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The quest rewards are real chapter 34- Preemption (1)

Note: don’t be confuse with the previous chapter and this. After the battle Jihoon slept and this happened.

Strength: 15

Stamina: 12

Agility: 13

Intelligence: 37

Mana: 23

Luck: 6

“What? What do you mean by that all of a sudden? I can’t believe we’re expanding the black tea business. What if the recipe leaks out?”

“I don’t mind being careful, but I thought it would be better to pop it up at once and get a big start.”

The tea was sold out in a few days due to Baron Christopher’s efforts.

Of course, it was less than 10kg, but because it’s so expensive, it profited a lot of money.

The price of black tea was five golds in a 50g bottle.

It’s a price that the commoner can never afford, but it was not a big burden to the Nobles.

Wizards and knights can buy it as much as they want if they think they are luxury goods.

Currently, black tea was spreading amid favorable reviews among aristocrats who were acquainted with the high-ranking wizard of the tower and Baron Christopher.

Maybe it was not a dream to make my name known by just one black tea after a while.

“But if we spread it too wide, it could be hard to handle. I can’t do anything with my current power and private education alone.”

Currently, black tea is sold under the brand ‘Jorden Chris’.

It’s a brand named after me, Gordon and Baron Christopher, by combining in our initials.

And it is also a name that will be my brand name for my luxury business in the future.

“I’ve been thinking, we’ve had clients who are reliable to distribute our products while ensuring its safety. And it’s also a place where we can connect with the help of your cousin.”


Gordon frowned, and I nodded, perhaps he get what I meant.

“The Royal Tower.”

The Owner of the Royal Tower is none other than the King of Kaelon.

If black tea is distributed through the Royal tower, it is tantamount to the king being involved in our business.

Then who in this country would harm us?

“In the first place, black tea wasn’t something we could protect with our power alone. I thought we were too complacent.”

Considering the value of black tea, it is not unusual for anyone above Baron Christopher to know how to do it in time.

But will the king, who has everything in his country, try to steal the property of the Wizard, his subject?

“In my view, having a connection with the Royal tower is the only way to catch two birds with one stone: safety and business expansion. This is my opinion.”

“Why are you saying that all of a sudden?”


The reason is simple.

Since Park Sung mentioned that the “Dreamwalkers” was spread all over the continent, I judged that I could not keep the recipe for black tea myself anymore.

So what I am thinking is about the safety of the recipe

If we distribute it with the Royal Tower of Kaelon on your back, not to mention Kaelon King himself, it would be easy to export them overseas.

If so, no one from the real world would want to make money from black tea that already exists in the Mu continent.

“As I said before, for the safety of you and me.”

This method was good for temporary measurement, but if the black business becomes more famous, I don’t know.

“If that happens, we’ll have to give the Royal Tower exclusive rights.”

“I don’t think there’s much problem if we admit that the black tea recipe is our property and give us exclusive production rights.”

If I get exclusive production rights instead of giving them exclusive sales rights, it’s good for me.

We don’t need to have to participate in the production, we just have to give directions.


Gordon, who was unhappy with my suggestion the whole time, suddenly said with a smile.

“That’s great.”


He had a sudden change of attitude.

In response to my insatiable response, Gordon magically cooled the brewed black tea in a glass.

“I was wondering how to bring it up, but in fact, Baron Christopher has already said what you said.”


“The Royal Tower Owner has offered to give us exclusive rights to sell black tea instead of ensuring stable production.”

Did Baron Christopher deliver tea to the owner of the tower?

If what he said was true, their reaction was too quick.

“A bargain is a must, but as now the owner of the tower mentioned stable production, it would be possible to get exclusive production rights.”

“His Majesty’s notarization?”

“His Majesty will be represented with the Royal Tower. The offer was made by the owner of the tower, but the approval will go through the hands of His Majesty anyway.”


However, there was no reason to think about it for a long time, as it was the situation I hoped for.

