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Superstar from age 0 Chapter 53

Director Ryan Will reviewed the script for Shadowman 2, which the filming will begin next month.

Modify, modify, modify.

The initial script has been edited out for the past eight months.

Seojun Lee’s portion was getting smaller and smaller. He had a headache trying to make lines that suits his initial audition during his free time, but he finally completed it.

‘I can’t say I am satisfied, but it’s going to be a box office hit.’

Then, a he got received a message.

When he looked at his cell phone, it was Seojun. On the message that Seojun had sent there was a video attached, Ryan Will played it.

He had sent a video the day before yesterday in less than a week he sent another video. Ryan Will smiled faintly.

“You have to be patient, Ryan.”

‘Why can’t he just play the villain?

Ryan Will folded his arms.

In the past, villains were popular roles back then. Not being able to play a villain would blow up half of the roles an actor could do.

Ryan Will really wanted to see Seojun Lee’s villain performance.

He wondered what kind of aura Seojun would emit with his small body and what kind of performance he would do.

‘But now…….’

Ryan Will turned on the video, barely holding back a sigh that was about to come out.


On the video…

There was a child smiling broadly surrounded by a chilly aura.

Ryan Will book a flight to Korea immediately.

It has been less than 24 hours since Seojun sent the video. Ryan Will’s luggage was just a few scripts and a wallet because he got here in such a hurry.

Then the conversation between Seojun and Ryan Will began.

Ryan Will didn’t say a word and just looked at Seojun after saying hello.

Director Ryan’s eyes looked at Seojun with a serious expression, from hair to toe. It was as if he just met Seojun for the first time.

Seojun looked up with a triumphant look, holding back his laughter at Ryan’s serious expression.

He wanted to show off. He wanted to brag. The video he sent was worth of such arrogance.

Ryan Will, who had been staring at him for a long time, opened his mouth.

“You’ve become normal.”


This was an unexpected assessment. ‘Was it bad?’ Seojun tilted his head.

“In the past, you would have this atmosphere of kindness just by smiling.”

Ryan Will crossed his head. Seojun’s head moved along Ryan Will.

“Now, I don’t feel anything. You became normal.”

“Is that a good thing?”

Ryan Will nodded at Seo Jun’s question.

“First of all. There was nothing on the background whether it was white or black, and that’s great.”

Then there was silence between the two again.

“How did you do that?”

Ryan Will broke the silence and opened his mouth first.

“Until the last video, I’m sorry to say this, but all your performances were very bad.”

“You said I did well,  but why did you say that just now?”

Seojun pouted his lips. He wasn’t really offended, director Ryan Will’s eyes, gestures as he walked in through the front door, and tone really say otherwise.

“That’s because that is the past. Now…….”

Ryan Will replied with a very, very satisfied face.

“Your performance is the best.”

Seojun rolled his eyes at the sudden compliment.

He thought it would be just a simple compliment, but he didn’t expect to say that it was the best. However, Seojun couldn’t hold back his smile because he was happy to hear a compliment from him after 8 months of being a constant disappoitment.

“Right? I did a great job, didn’t I?”

“Yes, so I burned all the Revised Script.”

“The revised script?”

Before coming to Korea, Ryan Will burned the revised versions he had written in case Seojun didn’t master acting as a Villain.

“I tried to minimize your appearance if you didn’t solve it before the shoot.”

It was the first time Seojun heard about this. He thought Ryan had faith in him, but he started editing the script.

Seojun, who couldn’t help but understand Ryan Will’s decision, nodded. If he had watched him fail for the past the seven-month, no, eight-month, any director would have revised the script.

It was really…

The worst.

It must be really awkward and strange for a child to say villainous lines with a good aura. Viewers will feel like ‘William’ was pretending to be a Villain

“People will feel awkward about my acting if I act following the original script.”

Ryan Will nodded his head. His smile stayed on. Ryan Will took out his first script as soon as he saw the video.

Thinking about the Villaneous kid from the video becoming William, he couldn’t have expected more. He flew to Korea because he couldn’t stand not seeing him act in person.

“But now you don’t have to.”


The two men smiled and the serious atmosphere disappeared.

“Then I’d like to see you act myself, is that okay?”


Seojun came down from the chair. He squeezed his right hand to a punch.

[The melancholy scent of a single flower is triggered]

[The melancholy scent of a single flower – the lowest level]

This flower blooms in a radius of 10m.

