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Superstar from age 0 Chapter 56

The dinner party was held in the private room of a hotel restaurant where director Ryan Will was staying at.

Evan Block and Rachel Hill were staying at the same hotel and arrived first. Seojun and Lee Min-Joon, staying at a hotel a few blocks away, arrived a few minutes later.

“Hello! I’m Seojun Lee!”

“Hi, Seojun Lee. I’m Rachel Hill.”

“Please call me Jun!”

“Then, call me Rachel.”

Seojun shook Rachel Hill’s hand happily and took Evan Block’s hand next.

“Hi, you’re Seojun Lee, aren’t you? My name is Evan Block. Call me Evan.”

“Yes, Evan! I look forward to your kind cooperation! Please call me Jun!”

Ryan Will introduced Lee Min-Joon, who was next to Seojun.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Evan Block, playing Shadowman and Mac.”

“Hello, I’m Rachel Hill. I will be Jun’s sister for a while.”

“Nice to meet you. I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

Evan smiled merrily and shook his head.

“I think I’m the one who should be nice to you. I saw a movie where you acted, and it was no joke. I’d get buried of your talent.”

Evan Bullock had watched the evil spirit to the point he crumpled the cup of soda in his hand out of tension. It was a relief that he drank it all before doing so, or It would have been spilled all around him.

Seojun tilted his head.


“No, 악령 (aryong). Hmm. Is this how you pronounce it? The Devil is the title in English, but I prefer the original title to the translated title.”

Evan Block winked one eye and lowered himself. Seojun’s head became comfortable because he didn’t have to look up anymore.

Seojun smiled brightly. He was happy and grateful that someone watched ‘The Devil.’

“Yes, it’s perfect.”

“Yes, thank you. What did you think when you acted? Do you tend to make a thorough plan and postpone it? Or do you act with your gut feeling? I heard that sitting and waking up during William’s scene was your idea. Is it true?”


Here comes Evan, the ‘ActingAnalystt.’ He poured out all questions he was thinking of while analyzing Seojun’s acting. Seojun stared blankly at Evan Block’s face. Rachel Hill covered her face with her hands, and Ryan Will just smiled.

Lee Min-Joon, who was listening to the conversation between the two, could only recall a rumor about Evan Block floating on the Internet.

Acting Analyst.

Evan Block’s performance consisted of detailed character analysis and thorough planning. He even planned and acted on hand tremors and facial muscles.

Even the directors and actors who filmed with him were impressed by his planning. It was a nickname that was given to him like that.

“Okay, let’s eat first. I’m hungry! Oh, you two, too. Does Jun’s leg hurt, too? Sit down.”

Rachel Hill pushed Evan Block in the back. Evan Block, who didn’t get to hear the answer until the end, shrugged and sat down.

When everyone sat down, Rachel sighed relief when she saw Ryan calling for a waiter and smiled at Seojun.

“Jun, you look taller than in the movie.”

Seojun, who was sitting on the chair, straightened his back, smiled, and said proudly.

“I grew 10 centimeters in a year!”

It was all thanks to the Slime’s ability to digest. It was a very precious ability that let him send a lot of nutrients to every corner of his body promptly.

He was also the tallest in kindergarten. Wouldn’t he still be the biggest in his class even after he enters elementary school next year? All the family members were talking about it.

The waiter in charge brought the food he ordered in advance.

The waiter opened the private room door he was in charge of every day without thinking much, but today his eyes shook greatly.

The waiter was a Marine Fan. Even after seeing his idols, he put on a professional, expressionless face.

Oh! Oh! Let him be amazed inside.

‘Oh, Evan Block! He’s very tall! The child beside him if he’s Asian… Seojun Lee! Besides, Rachel Hill and Ryan Will! This should be Shadowman 2..…!’

He wanted to take out the camera right away. However, he endured it and closed the door of the private room after finishing everything.

‘Can I get their autograph after the meal?’

After having their fill, the five began their conversation. Evan Block opened his mouth first.

“What do you think of William?”


Seojun, who was chewing steak, tilted his head. He quickly chewed the meat in his mouth and answered.

“Poor thing?”

“However, you don’t want to like William, are you?”

In the end, Ryan and Rachel’s eyes turned towards Seojun.

‘What’s wrong with that? William is the character I am acting for in the movie, and I’m Lee Seojun.’

Seojun shook his head.

“No, not at all. I’m Lee Seojun.”

“Look, it’s special.”

Evan laughed whether he liked the answer. Rachel shook her head. When Lee Min-Joon tilted his head, Rachel explained.

“I see. Immersed acting…….”

