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The Witch and Gretel Chapter 4

Let’s sell it to the research team. Zeta sighed deeply when he saw Zeta’s side poking and laughing.

The lab was underground in the same building. When the emergency button was pressed for a long time in the elevator, the button, which used to be displayed up to the third basement floor, was extended to the 12th basement floor. Zeta quickly pressed the 9th basement floor before the button disappeared.


When she got off the elevator, she found a space as big as the elevator again. A tile on the floor of a room with no light shone weakly. It is a security wizard that automatically opens when an authorized person passes. When Zeta stepped on the magic line, the cement wall on the opposite side slowly disappeared. Beyond the cement wall was the lab lobby. Singh saw quite a lot of people. Some of them will be interested.


Fortunately, the response was more than expected. People gathered when she showed a pot to one of the researchers. The researchers burst into admiration as they saw a lump of energy spinning in the pot.


“Is it a kind of summoning?”


“Or is it connected to a different dimension?”


“It’s very stable compared to temperature and rotation speed.”


“Don’t you think that’s enough energy to use that little furnace we were going to build before?”


They already seemed to have fallen into their own conversation. Singh smiled at Katarina and raised his thumb. Only Zeta breathed a sigh of relief while Alpha, Singh and Katarina did high-fives. Thanks to the interest of the research team, they though they can avoid the nagging of the management team this time.


When Katarina baked bread, the lab was devastated with more than half. However, the problem lies in the fact that there are results that require advanced magic treatment. The management team was nervous just as the number of people who booked the lab included Katarina’s name.


“Zeta… this time it’s clean.”


Katarina approached Zeta and smiled awkwardly and opened her mouth. Zeta doesn’t like the way she works. It is because of her personality that values principle and principle, but as a team leader who leads the field team, he is in a position to take responsibility for what Katarina has done.


“Well, yeah. Well done, Katarina.”


The elongated eyes with fierce ends draw the line. Katarina grinned as she saw her brown eyes turning warm in an instant. Although Zeta is strict, if it wasn’t for her, Katarina might have to be fired and end her life on the fuel of a mana generator. Zeta was one of the most important people for Katarina.


“Katarina, you must have done something else.”




Although she is not as good as Rachel.


A woman with short silver hair and thick lenses was a rare beauty in her 50s. Rachel just gave Zeta a quick eye greeting and turned to Katarina. Katarina gestured to her colleagues on the field team to go first, then followed Rachel’s private laboratory, holding the child’s hand.


The walls of the laboratory were covered with glass tubes with various plants. Make it with tomatoes that grow upside down, oats that grow in the water, and blue roses…She thinks it smells fresh. Katarina took a deep breath.


“Did you deliver the cabbage well?”


“Yes. Thanks to you, I got 2400 points.”

“Good for you.”

Rachel lowered her gaze toward the child holding Katarina’s hand. The child, who faced the blue eyes whose pupils were torn up and down like snakes, shrugged his shoulders. She was shaking and sneaked behind her, clasping Katarina’s hand.

“Teacher, you know…The cabbage.”

“What’s the matter?”

“No, it’s not a problem….”

Witches don’t like to argue about their work. Katarina thought as carefully as she could to talk to Rachel about the cabbage-born child.

“Something… could have been mixed up? Like the seeds that artificially create witches….”

“That’s a taboo, Katarina. I wouldn’t have done such a dangerous thing.”

When she saw Rachel smiling softly, Katarina’s embarrassing look crossed her face.

“I’m not saying you did….”

She was about to wave her hand, but then she remembered the little child in her hand and quickly showed Rachel the poor child behind her. The child, who faced Rachel’s creepy eyes again, started to hiccups, but Katarina didn’t care at all.

“Did you pick up the little witch? That’s cute. Won’t you introduce her to me, too?”

“She have been born only for two months… That’s all I know. Oh, the humans said they raised the cabbages you gave them, and they were now eating it.”

Rachel’s gaze did not took off from the child. She looked at the poor child and smiled, but the child was scared and held only Katarina’s hand. Rachel smiled pleasantly and said to Katarina.

“It could be.”

“But when I peeled a shiny cabbage, it came out.”

‘There’s no way a witch can be born inside a living creature.’

“It must have come out while you’re boiling the cabbages. Wouldn’t that make it a dead plant?” Rachel kindly replied to Katarina.

“Human beings…”


Rachel’s expression was soft, but her voice had a strange power. Katarina quickly shut up.

“Do you still believe what humans say?”


Rachel grinned and stroked her hair at Katarina’s insecure answer. As if it were her child. The child, who was attached to Katarina, looked at her with an uneasy look.

“What’s the name of this cutie, Katarina?”


Is there such a thing? Neither Chris, Elaine, Alex, nor this kid ever told himself. Maybe…

“He doesn’t have a name.”

“Oh, poor thing….”

Is it? Katarina glanced down at the child. Her golden eyes are relieved just by her eye contact. The hiccups stopped before I knew it. I feel sorry for the thin neck that is held up close. Katarina gently swept the child’s neck with her fingernails, holding his hand.



“It’s Gretel.”

‘Gretel, you will be going to gain weight and eat let me eat you. I’m sure I’ll succeed this time.’

“Yeah, Gretel….”

He was stinky, too. Only then did Rachel realize that Katarina brought this child to eat, not to make her a student.

Katarina and Gretel’s eyes were not separated from each other for a long time.

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The Witch and Gretel

The Witch and Gretel

Score 6.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
Katharina is a witch who can produce little mana by nature. One day, she takes on a two-month-old witch. “What’s the name of this cute little girl?” “Name?” Katarina glanced down at her. Her golden eyes are relieved just by her eye contact. “…Gretel.” “Huh?” “I’m going to fatten you up and eat you, Gretel. I’m sure I’ll succeed this time.” But there was a setback in her plan… “I’m a man.” “You…If you are lying to me, I’ll eat you….” “I’m not lying!” I don’t think she is telling the truth. That can’t be true. Witch can’t be a man. No, if you are a man then you’re not a witch in the first place! Will she ever eat Gretel?


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