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The quest rewards are real chapter 69

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If the company supplies not only black tea but also various luxury goods to be manufactured in the same way, it will be able to grow its business quickly.

I was opposed to the word monopoly, but I didn’t intend to follow my reason now.

Black tea will be sold through the Royal tower as decided.

In addition, the company gained exclusive production rights, gaining a foundation for stable success.

Proprietary production rights would be infringing on our rights if we had the same manufacturing style, even if the name of the brand was different.

Therefore, the market around the Kingdom of Kaelon is guaranteed unconditionally, and as it has been notarized by the country, even if black tea was produced in other countries, the brand here is already well established.

If I had known that I would feel so comfortable, I should have taken the same approach rather than wrapping it up tightly.

This is a successful job.


Of course, this is the result of hard work with the real world as the basic concept, but in a world where intellectual property rights do not exist, the king’s recognition of monopoly had an enormous value.

It would not have been easy if we had proposed a business against the tower, but thanks to the suggestion from the other side that it went very quickly.

Perhaps if other dreamwalkers know my current behavior, competition using the knowledge of the earth could spread.

But this is when they have the same background as me.

“I’d like to buy some information.”

Visiting Adrian City for an exclusive contract between Royal Tower and Black Tea, I visited the Information Guild as soon as the contract with the owner of the Andrian City was completed.

I thought it was a secret guild like a bandit guild, but it was operating proudly with a large signboard in the central business district.

“This is my first time. How much should I pay?”

Even before I got the information, I had to think a little bit about how much I was going to pay.

This must mean that the level of information I can access depends on the amount I pay.

All my assets now are three platinum coins and two gold coins.

I thought I shouldn’t do it for trust, as I already rely on Gordon and Baron Christopher’s investment, although I can secure more by robbing the Chamber of Commerce.

For now, I have no choice but to buy information only with the money I have.

“Three platinum coins.”

“I see.”

Platinum paintings are obviously a fortune that the public cannot even see.

The teller smiled in my reply, saying that it was unexpected.

It’s definitely a lot of money, but I think it’s worth it too.

The female employee led me to the inner room.

And in the room, a glamorous woman was drinking tea in a revealing costume.

“Hey, who is this. Isn’t it Jihoon?”

The woman’s greeting and familiar scents filled the room made her look firm.

“It’s an information guild, but I don’t think I’m a celebrity enough to have you know my name.”

“It was, not long ago. But still Jihoon’s name is still widespread known.”

There was a scent of black tea in the room.

She took a cup of tea to her mouth, enjoying the scent of black tea.

“You’ve developed an incredible product. I’m totally fascinated by this tea.”

I never imagined that the person in charge of the Information Guild would enjoy tea.

I sat in the chair in front of her, keeping my composure.

“Do you happen to know how to make black tea in the Information Guild?”

“Not really. But if we decide to find out, we can find out.”

Unlike most Kaelonians with black hair and dark brown eyes, she had black hair and red eyes.

“But I don’t think we need to collect information that we can’t sell. Jihoon’s company can only produce black tea anyway, right?”

Should I say this is amazing?

Should I say it’s offensive?

I just came back from an exclusive contract.

“For your information, you are notarized by the kingdom, and we can never do anything against your will.”

Is that really true?

When I think of information guilds, I can only think of snake-like images.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Chloe, the first-class informant at the Kaelon Information Guild.” She said, putting down her teacup after a belated greeting.

“I’m Jihoon.”

“There’s also the influence of black tea, but honestly, I’m very interested in Jihoon as a person. Whatever you ask, we’ll give you more than the set price.”

“Thank you very much.”

Now we go down to the business.

“I want you to investigate the sudden appearance of strangers in the outer villages.”

This was the reason I came to the Information Guild.

It was to get hold of other Dreamwalkers’ information.

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