Damn Reincarnation

Damn Reincarnation Chapter 1

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[Devil Killer. All-master.

These are just few of the titles given to the great Vermouth, but the most known title is this:

“Courageous heart”

The Great Vermouth went on an adventure with his colleagues 300 years ago.]

‘This has been an old story told since the time when I was still alive together with the other four warriors.‘

[The Great Vermouth.

The Wise Senya

The Faithful Anise

The Brave Moron 

The Fool Hamel]

‘Why am I the only one entitled a fool when others are great, wise, faithful, and brave?’

Every time the nanny read him a fairy tale book, flame burned in Eugene Lionhart’s heart. ‘If only I could have said the right thing! If only I had moved my body properly!’

‘Moron, you’ve been wrapped up as brave. Why am I stupid? Didn’t we two exchange the title?’

No matter how hard he thought about it, he didn’t understood the title of his fellow comrade being “The brave moron.”

‘What a nerve. It must be a moron like a fool.’

[The stupid Hamel always envied Vermouth. Hamel always said that Vermouth was his bigger rival, yet no one thought so.]

“The one who wrote this must have been beaten by me 300 years ago.” Eugene gritted his teeth. 

In reality, he didn’t understood the fact that these fairy tales were written as something easy to read, funny and containing lessons because they were targeted to children.

[Hamel always took the lead against Vermouth. That also happened on the forked road to the Mausoleum. Vermouth told them to go to the right, but Hamel insisted that they should go to the left.]

“This is crazy.”

[Eventually, Vermouth listened to Hamel. Yet, there was a devil’s trap lurking……The stupid Hamel shouted, “The devil had set a trap because he fear me.” What a Silly Hamel!]

Ten-year-old Eugene clenched his fist. This is a fairy tale book that he had already read hundreds of times, but his anger will always arise in this part.

[Hamel was a troublemaker. He had a fiery temper, so he often fought with his colleagues.]

“……That’s right.”

[After many adventures, Vermouth and his colleagues entered the castle. The stupid Hamel did not listen to Vermouth even on the way to Devil’s lair. Hamel, who always took the lead, could not escape the trap, which forced Vermouth and his colleagues to go through many crisis.]

“You know nothing about this sir.” Eugene gritted his teeth and complained in his heart about the hellish devil of a castle.  ‘The traps there could not be avoided even if we wanted to. We had to push forward even though we knew there was a trap ahead.’

[……Hamel, fought with his colleagues every time, he was the fool Hamel, the wild Hamel, even so Hamel loved his colleagues. Hamel, covered with several wounds, still sacrificed himself for his colleagues, and he had never actually thought about running away.]


[In his final moment, Hamel regretted that he was not honest in front of his beloved colleagues, and said at the end: “Senya, I like you.”]

“I didn’t actually like her.”

[Anise, please pray for me.]

“I didn’t say that.”

[“Moron, You’re the bravest warrior ever.”]

“He’s actually an idiot.”

[“Vermouth, Make sure you defeat the Devil.” Listening to his final words, Vermouth swore to Hamel’s tears. “I’ll defeat the devil for sure.” After that, Hamel closed his eyes comfortably to his words…….]

There was nothing to read beyond this. Eugene closed the book with a crumpled expression.

‘He was sacrificed in a fairy tale for the sake of the future generation.’

Children, the stupid Hamel also had a righteous heart in his heart. He sacrificed himself for his colleagues, and he already regretted his dishonest past…….

“Oh, shit, Who sold my name for this cheap fairytale?”

Even after reading it several times, he was still angry. Eugene threw the children’s books and vented his resentment. He felt like he wanted to go to the guy who wrote the fairy tale book and make him shed blood, but the author of this fairy tale book dated back three hundred years ago, and he was also anonymous.

“Vermouth, Senya, Anise and that Moron. Those four bastards were shown as the greatest, but why did you make me look like a side character in the fairytale? Damn it. I cried that way every time when I was lying…! Didn’t I also think of protecting my colleagues’ honor?”

After pouring out his resentment. Eugene calmed his breathing, he couldn’t have thought that when he died as Hamel, he would actually remember his past and reincarnate.


Eugene recalled the past when he was crying in the cradle. He felt that his childhood was as terrible as facing the Devil. His mind has intellect, but his body doesn’t move properly, and he also couldn’t speak well. What he felt back then was terrible and he felt bored most of the day, the only thing he can do back then is to chew on a black nipple and look at toys on the ceiling.

For a 10-year-old child, there is a reason why his eyes have grown dirty. He had been killing time with his eyes open since was young. Eugene sighed and touched his eyebrows.

‘….. Reincarnation is a good thing, but why was I reborn as a descendant of Vermouth?’

Lionhart is Vermouth’s last name.

“There are a lot of other places to reincarnate with, so why be the descendant of Vermouth?”

Someone might be behind this happening, Eugene, who had memories of his past life, could not do anything about it even if he wanted to.

He wanted to surpass Vermouth in his previous life, although he didn’t sound like a rival in the fairy tale book, it was true that he was conscious about himself throughout his journey with Vermouth.

