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superstar from age 0 chapter 152

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“I filmed it!”

An employee of the Whale Studio’s public relations team shouted with an excited face.

Seojun, who changed his clothes, tilted his head at the appearance of an employee who was sincerely happy.

“What did you filmed?”

“Jun’s last great song! I filmed it. I thought it was such a great move to bring a camera to film him because it was the last one.”

“There was a camera like that?”

“Because it’s the last one. It could be used as a TV promotion or making film. I received an instruction to take a good video of him with a high-definition camera.”

“I see.”

Seojun, who didn’t care which camera he used, nodded.

“What’s the title of the last song? It was my first time hearing this song, and it was really good.”

When asked by the staff, the bodyguards and An Daho were also interested at the topic.

A happy, and enjoyable song. It was a song that they had never heard in their whole life. It was like coming from a fairy tale.

“It’s a song that I composed.”


“I started learning violin since last year, and I was curious because there was a part where Gray needed to compose song in the script. I finished it a few days ago. Is it okay, right?”

Everyone was speechless at the words. Seojun smiled shyly.

To be honest, it was a lie.

He finished it while he was filming.

“But it’s hard to say that it took a month, right?”

It’s hard to believe that he had been hanging for about a year, so a month. Seojun apologized and handed the violin to the staff.


On the way home, Seojun, who was nodding his hands and feet, recalling Dream Fairy Gray’s violin performance No. 1, exclaimed regretfully at the thought of suddenly coming to mind.

“Why? Is something wrong?”

An Daho, who was driving, immediately responded to Seojun’s words.

“I didn’t earn a penny today.”

“Ah. Everyone was so busy giving money.”

When Seojun spoke with a gloomy look, An Daho said, recalling the people who were watching at the park. Seojun nodded. He understood, but…

“Today was the last busking.”

It was such a disappointing finish.


Choi Yoo-sung and Natalie, who are currently in the cafeteria of the school, waited anxiously for a new upload from the channel [RAINBOW].

“I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sure this person will do a good job.”

“Okay. Let’s believe it.”

In the meantime, tweets about today’s busking was already posted.

[Today was really touching.
Music students were nice, and the boy’s performance was really great. It was simple and just by listening to it, I was charmed. No one knew the title of the song. Right now, I’m just waiting an upload on YouTube. Rainbow, I hope you filmed it.]
#DevilishTalent #ViolinBoy #BuskingWeek8 #I_TrustRainbow

[The first performance was shocking in a bad way, he was good until last week, but why he suddenly became worse today? Still, I’m glad that the last performance was shocking in a good way. Otherwise, I would have grabbed his teacher by the collar]
#DevilishTalent #ViolinBoy #Who_is_the_teacher

“I agree.”

“Me too.”

Choi Yoo-sung and Natalie agree unknowingly on what was written on the tweet. If it wasn’t for his second performance, she might went to the teacher.

“It’s up!”

“Rainbow is the best!”

They turned on the YouTube on the laptop screen and entered the channel [RAINBOW].

A new video appered. Choi Yoo-sung and Natalie grabbed their pounding hearts and pressed the play button.

“Will it be his second performance?”

“Well…it should be.”

It was a video from Rainbow that was uploaded without editing.

In the meantime, the violin boy’s performance began. The bow moved. Choi Yoo-sung and Natalie looked pleased at the boy’s shining posture than ever.

“That’s it!”

“I know. It’s so nice to listen to it again.”

Like what happened back then, the boy glistened. He shined as if it was in the spotlight alone.

Choi Yoo-sung and Natalie were likely to be eroded by the emotions throughout their bodies.

Meanwhile, Choi Yoo-sung and Natalie felt some emotion stirring up inside them. It seems like their feeling of friendship between them went up.

“Is it because we see each other every week?”

While the two were contemplating, the boy’s performance continued.
The two fell in love with the performance again.

Choi Yoo-sung and Natalie, who heard him play himself, realized that the end was coming soon.
It was unfortunate. It was unfortunate. A little longer. They wanted him to play a little bit longer.

After the boy’s performance, the laptop screen turned black.

Choi Yoo-sung pressed the screen to watch the video again out of regret. The playback time of the video appeared along with the playback button below the screen. She was wondering what scene will come next.

[What do I need for music?]

Suddenly, they heard the voice of the girl. The girl spoke in a monotonous way, as if she was just conveying someone’s words.