“Are you alright with this?”

“The decision is yours. The owner of the black tea is you.”

It’s decided.

If the company supplies not only black tea but also various luxury goods to be manufactured in the same way, it will be able to grow its business quickly.

I was opposed to the word monopoly, but I didn’t intend to follow my reason now.

Black tea will be sold through the Royal tower as decided.

In addition, the company gained exclusive production rights, gaining a foundation for stable success.

Proprietary production rights would be infringing on our rights if we had the same manufacturing style, even if the name of the brand was different.

Therefore, the market around the Kingdom of Kaelon is guaranteed unconditionally, and as it has been notarized by the country, even if black tea was produced in other countries, the brand here is already well established.

If I had known that I would feel so comfortable, I should have taken the same approach rather than wrapping it up tightly.

This is a successful job.


Of course, this is the result of hard work with the real world as the basic concept, but in a world where intellectual property rights do not exist, the king’s recognition of monopoly had an enormous value.

It would not have been easy if we had proposed a business against the tower, but thanks to the suggestion from the other side that it went very quickly.

Perhaps if other dreamwalkers know my current behavior, competition using the knowledge of the earth could spread.

But this is when they have the same background as me.

“I’d like to buy some information.”

Visiting Adrian City for an exclusive contract between Royal Tower and Black Tea, I visited the Information Guild as soon as the contract with the owner of the Andrian City was completed.

I thought it was a secret guild like a bandit guild, but it was operating proudly with a large signboard in the central business district.

“This is my first time. How much should I pay?”

Even before I got the information, I had to think a little bit about how much I was going to pay.

This must mean that the level of information I can access depends on the amount I pay.

All my assets now are three platinum coins and two gold coins.

I thought I shouldn’t do it for trust, as I already rely on Gordon and Baron Christopher’s investment, although I can secure more by robbing the Chamber of Commerce.

For now, I have no choice but to buy information only with the money I have.

“Three platinum coins.”

“I see.”

Platinum paintings are obviously a fortune that the public cannot even see.

The teller smiled in my reply, saying that it was unexpected.

It’s definitely a lot of money, but I think it’s worth it too.

The female employee led me to the inner room.

And in the room, a glamorous woman was drinking tea in a revealing costume.

“Hey, who is this. Isn’t it Jihoon?”

The woman’s greeting and familiar scents filled the room made her look firm.

“It’s an information guild, but I don’t think I’m a celebrity enough to have you know my name.”

“It was, not long ago. But still, Jihoon’s name is still widely known.”

There was a scent of black tea in the room.

She took a cup of tea to her mouth, enjoying the scent of black tea.

“You’ve developed an incredible product. I’m totally fascinated by this tea.”

I never imagined that the person in charge of the Information Guild would enjoy tea.

I sat in the chair in front of her, keeping my composure.

“Do you happen to know how to make black tea in the Information Guild?”

“Not really. But if we decide to find out, we can find out.”

Unlike most Kaelonians with black hair and dark brown eyes, she had black hair and red eyes.

“But I don’t think we need to collect information that we can’t sell. Jihoon’s company can only produce black tea anyway, right?”

Should I say this is amazing?

Should I say it’s offensive?

I just came back from an exclusive contract.

“For your information, you are notarized by the kingdom, and we can never do anything against your will.”

Is that really true?

When I think of information guilds, I can only think of snake-like images.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Chloe, the first-class informant at the Kaelon Information Guild.” She said, putting down her teacup after a belated greeting.

“I’m Jihoon.”

“There’s also the influence of black tea, but honestly, I’m very interested in Jihoon as a person. Whatever you ask, we’ll give you more than the set price.”

“Thank you very much.”

Now we go down to the business.

“I want you to investigate the sudden appearance of strangers in the outer villages.”

This was the reason I came to the Information Guild.

It was to get hold of other Dreamwalkers’ information.

