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The quest rewards are real chapter 67

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“When I used the map function to hunt for orcs alone, it was only one or two Orcs a day. However, I thought that I could not return to reality until I completed the quest, so I could take some time to clear it. But at one point, there was an eight-day time limit.”

Don’t tell me it was because of me?

It happened to be that same time when I didn’t complete the quest because I was learning magic.

“Thanks to that, it’s been a few days of no reward, and my impatience has grown. So I was overdoing it and I died.”

Is it because I was training magic?

It contrasts with my situation that I kicked out by gaining 1 more Mana Stats.

Just as I had a stronghold in the village of Karas in the Kingdom of Kaelon, he was active in the village of Bern in the kingdom of Schuendark.

Also, if there was Gordon was in the village of Karas, there was a knight named Ted in the village of Bern. But because he failed to gain contact with the Noble Ted, who had died, he failed to get a strong foothold in the village like I did.

Fortunately, he avoided being expelled from the village by making efforts to complete the quest until the end, but the villagers did not treat Park Sung as kindly as before.

For your information, Park Sung gave me a good tip that I didn’t know.

There was a small temple in the village, where a high priest that has divine skills and some injuries are treated free of charge.

On the other hand, I had never been injured enough to need the help from the temple, so I was unaware of it.

This, too… will be quite helpful.

“By the way, I’m good at it. Have you ever imagined that I would be stronger than you by completing more quests?”

“I thought the average person wouldn’t be able to complete the first quest or the Hobgoblin quest, let alone an Orc.”

Seriously, his mindset is so simple.

Maybe that’s why he wss doing something stupid like a live broadcast.

“Anything else you want to know?”

Currently I am collecting information from Park Sung, but I didn’t reveal any information about myself.

It was an unfair trade, but Park Sung could not complain at all.

“There are three more Dreamwalkers who I am acquainted with.”


I’ve only just found one, and I didn’t think there would be people already in groups.

There is one more woman and two more men in his group, all of whom are said to have died on the Mu continent.

“Among them, I’m one of the strongest.”

That’s why he was full of groundless confidence.

“There’s a female college student named Park Yul, who has an exploration skill that can see the other person’s abilities. And that’s the reason why we’re here.”

“Then why didn’t you just try to fight me?”

“Not long ago, Yul was attacked. She was seriously injured and hospitalized, and she said it was done by another Dreamwalker.”

I see.

His sharp reaction now makes sense.

“Yul has been moving around Seoul for more than 10 days, but the Dreamwalker I’ve found has already been five people, including the one who attacked her. Now there are six of us, including you.”

I don’t know if the one who attacked the woman named Park Yul was a crazy man who was drunk or if there was a reason, but it was best not to follow her acts.

“What are you going to do if he attacks you after being so attention grabber in public?”

“I was hoping for that. I wanted to avenge Yul.”

But for me he looked like someone who wanted more Moon Balloons.

After that I got the information I needed, I got out of my seat when there was nothing more to ask.

“By any chance, would you like to become our comrade? I know it’s a shame, but please. We need a leader like you.”

“I’m sorry, but I refuse your proposal.”

I’m sure he wanted to lean on me, but I’m not willing to have him with me, he will just be another baggage to carry.

Besides, I don’t know what’s going to happen if there is an attention seeker.

“If I were the leader of this country, I wouldn’t let a mysterious person with extraordinary powers roam the streets. We’ll catch him and experiment, or we’ll sneak him in. I think it’s better to be a little self-conscious and not be self-indulgent.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“I’m going to go now. Don’t follow me.”

“Oh, I see.”

After a while I finished my business, I hid in the woods.

Then I took off the black cover that covered my bag and took out other clothes and new shoes to changed my current outfit.

It’s not like I’m shooting a spy movie.

Since then, he has only moved to places where there are no CCTVs, digging into the crowds of subway stations.

Express Terminal, car rentals still parked, a state, there must be moved.

“I’m tired.”

Still, it was a meaningful time to earn more than hard work.

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