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Stamina: 12

Agility: 13

Intelligence: 36

Mana: 23

Luck: 6

I didn’t think I’d be able to see good things if I were involved, so I turned my back and moved on by saying see you again later.

“Jihoon, wait a minute.”

But Woo-Chan caught up to me.


At a short question, he was momentarily speechless and frowned.

However, as if he had never done so, he gave me a pat on the back with a big smile.

“Hey, why are you being so cold?”

When asked by Woo-Chan, I had to tilt my head as if I didn’t understood English.

“There’s no reason to be so friendly.”

Cho-Hee and Woo-Chan kicked me out.

There is no reason for me to forgive them and even if both of them ask forgiveness, I have already seen their true nature, and it was hard to get along like before.

Then wouldn’t it be wise to keep our distance, as we just don’t get along rather than make each other uncomfortable?

“Call me later if there’s a wedding, I’ll help you. You two look good together.”

Friends, like what Gordon said, is not a secular relationship, it is united with trust.

But between us, that’s already broken.

“It’s just a matter of time. Are you upset?”

“Yeah, friends can fight with each other.

“By the way, did you make a comeback?”

“I don’t think it’s a comeback. What happened to you?”

If you have strong self-esteem, you may shake your hand saying it’s not for nothing, but then I don’t like emotional behavior.

If you just say yes, it is, or it is not.

“Make yourself at home. Don’t try acting too hard.”


“I’m leaving. Take care.”

I normally waved my hands at the two people, greeted them and then moved on.

“Hey, Cho Jihoon!”

Since then, Cho-Hee and Woo-Chan have not caught up to me.

To be honest, I heard two people cursing at me through my sensitive hearing, but I lightly ignored them because I was not free enough to respond to them one by one.

People say it’s painful to be lovers, friends, and be separated.….

I don’t know anymore.

Not long ago, we were laughing and drinking together, but now we didn’t feel much.


I put the gifts for my parents in my room and took out my Botte G Veneta wallet.

I bought it because it was a wallet that suits my taste, but it remains questionable whether its cost, 700,000 won, was worth it.

I don’t want myself full of luxury goods just because I have a lot of money right now.
I think the wallet and watch I have now is enough.

But I wanted the best for my parents.

I think the safety-related part will continue to be the biggest investment for myself.

The expensive off-road vehicle I bought today is an example of that.

‘How many more spare cars should I buy? It wouldn’t be bad to also have a motorcycle ready.’

If I look at the width of the garage, I can fit up to three cars in the same size as the car I bought today.

These days, I was thinking that there wss a whole reason why God has given me those rewards, and He even cared about the width of the garage because I had such a religious mindset.

‘I’ve got to increase security until July, so I’ll need one right now. Let’s add one at a time’

After all, I was determined to fill the garage like what I did on the food warehouse.
I nodded and accepted my own judgment.

The current time is 5:30 p.m.

I think it’s time to get out.

Dinner was a simply served hamburgers, and after renting a domestic light car nearby, I moved to a densely populated area.

The first destination was Itaewon.

It was the time that it started getting crowded from now on.

‘Is there anyone else who has magical powers besides me?’

First of all, ordinary Koreans cannot feel mana.

It may be because the density of the Earth’s mana wss lower than that of the Mu continent, but it was hard to find anything naturally mana-focused.

No, it’s just that there isn’t any Mana at all.

Therefore, if there is a person with magical power, I have to suspect that he is the first person to be in the same situation as me.

I frequently used Magic exploration while moving in the car, but nothing was caught around Itaewon.

After passing Gyeongridan-gil, Seoul Station, Hoehyeon, and Myeong-dong, I headed back to Apgujeong along Line 3.

The search distance was 300 meters and the diameter around me was 600 meters, which was never a short distance, but I could not find anything wrong.

‘I can’t believe everything is clear..….’

Is traveling to the Mu continent a miracle that only happens to me?

Then why the hell would I be the only one?

Of course, the distance I’ve traveled is only a small part of the entire Republic of Korea.

However, about 20 percent of all Koreans live in Seoul, and since they traveled along the subway line during rush hour, I must have already searched about hundreds of thousands of people.

Nevertheless, nothing was caught, so I naturally had to think like this.

“No, it’s too early to conclude.”

Don’t make hasty judgments.

Even if with a ratio of 99 out of 100, I still believe in the 1 out of 100.


I passed Apgujeong, Garosu-gil, and then headed to the express terminal station.

[Right 22 degrees / Height – 4.5 m / Distance 83.2 m]

[No other navigation results]

Surprisingly, there was a mana signal near the express terminal station.


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