Lee Min-Joon doesn’t know how to act, but he knew one or two when it comes to immersed acting.

Although it was a frequent acting method by actors who were good at acting, there were often episodes that actors were so immersed in the role that they were confused with reality.

“Jun’s performance is completely different from the Immersed Acting, you know.”

Evan Block nodded in agreement. Ryan Will went on.

“Jun can get out of the role perfectly. It’s completely different from Immersed acting, which has a drawback to the emotions and thoughts of the actor. If he really did method acting, he would have lost himself and stayed as William for a while.”

Who would have expected that little boy to act like that? Even Seojun himself never thought he would fall that far.

At that time, if Seojun hadn’t gotten out of the role, Ryan Will would have told his child’s guardian not to act on the spot.

But Seojun Lee was different. He patted himself on the back, saying he did a good job and smiled broadly with joy at his self-compliment.

“But he came back to Jun as if I hadn’t been another character.”

When he saw Seojun, who was only five years old, Ryan Will got goosebumps performing such a wonderful performance and smiling brightly.

“Jun’s acting is similar to Immersed acting, but not the immersed acting itself. I knew for sure during the long eight months of practice. Jun will be the only actor who can get out of a role easily.”

Ryan Will took a sip of wine.

Although he didn’t see much, Seojun was different from other actors.

So during an eight-month practice session, Ryan kept his toes up. It was to stop when there was anything wrong with the acting with the first villain.

However, contrary to Ryan’s concerns, Seojun was the same as usual. He looked nice. He didn’t give up, and he finally did it perfectly.

Rachel Hill, who was listening to the story, asked Seojun.

“What do you think, Jun?”


Seojun thought hard. Everyone kept their mouth shut and focused on Seojun’s mouth. Seojun looked left and right before opening his mouth.

“I don’t think I’m doing Immersed acting.”


Evan unfolded the Notebook he had brought. Rachel Hill, who looked disgusted at the sight of Evan, moved her chair a little to the side.

“Immersed acting affects reality, and that’s why you’re worried. Will my role affect reality? I was like, ‘I don’t want to.'”

“That’s right.”

“But I was normal when I did William, I was fine when I was a demon, and I was still me when I played a child who blamed the world for eight months.”

He definitely gets into character when he is filming. What kind of actor doesn’t get into character?
However, after filming, Lee Seojun still likes monster dolls. Look at the slime doll on the bag. He was still himself.

“So it’s not Immersed acting. I’m just good at acting.”

Seojun said proudly. Everyone laughed at his answer.

“Then how do you act?” asked Evan Block. Seojun thought for a while and replied.

“Hmm, I think about a character like myself. I think his past to be mine, and what would he become now if he had passed like that. There are times when I think of something better during the start of the filming. My body moves naturally. That’s what I did when I was William.”

“It’s definitely similar to Immersed acting.”

“But I can get out of the role perfectly..”


Seojun thought.

Isn’t Immersed acting the ability of his body?

Like a skill that he can use in the next life, like the abilities of other lives.

And wouldn’t “spirit” be different from ordinary method acting, which is hard to get out of the role because he has a library of life?

The talent for ordinary method acting with a special set of skills.

‘If I could make this ability into a bead, it would pop up like this.’

[(Good or bad?) Lee Seojun’s special immersed acting]

When filming, it gives him a sense of immersion as if he is in a real role.

Also, he can completely get out of the role with his own will.

What would the rating be like? Seojun, who was laughing inside, asked Evan Block.

“How do you act, Evan?”

“I study the character, plan and analyze.  For example, Mac is an orphan. I’m an orphan, but there are many good people around me. Why are there so many? Isn’t it because of his bright and cheerful personality? Then, I analyze Mac’s behavior one by one and think about the direction of his eyes and the location of his feet. If I know someone who has a similar personality to Mac, I observe them. There are times when even a small habit helps with filming. So my friends hate me when I get a movie script. This is how I act confidently in the movies that I appear in.”

“That’s great.”

Seojun’s eyes sparkled at Evan’s words. That’s how he can act like that.

The two actors talked hard about their way of acting. Rachel Hill also stepped in between.

“Evan Block would be more dangerous if it was Immersed act. After such thorough preparation, there will be a time when he feels inadequate. To fill the shortfall, and it will eventually affect reality.”

“I see.”

“It would be convenient to think that Jun is an actor with a natural talent for acting. He’s a smart kid. He is not going to do anything that would harm him.”

“No matter how smart a child is, parents are bound to worry.”

Lee Min-Joon laughed as he saw his son talking with the two actors excitedly.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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Great, my worries finally been addressed.

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