He couldn’t let it go the strong desire of surpassing him, but, no matter how hard he tried to improve himself, the distance between him and Vermouth didn’t narrowed down at all.

The Great Vermouth.

Eugene looked up. A large portrait was hanging from the wall. The Vermouth in it was the same as the one from his memory of a previous life.

The Stupid Hamel.

He took out the mirror with his arms and looked at his face. The face of a ten-year-old child is a face that does not resemble Vermouth, however, his family name was Lionhart, a descendant of the very Great Vermouth.

At first he thought this was just a long dream after death. But, as he became aware of the reality after for a long time, the fool Hamel was reborn as a descendant of the great Vermouth. In his previous lifetime, Vermouth had several wives and in addition he also had many other mistresses.

“His body doesn’t look like what I have remembered. Did he gain muscle as he got older?”

Vermouth, as Eugene remembers, was not a muscle man like in the picture, but a skinny guy. 

I can’t believe that Vermouth had many descendants from ten concubines. I am also a human being, so I quite understand that, but still… 10.

Only the descendants of the official wife are recognized as the direct descendants. He may have Lionhart as a family name, but Eugene’s family is just a branch.

Although they were not living poorly like the other branch family, their house still cannot compare to the capital’s main family house, even so the mansion where Eugene lives was luxurious enough to be considered as a bigshot in this rural village. This means that even if they weren’t from the main branch, they were treated with at least some respect.

The most extravagant part in the mansion is where the great Vermouth, the master of all the masters, is being shown off, proving the legitimacy of their ancestry.

“The descendants who inherited the blood of the great master should not neglect training.”

‘I’ve been hearing that since I was a child.’


Jehard Lionhart, seeing his 10-year-old son possessing eyes showing obsessiveness into training, made him kind of feel guilty.

He also did not neglect training at an early age, but his past was marked by guilt over the pressure of being at the same blood of the Great Vermouth.

Their ancestor was the great Vermouth, but Jehard had little talent for fighting.

“……you broke it.”

Every time I see my son, I feel a lot of complications. Hearing unkind words and deeds, his fierce eyes are now without innocence. [1]

Eugene had lost his mother since he was young, and he had never cried in search for his dead mother.

That’s not all. My son’s talent is…It is unbelievably great because of the bloodline he possessed.

“He is a Genius.”

It was embarrassing that his own son has more talent than him, but Jehard sometimes feared that something may happen to his ten years old. He is just a young child who has not yet started manipulating mana, but he could already swing his wooden sword very well.

“I’ve been doing it many times and now the sword is ruined.”

Eugene put down the wooden sword, and smacked his lips together. A wooden sword with an iron core is just too heavy to handle with a child’s muscular strength. Nevertheless, Eugene insisted on such a wooden sword since he was seven years old.

At first his father thought it was just a childlike stubbornness. It was cute to see him whining and wielding a wooden sword.

That was already three years ago. Now, Eugene is free to handle that heavy wooden sword, and it didn’t even last until the sand bag broke.

Jehard swallowed his saliva and looked at the floor. A broken wooden sword was completely smashed during the practice against the scarecrow.

‘How long has it been since you changed it? Was it three days?’

It’s not surprising. Since the beginning of the war, all the scarecrows in the smokestack were destroyed and replaced.

“The village blacksmith’s work is a piece of shit of course.’

Eugene spouted. This was a vulgar thing to say from a child, but Jehard didn’t bother to call him out. This is was his nature.

I tried to correct him from an early age, but my son’s nature could not change.

“I can’t believe we’re paying to sell such a cheap thing. We have to do purge this trash of work, but father you are going too easy to this people.”

“Well… uh…I will specially give my attention to them. Next time, they will be a little more robust…….”

“I am not talking about the scarecrow, just add more iron in the wooden sword in order to strengthen it. I need a sword that doesn’t break just after a few swing.”

Jehard stared at his son, unable to utter anything.

A body that is incredibly disciplined for a ten-year-old child. To be honest, he think he will lose against his son…….

‘Compared to me, someone born with no talent…….’

Jehard could not feel pure joy at his son’s talent. Was it because he feel like his son is becoming a monster? That’s not the reason.

Among the many feelings that Jehard feel for his son, there was also a sense of pride. Unlike himself, the father, Eugene is born with a brilliant talent.

However, as he feel proud there was also a guilty feeling. This was an inevitable because as a father he wasn’t talented. The other Ryan heart family isn’t like them.

Their branch family has been pushed out from their original home hundreds of years ago, and now they are ignored by the other relatives.

Does his son know the truth of their family situation? It is better that his son won’t know. It was too difficult for a child to understand.

“Can’t I use a real sword?”

Jehad shook his head with a wry look.

“Not yet.”

“Because I am still a child?”



[1] The original means that Eugene was exposed to the pressure of being the descendant to a great warrior in which he doesn’t act like the other innocent children, just saying if you didn’t understand the context from the one I translated.

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