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The elegant way to tailor the Duke chapter 4

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A brunette with a bright face entered Cornelia’s room.

It was Meldre, the sewing teacher.

Elisha put down her lsketch on the table and greeted her politely.

“Welcome, Madam.”

“Hi, Elisha.”

“The navy shawl looks really elegant on you.”

“Whoa, right? Someone made it for me.”

“It is all thanks to the teacher’s good teaching.”

“Elisha, you’re a genius no matter how many times I look at you. You possess an extraordinary skill. Who in the world could make this in a day?” She took out the shawl that Meldre was wearing and opened it.

It was a delicate shawl with dense weave and rose patterns.

Elisha was very proud with her work.

“By the way, how was your date with Sir Henry?”

“Oh, don’t even mention him.”

“What happened?”

At Elisha’s question, Meldre waved her hands to her red face. There really seemed to be something going on between.

“He is a man of great profanity.”

It was surprising that the word profanity came out of Meldre’s mouth.

Having lost her husband, she was quite free-spirited in relationships, and Elisha had never heard a story as messy as her love story in her whole life.

“What did he do?”

“……Oh, my God, no, well! He said he would make me happy in the bedroom…… Aww, what a sham!”

“He said he’d make you happy in the bed……?”

“Oh, no. I can’t tell you! Elisha, it’s not healthy for you to hear them.”

“That makes me more curious!”

“……that guy is an animal! I can’t deal with him.”

“I think you’ll see him again soon.”

“What? I’ll going never to see him again!”

Meldre shuddered, perhaps thinking of last night’s events.

Elisha wondered what kind of man Sir Henry might be to make the proud and arrogant woman so flustered.

“Hmmm, we shall stop talking and start having a class?”

Elisha nodded as Meldre set the mood. Maybe it’s because she have grown attached to her that they didn’t care about etiquette and were friendly like friends.

It has already been two years since Elisha learned sewing from Meldre as Cornelia’s subtitute.

“Teacher, I was inspired by a pretty dress on the street, so I sketch about it, could you take a look at it?”

“Oh, a new dress? Let me see.”

Meldre took the sketch copy from Elisha took a good look at it.

The ribbon and hip of the chest were full of wrinkles.

A delicate and beautiful dress immediately appeared in front of Meldre.

It was a great dress that young ladies would vie for.

“Oh, my. .. Elisha! It’s a really nice dress. I would love to wear it if I could get in shape!”

“Oh, really?”

When Meldre winked and praised het, Elisha opened her mouth with joy.

Even though she had never worn such a fancy dress, Elisha could figured out what the latest trends was at once and created it as her own dress designs.

“Well, I really want to make this dress.”

Her eyes showed more expectation than ever.

But Meldre couldn’t live up to Elisha’s expectations.

“……You know, Alicia, I’d love to teach you, but I don’t know how to make such a sophisticated dress.”

“I know.”

Elisha’s shoulders drooped down. There was nothing she can do about it.

Meldre was good at knitting simple clothes, props, fabrics or laced embroidery, but she has never made clothes as complicated as Elisha’s sketches.

“Elisha, you have to be a professional seamstress to make dresses like this. I’ll definitely take you under a professional to learn from. I know a place. They will definitely help you a lot if you go there.”

“Really?” Expectations resumed again on her eyes.

“Of course. Well, let’s start the class. You will need to make a lily today so the bad daughter could give it to the count.”

“Yes, it’s time to lace the lily today!”

“Oh, you already did, didn’t you?”

“Yes, you showed me how to make it last time, so I actually made it a little early.”

Elisha took out a lace stream embroidered with a pure lily.

Elisha was already learning how to make it even though Meldre only showed it once.

She was really talented at this rate.

Now Meldre was feeling depressed.

The better Elisha was, the worse she felt. Especially if Elnoa Empire developed a clothing culture, so if she had a talent for sewing, she could not only work as a textile designer but also as a designer who designed and made clothes herself.

If only Count Leonard finds out that Elisha has talent and support her, but he really didn’t care about Elisha.

So Meldre was feeling guilty to let her talent rot like this.

“Elisha, you know, I’ve been thinking, that you won’t be able to show your talent here! Why don’t you marry a rich boy?”

Elisha’s needle, which had been moving diligently , stopped at Meldre’s words.

The teacher seems to really know what was going on with them.

But she couldn’t say she was going to be wed off as a substitute of Cornelia.

“……I think I’ll be leaving soon, actually.”

“Why, where, for what?”

“To the Tebon area.”

“Tebon? That far? That’s outrageous! The Duke Penblen and the Cold, Spooky Crow Castle is there.”

“The spooky Crow castle?”

When Elisha pretended not to know and asked back, Meldre set her tone as if she were telling a ghost story.

“Yes, don’t you know the rumor? The Duke of the castle is very gloomy and never gets anywhere in society. It is extremely rare that someone knows his face, and also the Duke mercilessly kills people that saw his face.”

“……Will he be like that to his wife?”

“Well, I don’t know if he could get married.”

Where is the end of the rumor surrounding the Duke?

Unaware of Alicia’s deepening sigh, Meldre ‘Tsk’ her tongue.

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