It looks similar to a weed, so no one knows it was a flower.

People will feel depressed as soon as they smelled the flowers.

In front of director Ryan Will, there was a child who felt abused and thus blamed the world.

Ryan Will was satisfied with Seojun’s performance. After the small performance of Seojun, he got ready to leave for America again.

The couple tried to tell Ryan Will to go back after spending at least a night in their guest room to rest in between flights, but they had their mouth shut seeing Ryan Will’s excited appearance, who had only spent 3 hours in Korea.

Seojun’s acting in person had a different atmosphere from the video.

Wanting to go back quickly and read the 1st script off again, Ryan Will flew back to the U.S. on the fastest flight.

After Ryan Will left, Seojun showed off to his mom and dad for a long time. The couple who watched Seojun’s performance praised him for being so good.

In that night Seojun fell asleep with great satisfaction.

He was excited to enter the Evil library and from the two opened doors.

Only two were opened, whether there was still a shortage of Black Mana or it requires more time. But soon the number of doors were the same.

“I hope it opens up soon, too! What kind of book is there?”

Unlike the past eight months where the atmosphere surrounding their house was depressing, the couple watch their son sleeping with a smile happily went to bed.

And the day went by like that.

Since it was the weekend, Seo Eun-hye went out to meet her friend, and Lee Min-joon will stay with Seojun.

Seojun was brushing his teeth after lunch but he suddenly looked in the mirror.

‘What was that?’

There was nothing on his head.

“Is it gone!?”

Seojun spat out the toothpaste bubble. Then he quickly rinsed his mouth with water and looked again in the mirror. There were no numbers. The Numbers were missing!

“Dad, call the brothers! A Video call!”


“Call the brothers!”

Lee Min-joon made a video call with a puzzled look on his face. The only brothers Seojun was talking about were Brown Black.

Brown Black were busy with either practice or schedules, so he contacted Seo Eun-chan, who became the new president of Cocoa Entertainment, who looked like someone with many free.

Seo Eun-chan, who was with Brown Black, picked up the phone and handed it over to Brown Black.

“Gasp! Nothing!”

What? What’s missing?

Seojun’s eyes widened.

There were no numbers indicating the connection between the orchestra conductor, which would usually float above Brown Black’s head.

For a moment, he recalled the beads that fell off when his two Mana combined.

“No way!”

Then, did it fall and reset? Isn’t it too easy to be reset?!

How long has it been since the beads fell? Seojun couldn’t even hear Brown Black’s voice calling him, and he fell into a deep thought while counting with his fingers.

He open the library door, wake up and send the video, Ryan comes the next day, and it’s morning again.

‘It’s been three days now!’

Three days is fine. Brown Black was on a break in order to fix the problems left by the former president of Cocoa Entertainment.

Of course, even if it was a break, they would have sing to prepare for the next album.

It’s only been three days.

Seojun asked urgently.

“Hey, how was practice yesterday?”

“Practice? It was the same as usual.”

“No… How can I say it? You don’t get along or you were not good enough.”

Brown Black shook their head in bewilderment.

“We’re in perfect harmony even after Christmas Eve.”

Seojun held his forehead. ‘No, they must not know the effects of the skill. What should I do?’

His mind was in a state of tension.

Seojun raised his head.

“What are you guys doing today?”

“There’s a fan meeting later. We have been on hiatus since the beginning of this year so we decided to held a small even to meet our fans. Seojun, will you come?

“If we have a fan meeting, you’ll be performing, right? Will there be a lot of fans coming?”

“Everyone had a hard time this time, so we invited as many as we could. Of course, we will be performing on stage. Our nickname is ‘Performance Kings’.”

Seojun nodded at Park Seo-jin’s words.

“I’ll be there. What time does the fan meeting start?”

“It would start at one o’clock, but if you come now, you’ll be a little late. There would be another at 6 o’clock time. You could still catch up for that event.”

“Okay! We are leaving now! Dad, let’s go!”

Lee Min-joon was surprised and looked at Seojun. ‘We will be late if we leave now, so how about six…’ Lee Min-joon, who was about that sentence, shut up and quietly put his cell phone, wallet and car keys on his packet.

Seo Eun-chan sent them a text message.

The venue was quite far, so It would take more than half an hour to arrive.

“Come on, Dad! Quick!”

Seojun stamped his feet. Lee Min-joon drove at the speed limit for his son’s safety despite Seojun’s urging.

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