With the appearance of an unexpected voice, Choi Yoo-sung grabbed the mouse to listen again, and Natalie, who was trying to post an appreciation tweet on SNS, stared blankly at the laptop screen.


The face of the girl smiling brightly was reflected on the screen. The girl was looking sideways, not at the camera.


It was a boy this time. The smiling boy was also looking at the same direction as the girl. The screen slowly turned to the side.


There was a boy smiling shyly.
The child, holding the small violin, smiled brightly like a flower.

Choi Yoo-sung and Natalie’s eyes grew bigger. The face of the boy from the park was always covered with baseball caps, but the two recognized him at once. The atmosphere was the same. It was the face of the violin boy they saw.

[It’s money]

At the end of the girl’s voice, a black screen filled with white letters appeared.


[To be released this year]

[Whale Studio]

[Seojun Lee] [Catherine Miller] [Paul Oden]

Even though the replay button appeared after the video, Choi Yoo-sung and Natalie couldn’t come to their senses.

It seemed that their brain was having a hard time accepting what had just happened. Yeah, so…….

“…Seojun Lee?!”

“Is it Lee Seojun?”

Screams was heard from all over the cafeteria.

Other students, who were interested at the stories of the students who watched the busking in person and were waiting for the video to appear on YouTube, were also surprised by the unexpected event.

Netizens, filled with fighting spirit again after watching the video of week 8 stopped debating whether the child was from Korea, Japan and China.
The SNS, which had been burning in all kinds of languages, became quiet as water was poured on the burning topic.

The Chinese, Japanese stopped on their tracks and Koreans became speechless.


-I didn’t know, but I think I learned English the wrong way.

-I know. I must have learned wrong with you… Am I reading it wrong?

People who were reading the comments came to their senses.

-Seojun? Why did he appear out of nowhere?

-Right? Lee Seojun! The famous Hollywood child star!

-Why is Lee Seojun coming out here? Someone explain it!

-Wasn’t it busking? Why? Suddenly a movie? Lee Seojun?

Within a few tens of seconds to figure out the situation, people who were watching the video screamed and began to write.

The Internet has turned upside down. And Korea was also overturned by the unexpected appearance of Lee Seojun.

Various trending keywords appeared on Twitter.

NEW! Lee Seojun.

NEW! Lee Seojun’s violin.

NEW! Lee Seojun’s movie.

NEW! Lee Seojun’s movie shoot.

“I was determined, but that’s amazing.”

“All the real-time trending keywords are about Seojun.”

Employees of Cocoa Entertainment’s 2nd team and public relations team answered the phone ringing in their office as if they were already familiar with it. They also opened their mail boxes one after another.

Is actor Lee Seojun right there?
Is he filming a Hollywood movie?
When is it released?
Where and what is he doing now?
Various questions poured out in each of the calls.

“Send out a press release!”

[Actor Lee Seojun is filming a movie in LA!]

[Cocoa Entertainment announced that Seojun has been preparing since last summer!]

[Actor Lee Seojun, Hollywood movie, his first main character!]

[How far is actor Lee Seojun’s limit? Being a Violinist is at a high level!]

[There are only a few months left until the release]

[What do I need for music? Talent? Effort? Well, money. What does it mean?]

-First Main Character on Hollywood! Congratulations! Seojun!

-I thought it will come out next year, but it’s coming out this year!

– Violin! A musical movie!

When Seojun’s news appeared, the number of views and subscribers on the channel [RAINBOW] began to rise in an instant.

People who were not interested in classical music also began to notice the news that the character was Lee Seojun. From week 1 to week 8.

It was a surprising change even when they saw it again. They could see why everyone said it was a demonic talent.

– Even though I know it’s Lee Seojun, I still feel awkward.

-The height and silhouette are similar, but the atmosphere is completely different. As expected, Lee Seojun’s acting skills are amazing.

-But the week is like Lee Seojun. There’s no light, but there’s a lot of presence.

-How did you not recognize Lee Seojun even if you saw him passing by?

-Honestly, isn’t it weird to think that Seojun is busking? And it wasn’t just once. He did it for 8 weeks. I would have thought he was here today too.

-But the difference in skills from week 1 to week 8 is no joke. From week 1 posture to week 8 professional performance that even violin majors can fall for…… That’s incredible.

-The song for the week 8 is good. What’s the title?

-I don’t know anyone. Everyone seems to be inquiring about the Whale Studio.

-So when is it going to be released?

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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5 months ago

Thanks for the chapter! o(≧▽≦)o

5 months ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Getting exciting!

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