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The quest Rewards are real chapter 31- Self-proclaimed supernatural person (1)

Strength: 15

Stamina: 12

Agility: 13

Intelligence: 37

Mana: 23

Luck: 6

It may be useless, but if I meet someone else who has magic, I will be able to give a concrete answer to the current situation I am in.


I’m about to cancel the Magic Exploration, I don’t need it anymore.

I expressed a quaint look at the light magic that had been set aside for the Magic Exploration experiment.

How come I have a stronger magical presence than usual?

I haven’t used the 1st class magic once or twice, and it’s not a dramatic change, but the flow of mana certainly felt clearer.

“Is this a remnant trace effect of the skill?”

No, other than that, it doesn’t explain.

Intuition skills have not been effective for quite a long time, but only recently have I learned that intuition informs the back of my head at a stinging level.

Unlike the intuition that had such an ambiguous effect, the similar name technique was sure to change.

It may be that to mana I am simply sensitive to it or has another effect, but if I do it well, it will help me control mana.


The light magic disappeared due to a light hand-throwing action, and I opened the refrigerator and brought the milk and cereal bar I had bought in advance.

A really simple breakfast.

But I think men who live alone are usually like this.

[About two weeks ago, the number of murders and missing suspects has been on the rise nationwide. This is not limited to our country, but it is happening all over the world. Given the meticulousness of the criminal who leaves no evidence, the opinion that it is a terrorist act of common force is gaining strength.]

I turned on the TV to break the silence.

But the first news caught my eye with provocative content.

[Investigators have warned that this may be a rehearsal for massive terrorism. In response, the police are significantly strengthening outside patrols and conducting public relations activities to encourage citizens to voluntarily report the winners of the movement.]

From my point of view, the recent disappearance, murder, and the monster disturbance that attacked livestock in China the other day are also due to the fog, but no one has ever mentioned of fog.

The fog at the first encounter with Goblin at Kkachisan Park was seen by ordinary people, but it is becoming more and more stealthy as if it were improving its function.

[Next news. Aurora has been observed in Maceio, eastern Brazil, which is shocking the academic world. Generally, the aurora is a phenomenon in which the plasma of the solar wind enters the earth and reacts with the air of the atmosphere to glow. It is known that it can be seen mainly at the poles of 60 to 80 degrees above. However, the area belongs to an environment where aurora cannot be seen at 10 degrees south latitude…….]

This time, it’s an anomaly?

The world is changing strangely, is there no one else expressing a sense of crisis?

I don’t know if the two worlds are connected at this rate.

There was nothing special about the news after that, and I organized today’s schedule.

I’m pretty busy today.

Deliveries will come to install furniture and home appliances in my new homes, and as I have enough money, I will organize some stocks to find out how to buy vehicles for the first time in a long time.

And one more thing, I’ll go around the densely populated areas and use Magic Exploration in time for the evening when people are in the middle of going out.


“Thank you. Good luck.”

“Yes, please contact us immediately if you experience any inconvenience or problems.”

All the appliances and furniture I picked with my parents yesterday have arrived.

It seems that Korea’s delivery service is to install these large products the day after ordering them.

When all the installers left, I slammed the extra ordered emergency food into the bunker in the yard.

Afterward, I took a shower to clean up.

I shaved neatly and put wax on my hair after a long time.

When I left the bathroom after finishing my business, there were a lot of messages I hadn’t read on my smartphone.

[You’re paying me back already?]

[Aren’t you overdoing it?]

[And what’s the interest between friends?]

[Hey, hey, hey!]

[What’s this? Why are you depositing 30 million won?]

[What are you doing?]

[Jihoon, I think the transfer is wrong 30 million won was deposited to me.]

Reading the message, while I was getting dressed, I laughed a little.

[The money you lend me was well spent, I made a lot of money thanks to it. Ten million won is the interest, so don’t be too burdened.]

Originally, I was planning to pay back the money on the 10th, but T Chemical’s stock price has already risen nearly 80 percent to the target, and I thought it would not be a big profit compared to the whole if I set aside 20 million won lent by my friends there.
Although Jung-woo and In-ji are doing well, it is hard to say that they have enough money to live as they are beginners in society.

Both of them were not much different from me in the family.

So I thought my friend would be less stressed if I just pay back quickly.

[Hey, that’s too much interest]

[That’s enough, I’ll give you 10 million won back, so tell me your account]

It’s for me, it’s just honesty, if other people were in their shoes they would be greedy but the two of them said they’d gladly return the money.

[Never mind, I’ve earned so much that I’m quite sorry to give you just 10 million won in interest]


[Yeah, and I’m not looking for a job. I’ll just live as a full-time investor.]



[I think you could do anything. Don’t be too greedy, stocks are dangerous, right?]

[Okay, don’t worry.]

Since then, I’ve been having a scuffle with two of them over the return of interest, and I’ve just decided to accept their sincerity.

[Thank you. I was a bit hard-pressed]

[Me, too]

I feel grateful and sorry for my friends’ reaction.

I think it was good to decide to return it quickly.

[I’m the one who borrowed the money.]

[Let me know if you have any good information later.]

[Shall I tell you now?]

[LOL, not now]

After a heartwarming conversation, I changed my clothes and left my house in Yongsan.

There’s nothing to be delivered now, so I’ll have time for an individual for the first time in a while.

