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The quest rewards are real chapter 66

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After three consecutive stabs, the attack using the elasticity of the Spear flooded on Park Sung’s side.

If it were my Aura teacher, Pierson, he would have knocked out the spear before it was fully powered, but Park Sung tried to cut off the attack path by drawing a sword in peace.

Spear-to-Sword Collision with Elasticity, Aura, and Mana.



As a result, Park Sung’s wrist couldn’t wistand the power.

It would have been less shocking if he just turned his upper body on and blocked it.

Maybe he watched a lot of cartoons, but he failed while trying to get into shape.

Park Sung’s sword fell to the floor, and I kicked him in the abdomen.



I didn’t use magic, and I didn’t use Aura with this kick.

Even without using my main skills, leap and penetration, I had to be speechless to see him fall out in just five stabs.

I just won with just normal attack, in irder to figure out the opponent abilities.


Thanks to me, he had no choice but to make a ‘what’ face.

“Why me?”

“Let’s do it again.”

He also picked up the sword, unconvincing.

As seen in expressway terminal, Park Sung released water around him and wrapped it around his body like a snake.

It seems that he will now show his strength in earnest.




Despite the use of the new power, he rolled over the floor less than five seconds.

I was a little surprised by the anomalous water attack, but I didn’t feel a sense of crisis.

“This is embarrassing.”

Being compared to him itself was already humiliating to me.

“Hey, that’s ridiculous.”

Park Sung seemed to have completely lost his fighting spirit after two hits.

Looking at the sword, which was stuck in a tree, shivering he raised his head and made eye contact with me coldly looking down at him.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

‘Now do you believe who is the real bigshot?’

I feel like a fool because I felt nervous and even thought about running away.

“Let’s sit over there, take care of the sword.”


His initial aggressive attitude was gone, he became now more submissive.

Separating spear and putting it back in the bag, I questioned him.

“When you do a quest, you get a lot of stats and skills, but you’re incredibly weak.”

He looked shocked by my honest comment.

“First of all, could you tell me about your stats and skills?”

“Okay, sir.”

Then he began to write his stats and skills on the sand.

Strength: 10

Strength: 8

Agility: 7
Intelligence: 18

Mana: 5

Luck: 3

Slaughter (Active / LV-)

Mana Emission (Active / LV1)

Water skill (Active / LV1)

Automatic Recovery (Passive / LV1)

“It’s not indicated here, but there’s an option to increase Strength based on Stamina.”

“Is that it?”


He don’t look like he was lying seeing his face, but when I saw the list he wrote, I narrowed my eyes.

That’s because there was a big difference with mine.

My current skills are as below.

Strength: 15

Stamina: 12

Agility: 13

Intelligence: 37

Mana: 23

Luck: 6

Slaughter (Active / LV-)

Mana Emission (Active / LV1)

Leap (Active / LV-)

Intuition (Passive / LV1)

Automatic Recovery (Passive / LV1)

Combat Assistance (Passive / LV1)

Penetration (Active / LV1)

Reduction (Passive / LV1)

Magic Exploration (Active / LV-)

I also have my own abilities that I gained, “Aura” and “Magic,” which were not marked separately here, and I also have the options to increase Strength according to Stamina.

If he spent the same amount of time on quests as I did, the difference shouldn’t be this big.

“How many quests have you completed?”



I have completed 12 quests so far.

One of these was from the fog.

“Did you recently start dreaming?”

“No, it was on the night of the 12th that I first set foot on the Music continent.

It’s the same day as me.

It didn’t make sense at first.

But his next words that followed brought me to my senses.

“I died while doing 30 orcs quests. Once I died, I never dreamed again.”

Unexpected information.

I opened my eyes wide and was surprised.

“Dying in a dream has no effect on reality. It’s not like you lose your strength.”

However, it leads to the conclusion that you will not be able to dream of the Mu continent and that you will not be able to complete the quest.

This was a really valuable piece of information I wouldn’t find out unless I died.

“How will…”

Park Sung said to have a smooth sailing adventure until the Goblin hunt.

But, from the Hobgoblin hunt, he faced many challenges, and has experienced several near-death situations since hunting 30 play animals.

And in the end, he couldn’t cross the wall of the 30 orcs quest, and now he is out.

This is what we’ve come to.

Thanks to magic, I didn’t feel that Orc Quest was so difficult.

Even without magic, I thought I could finish it somehow if I used my head, but for Park Sung it seems that the quest was a huge wall.

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