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“Ah, like Jihoon, you mean those who don’t know where they went in the past with their magical ID cards?”


“I already have information about them. There’s more than one thing that’s suspicious….”

She nodded, thinking that there was no surprise in her reticent reply.

“There were 23 in the Kingdom of Kaelon, and 300 in Midland as a whole.”

There are 300 people.

The numbers were higher than I thought.

“For the first time, I had a lot of worries about how to handle them. However, a trust was delivered from the temple not to harm the visitors of the designated village unless they threatened them, and thus we sat on the sidelines. God said that people like Jihoon will be a bridge connecting the world and treat them as ordinary citizens.”

Is this an Oracle? A bridge connecting the world?

I had a serious look on my face.

The odd things that have happened so far… the things that couldn’t be explained…

Earth and the Mu Continent are getting more and more connected, and in the future it will be completely.

And the piled-up problems will explode one day.

By no means, it wasn’t a nice thing to say.

“We’re calling you the Seeker.”

It was a good name for our situation where we are seeking for the quest.

But they don’t know about quests.

“Fortunately, the Seeker were very enthusiastic about hunting monsters. And they are rapidly developing their abilities with the care of God. Of course, a lot of people died in the process.”

“How many people are still alive?”

“There are only 52 people left. Our kingdom of Kaelon has four Seeker, including Jihoon.”

It’s been 16 days since I started dreaming, but I’ve been on the Mu continent for about 80 days.

I don’t know what had happened to the others in the meantime, but the survival rate is only 17%.

This is a low figure that makes people tilt their heads.

“There are only three notable people among those 52 people. One of them is you, Jihoon, and the other two made it to the beginning of the Expert the day before yesterday.”


It was the Highlevel post for mercenaries, a Regular for knights, and a 3rd circle for wizards.

As it was a position where they can become a knight if they decide it, I can say that they are above me.

However, I am confident that I will not be pushed back by Expert in terms combat capabilities.

First of all, I have magic.

“Is there no one like me, a double wielder with magic and aura?”

“Most of the 52 survivors didn’t have a teacher. There are only two people who learned magic like Jihoon. But it’s not worth keeping an eye on them.”

She continued, curling her silky hair around her fingers.

“In fact, the two people who achieved the Expert level are not comparable to Jihoon at all.”


“Jihoon is already deeply related to the Nobles and has the exclusive right to produce promising projects approved by the king. If I were to evaluate you all by individual abilities, they are not even close to your potential.”

I’m confident I wouldn’t lose to them, but I didn’t expect them to think highly of me.

The other dreamwalker, didn’t try to do anything other than completing quests.

If I try to harm them by using personal connections or by spending money right now, they would be wiped out in an instant.

In the Mu continent, people stronger than us are very common.

“Have they met each other perhaps?”

“Yes, there are some. People who had never met before moved to an area where there was another Seeker, as if they had promised to meet beforehand.”

Maybe they promised to reunite on the Mu Continent after finding his partner with the Magic Navigation like me?

“So what happened?”


“What do you mean, dead?”

When I asked for a detailed explanation, she grinned and said coldly.

“This part is very interesting. The Seeker killed the other the other Seeker.”


“When Seekers faced each other, they would mostly fight each other, and one side was bound to die. Thanks to that, the guards were troubled on how to punish them. As a result, it’s been concluded that the Guards should not get involved between their fights but there is an exception.”

“What do you mean?”

“Only one team. They got along well, cooperating with each other without fighting unlike others. Although they become monster food now.”

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