I wore cotton pants and a shirt for the first time in a long time, not my usual tracksuit.

From now on, I’m going to stop by department stores and car shops, so I thought I shouldn’t wear training clothes.

Although all the clothes I’m wearing are not known brands, they’re pretty neat.

I’ve heard that some graduates intentionally walk around luxury shops with slippers in sloppy clothes to attract attention, and act like their kings, while I think it’s basic manners to fit my clothes according to places.

Even if I don’t have formal clothes.

I stopped by a famous luxury department store in the business part of the city and found the brand that I personally thought was the most recognizable.


Would it have been better to wear training clothes?

When I entered the luxury store of the department store in this outfit, the female employee’s response was somewhat cold.

What can I say? I have a smile on my face and I’m not too unkind, but I don’t think their response is good?

Since this is the first time I’ve been in such a place, I need help, but I felt like I was a bystander far from being a customer.

Didn’t they want to sell it?

“Here you go.”


The staff came reluctantly after I called.

“I’d like to buy my mother a handbag. Can you recommend a popular product for middle-aged women?”

“This product and this product are popular.”

Is that all you’re explaining?


I looked at the staff with a look of bewilderment, and she just smiled and responded, “What’s wrong?”

After all, I listened to this and that and agonized for myself over a product that would suit my mother.

But as my worries grew longer, the smile faded from the woman’s face.

I shouldn’t have just called you if this was going to happen.

It doesn’t help much.

I don’t want to unnecessarily scuffle with employees, nor do I want to overuse my power.

I don’t know what the hell she was doing.

Do women who work in luxury stores think they’re luxury goods, is she that kind of thing?

I didn’t want to bother, but once it bothered me, I didn’t like every one of her actions.

“Let’s buy all three.”

She opened her eyes wide at my words, and asked me softly, smiling as if she had ever done so.

“It’s 12.5 million won in total, would that be okay?”


“Thank you! I’ll wrap it nicely!”

If she was trying to provoke me into overspending, I’d say she succeeded.

She’d made me spend unnecessary.

“I’d like to see wallets, too.”

“Yes, I’ll show you this way.”

The employee suddenly became friendly completely opposite to her stance earlier.

Thanks to this, I was able to choose my wallet by listening to the details, unlike when I was choosing an expensive bag.

As if to make up for her actions, she has been so kind.

Money seems to be a good thing that makes people’s attitudes have a change like this.

The men’s wallets of the brand did not suit my father’s taste, so I bought only my mother’s and spent a total of 13.4 million won.

This was the first time I’d spent a fortune on luxury goods.

But it’s only a small sum compared to the wealth I have now.

Now that I’ve made money, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to let go of stress by spending at least once.

Although most of the purchases were gifts for my parents.

“Welcome! Sir!”

Afterward, I entered the store with a large shopping bag, and employees welcomed me wherever I went.

“Give me this.”

“I’ll take this.”

It’s a strange pleasure not to look at the price tag when I was buying something.

I went with my wallet to find a watch that would suit my father and bought it on the Rlex Yachtmaster gold.

I spent as much as 50 million won at the department store, but only one 700,000 won wallet was a gift for myself.

Well, I’m thinking of going to see an expensive car from now on.

“Magic Exploration.

I didn’t forget to use Magic Exploration.

[No Navigation Results]

But so far, nothing has been caught.

Thanks to the automatic recovery skill, my mana did not decrease much even if I continued to move and activate Magic Exploration.

And even if the speed of consumption does not keep up with the speed of recovery, I can just rest for a while, so I should make a habit of continuously using Magic Exploration from now on.

“Welcome, boss.”

I then visited L-Drover, which is famous for off-road vehicles.

If it’s to show off to people, it should be a sports car, but if it’s for security just in case, I thought off-road cars would be good.

L-Drover is a vehicle specialized for off-road, second to being strong.

Among them, it is a range rover.

At first, I agonized a lot between the C-dealac escalates, but eventually, I chose Range Rover.

I bought the Range Rover 2020 top-tier model right away without much hesitation.

Thanks to this, it spent more than 260 million won including insurance, but it was the solid and heavy body that captivated my heart.

“I’m sure you might be a novice.”

Buying an expensive foreign car with a bunch of luxury shopping bags wearing low-priced clothes would have looked just like an immature young man who won the lottery.

I left the store with the hospitality of the dealers and ran into an unexpected person.


The voice of a young woman with a high tone.

There was only one young woman who had a face-to-face relationship with me.

“Lee Cho-hee?”

Lee Cho-hee, one of the friends I’ve been hanging out with since high school.

It’s the girl who complained about me the other day at a drinking party.

However, Lee Cho-hee was holding a man’s arms, and which I was also familiar with.

“Park Woo-Chan.”

Should I say we are playing amongst ourselves?

With Lee Cho-hee, a friend of mine, who had been ignoring me, was looking at me with a firm expression.

“Did you guys go out?”

The eyes of the two quickly searched through the shopping bags in my hands and headed to the car store behind me.

“Did you win the lotto?” Woo-Chan asked.

I replied with a smirk.

“Lotto what?”

Well, I look like someone who won the lotto.

“I didn’t know you two were in that relationship. See you later. I’m leaving.”

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Transmigration In every dream

Transmigration In every dream

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