“Ah, like Jihoon, you mean those who don’t know where they went in the past with their magical ID cards?”


“I already have information about them. There’s more than one thing that’s suspicious….”

She nodded, thinking that there was no surprise in her reticent reply.

“There were 23 in the Kingdom of Kaelon, and 300 in Midland as a whole.”

There are 300 people.

The numbers were higher than I thought.

“For the first time, I had a lot of worries about how to handle them. However, a trust was delivered from the temple not to harm the visitors of the designated village unless they threatened them, and thus we sat on the sidelines. God said that people like Jihoon will be a bridge connecting the world and treat them as ordinary citizens.”

Is this an Oracle? A bridge connecting the world?

I had a serious look on my face.

The odd things that have happened so far… the things that couldn’t be explained…

Earth and the Mu Continent are getting more and more connected, and in the future, it will be completed.

And the piled-up problems will explode one day.

By no means, it wasn’t a nice thing to say.

“We’re calling you the Seeker.”

It was a good name for our situation where we are seeking for the quest.

But they don’t know about quests.

“Fortunately, the Seeker was very enthusiastic about hunting monsters. And they are rapidly developing their abilities with the care of God. Of course, a lot of people died in the process.”

“How many people are still alive?”

“There are only 52 people left. Our kingdom of Kaelon has four Seeker, including Jihoon.”

It’s been 16 days since I started dreaming, but I’ve been on the Mu continent for about 80 days.

I don’t know what had happened to the others in the meantime, but the survival rate is only 17%.

This is a low figure that makes people tilt their heads.

“There are only three notable people among those 52 people. One of them is you, Jihoon, and the other two made it to the beginning of the Expert the day before yesterday.”


It was the Highlevel post for mercenaries, a Regular for knights, and the 3rd circle for wizards.

As it was a position where they can become a knight if they decide it, I can say that they are above me.

However, I am confident that I will not be pushed back by Experts in terms of combat capabilities.

First of all, I have magic.

“Is there no one like me, a double wielder with magic and aura?”

“Most of the 52 survivors didn’t have a teacher. There are only two people who learned magic like Jihoon. But it’s not worth keeping an eye on them.”

She continued, curling her silky hair around her fingers.

“In fact, the two people who achieved the Expert level are not comparable to Jihoon at all.”


“Jihoon is already deeply related to the Nobles and has the exclusive right to produce promising projects approved by the king. If I were to evaluate you all by individual abilities, they are not even close to your potential.”

I’m confident I wouldn’t lose to them, but I didn’t expect them to think highly of me.

The other dreamwalker, didn’t try to do anything other than complete quests.

If I try to harm them by using personal connections or by spending money right now, they would be wiped out in an instant.

In the Mu continent, people stronger than us are very common.

“Have they met each other perhaps?”

“Yes, there are some. People who had never met before moved to an area where there was another Seeker as if they had promised to meet beforehand.”

Maybe they promised to reunite on the Mu Continent after finding his partner with the Magic Navigation like me?

“So what happened?”


“What do you mean, dead?”

When I asked for a detailed explanation, she grinned and said coldly.

“This part is very interesting. The Seeker killed the other Seeker.”


“When Seekers faced each other, they would mostly fight each other, and one side was bound to die. Thanks to that, the guards were troubled about how to punish them. As a result, it’s been concluded that the Guards should not get involved between their fights but there is an exception.”

“What do you mean?”

“Only one team. They got along well, cooperating with each other without fighting, unlike others. Although they become monster food now.”

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Transmigration In every dream

Transmigration In every dream

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Korean
In real life, Cho Jihoon was fired after being framed. The downhill road he faced for the first time in his life, which was far from the word hump, was harsh and he couldn’t get out of it. When he realizes that life is not something he can do with his own efforts and abilities. A quest occurred in Jihoon’s dream. If he finished a quest in a dream, he can get a reward in reality.


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