the great Vermouth made a ‘promise’ with the devil. 

‘Why did you make that promise? Weren’t you supposed to kill them all?’

Eugene doesn’t know why. Anyway, the war with the devils ended, and the world became peaceful. This peace has lasted for three hundred years.

“…you’re too nervous, aren’t you?”

Eugene looked up at the voice he heard. They were currently in a luxurious carriage and sitting opposite to him. There was a middle-aged man with a long face.

“…it’s my first time in the capital.”

Eugene mumbled, glancing out the window. He left the countryside mansion. I arrived at the city by carriage all day. After a few warp gates, he stepped on the capital’s land.

“I understand.”

The man’s name is Gordon. He was a knight who swore allegiance to the main house of Lionhart and an escort to pick Eugene up.

“Eugene, may I give you one piece of advice?”


“If you’re already nervous before coming to the main house, every day in the future will be excruciating.”

Gordon’s expression was not joking. He was expressing his concern in the name of advice. Eugene smiled as he felt him.

“Thank you for your advice. Sir Gordon.”

Eugene is well aware of his situation. However, Eugene’s family is ignored even during the break.  

‘But first of all, it’s Lionhart family, but only one driver came to pick me up. My father couldn’t even come with me.’

Eugene glared out of the window without erasing his smile.

‘It was a very blatant cheap move. You’re going to kill small fry from the start? Small Fry. Vermouth, this is all because you were fooling around.’

Eugene could already imagine what was going to happen. Seeing that they are already raising the killing flag, he’ll receive a more explicit check when he gets to the main house. 

‘Are they going to welcome every descendant with a paper scroll in hand, shouting their name out loud together with the name of the place where they came from? So that they could know how sloppy a person’s background is?’

No, that’s only for someone they can treat. Seeing that only one knight has been escorted, they won’t give me a welcoming ceremony. 

“…how many people will participate in this blood ceremony?”

“If I include you, Eugene, there will be six people. Three people will participate in the main house.”

“Three people from the main house?”

Eugene pretended to be surprised, but he already knew who was attending the blood ceremony in advance. It was thanks to Jehard’s special attention.

The three members of one’s family are the son of the first wife, and the other two are the second wife’s twins.

What he should pay attention to is the two from a family that is both marginal and powerful.

‘The oldest was fifteen. Also, there’s someone younger than me.’

Eugene is now thirteen years old.

I couldn’t hold my sigh when I realized my new age. I mean, I will be competing with ten-year-old kids.

‘Eugene, never compete with the children of your family. No matter how good you are, you won’t be a match for children in your family. I mean..’

Eugene recalled the gloomy look on Jehard’s face. He couldn’t hide his fear that his son might be devastated by the children he saw. 

‘I’m looking forward to seeing how good the descendants of Vermouth are.’

Eugene drew attention from outside the window. The capital’s spectacular scenery had already passed by, and now the wagon was out of the city and across the forest. 

“From here on, it’s Lionhart’s estate.”

It was a forest surrounded by tall walls.

“Oh, you don’t have to get ready to get off already. We still have to go a long way from here.” Gordon grinned and said mockingly.

‘I wish the ground was wider, you little bastard. Why are you shrugging when it’s not even your land?’

“Wow, this vast forest is the property of the main house?”


“Isn’t it uncomfortable to be this wide?”

“There are warp gates everywhere.”

Really? But why am I riding a carriage now? 

That’s because Eugene didn’t get permission to use Warpgate. Eugene stared out of the window, answering the questions in his head. 

As Gordon said. After a long run, the carriage stopped. Gordon got off the opposite door and opened the side where Eugene sat.

“Welcome to Lionhart’s home.” Gordon bowed politely and said.

A wide-open front door. The mansion you can see beyond. Not a single crowd came out to welcome you as I thought. 


Eugene slowly raised his eyes. White flags lined up from the entrance of the main gate. The brave lion is painted in the center. 

“Lionhart, Vermouth.”

Eugene looked down at his chest. His clothes are not engraved with any patterns. The only thing that can engrave a lion’s pattern on the left chest symbolizing Lionart’s direct line. 

I should have left some descendants behind.

Hamel of a previous life was never married and had no children. 

‘No, I’m good at not having any children. If I do that, I’ll have some regrets.’ 

Still, seeing the family flag lined up like that, Eugene felt sorry for my past life. 

“Have the other relatives come yet?”

“Eugen is the first.”

What the hell?

Eugene nodded to do so. 



Eugene was guided by a separate house away from the main building of the mansion. 

All the way here, I couldn’t even see the relatives of my family, who had a lion engraved on their left chest. Why is it so expensive? If a 13-year-old relative came, wouldn’t he come to see it just out of curiosity?

“This is Nina.”

However, the treatment was not very harsh. As soon as he arrived at the separate house, he got a personal servant. A young girl didn’t look much older than Eugene, but Eugene didn’t feel much dissatisfaction with her.

“If you need anything, ring this bell.”

Nina bowed her head and handed Eugene a small bell.

“May I speak comfortably?”

“Yes, of course, you should.”

“Do I use all of this detached house?”

Eugene looked around the spacious annex and said he just said it for confirmation. Eugene knew it wouldn’t happen. Nina is too young to supervise a single-detached house.

“That’s not true, but you won’t feel uncomfortable staying.”

“I have to stay with other relatives.”


“Do you know when you’re coming?”

“Everyone should be there in four days at the latest.”

Eugene grinned at the answer. He meant to stay here for four days.

“Is the mist behind you?”

“…What? Yes…”

“Do you need permission from your family to wield a wooden sword?”

“That’s… uh…”

“No way.”

Eugene smiled and headed for the ballroom.

Nina followed Eugene even though she didn’t know what to do.

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The dialogue is a bit hard to understand but thx for the chapter.

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Thanks for the chapter.

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Leo Martua
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Thanks for the chapter

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The treatment is so different, but it’s nice to get early time first for himself, I guess.

The pronouns is still a little mess up, and the proposition also.. But thankfully I can still understand.

Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

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