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The quest rewards are real chapter 65

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Strength: 15

Stamina: 12

Agility: 13

Intelligence: 37

Mana: 23

Luck: 6

“Show your true face. I can’t truly trust you even if you are a dreamwalker like me with your face fully covered.”

I wish he’d stop calling me dreamwalker.

“Did you made up the name dreamwalker?”

“So what? Does that matter now?”

Looking at the name Dreamwalker, I think it’s actually pretty good.

It definitely expressed our current situation.

The problem, however, is that referring myself like that by other makes me cringe.

Shaking my head hard, I suggested we move to a quieter place.

“What if I don’t want to follow you?”

Looking at him slowly taking his hand into his sports bag, I said coldly.

“Please make a good choice. I just want to exchange information with you.”

“Then show your face.”

“I can’t do that.”

He’s a human being who won’t give me any help anyway.

I didn’t want to get involved with him any further.

‘Park Sung has exposed himself too much. Wouldn’t it be dangerous for me if someone was aiming for Park Sung’s power? I think it’s desirable to just exchange information with each other.’

But at the end, he pulled out a sword and I wonder how he had gotten it.

On the right side of the road where we are walking now, there were tall trees on Boramae Park along with bars, and apartments are located on the left.

“Isn’t that what you wanted? The information you’re looking for includes my combat capabilities.”

He already know what my intentions is.

I looked at him silently.

“You know there are those other that want to use the information from other in order to eliminate rivals, fearing that their interests might be infringed.”

I don’t know if he is full of imagination or not

Will I be competing with a fool who got caught and tested while doing a live broadcast of his supernatural powers?

“You’ll regret it.”

“You’re acting like you’re something.”

At my cold suggestion, he said, swinging the sword as if he were warming up.

I already know it, but Park Sung was not easy to talk to

“You know what? People like you who pretend to be big names are usually playing the extra in novels ot movies.”

“You seem to be quite confident in your skills.”

“I don’t think my ability is great yet.”

Even if I am annoyed, I can’t help but assume that I will never lose to this kind of guy.

I looked around and made a escape route just in case.

“Why? Are you so scared now?”

Running away from his excited appearance, I jumped over the bars and entered deep inside the little forest.

And it wasn’t long before I got to a place where people couldn’t see me, so I stopped there.


Park Sung followed me as expected.

If I look at his speed when he chased me, he didn’t seem to have the Leap Skill.

This was a good news for my safety, in case I needed to escape.

“Hit before you get hit. If I hit, the doubt whether they are true or not disappears. This is what I learned on the Mu Continent.”

He was not wrong, but I can only describe his idea of wielding weapons against people in Korea as insane.

‘But, well…….’

Frankly, this was a situation that I hoped for.

I wanted to check the level of other people besides me.

[Item Slot No. 1]

The “Item slot” obtained from an intermediate compensation card the other day can be used immediately only for the belongings I have.

Of the 3 slots, the one registered at number 1 is the Spear inside the backpack.

When food is registered, it will be automatically ingested, and when my Spear is registered as assembled, it will be held intact even if it was initially disassembled.

As I summoned the spear in front of my eyes, it was already held in my hand. I waved the spear for a while and started taking the battle stance.

Park Sung’s appearance showed nervousness.

“Well, that’s plausible.”

However, Park Sung also waved the sword, forming a blue light over the sword, using Mana Emission.

I didn’t want to wield a weapon against humans, but I’m not nice enough to allow myself unarmed.

If a simple talk can’t be, there is no other choice but to resolve with violence

When Park Sung entered the intersection, I immediately used Leap to catch him up.

Tung! Tung!

The collision between weapons that has Mana Emission produced a heavy sound, different from that of metals.

Park Sung, who blocked the first attack, rushed quickly and tried to narrow the distance between up, but I immediately stabbed the spear in and stepped back to maintain the distance.

This was a battle between a spear and a sword.

These weapons have been controversial weapons since ancient times, saying that one’s is better than the other.

Many say that the range of attack of spear is smaller than the sword, which can cut, because they are only stab attacks, but there is no law that a spear should be at disadvantage against swords.

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In war the Spears was the main weapons and the sword the secondary end of discussion

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