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There was silence in the dining room.

Raymond don’t know if it was such a shocking thing to say that he would attend the banquet, or they were surprised because he would deliver the invitation to the Warlug family.

With a strange atmosphere, Raymond continued eating his meal calmly.

Count Millennium and Countess met eyes with each other and spoke.


“Yes, father.”

“You’ve changed a lot.”

“I just have a goal.”

My goal is to survive.

Eventually, it will be kill the protagonist of the novel, ‘the Master of talent’, or die.

It’s either one or the other.

Raymond’s only goal is killing the main character first before he kills him.

In addition, if he can’t return to his original world anyway, he still wanted to life here peacefully.

“Are you serious about attending the banquet?”

“I mean it.”

“If you attend the banquet again, you’ll have to go to the hunting ground.”

“I’m leaving.”

He did not avoid Count Millennium’s gaze.

Looking at his eyes full of complicated feelings, it was only then that Raymond could fully grasp the turning situation.

Jerion had an accident four years ago when he went to a banquet, so it must have been a big shock to Raymond.

He didn’t seem to have attended the next banquet since then.

“This time… I’m going to attend.”

That way, he had at least one more opportunity to attract Beatrice to his side, and also Selena, I he could.

There is nothing you can do if you don’t move.

That was the natural reason for people to live.

“Okay. Then I’ll keep that in mind and prepare.”


“Giving an invitation to Count Warlug”… We’d better go together. I’ll be right there this afternoon, so get ready.”


I answered simply.

Can’t I adapt to my obedient attitude?

Count Millennium shook his head once with a face that he couldn’t understand and focused on the meal.

He didn’t know yet.

That change is just beginning.


Raymond spent the whole day figuring out Count Warlug.

He organized the characteristics he remembered about Count Warlug’s family, which he read in the novel, and also about Selina.

Perhaps because Selina was also a character who blocked the main character until the end of the kingdom, the novel described her in a more detailed manner.

‘A woman with clear silver hair, blue eyes.’

The novel described her like that.

There, as if emphasizing, another word was added.

“A beautiful woman with clear silver hair and blue eyes.”

She was beautiful, even Beatrice’s appearance did not have ‘Beautiful’ in her description.

Then, how great her appearance would be if she was described as beautiful?

If Raymond saw Selina for the first time, he can recognize her at a glance.

“Young master, it’s done.”

Alice said, taking a step back.

Raymond took a look in the mirror.

It was an attire that was obviously for wizards, as if he was trying to advertise that he was from a Millennium family.

Basically, it was the robe that the Millennium family produced battle wizards, so he wore robes that were comfortable to use during fights.

“It’s not bad.”

It was a little awkward, but it wasn’t that bad to look at, so he nodded once and turned around.

Raymond took a step and headed to the Gate, when he heard a voice from the back.


“…Yes, father.”

I don’t know why the sound of this father is so awkward.

Count Millennium naturally walked alongside me.

“If you go…”

“I won’t cause any problems, so don’t worry.”


Count Millennium, who was still looking at Raymond, answered shortly and stood in front of the Gate.

Raymond saw two apprenticeship wizards standing politely, who were beaten by him not long ago.

Their appearance was quite cute, so Raymond laughed.

Looking at them, an apprenticeship wizard who made eye contact with Raymond hurriedly bowed his head.

“Let’s start the Transfer.”

He heard someone’s voice.

When he closed his eyes once and opened them again, the place has changed.

It was a different landscape from the Millennium Residence.

Decorative swords hang all over the walls, and there was an atmosphere that made a feel strong pressure.

“Welcome, Gerard.”

“Bain, how many months has it been?”

Bain, the head of the Count Warlug family, and Count Millennium greeted each other gladly.

In the novel it is that they were old friends so he did not feel strange because Sunghyuk has read the novel slowly and carefully.

Count Warlug’s gaze turned to Raymond, watching silently.

“I didn’t expect your son to follow you. If I had known, I should have brought Selina.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you in advance.”

“No, It’s should be, I, to feel sorry.”

Count Warlug said so and turned toward me.

Raymond bowed his head slightly to greet him.

“Greetings, I am Raymond Millennium.”

“What’s wrong with you? The whole kingdom knows you’re Raymond Millennium.”

Smiling, said Count Warlug.

However, while saying so, he looked at Count Millennium.

Naturally, Count Warlug also knew well how Raymond was originally, and asked through his eyes what was wrong with his changed attitude.

Count Millennium just smiled.

“First of all… Let’s move. You don’t have to be like this here.”

They moved to the reception room with Count Warlug.

Since then, formal words have only been exchanged.

“I want you to attend a banquet co-hosted by the Millennium Wizard Family and Skylar Wizard family.”

“Of course I have to go.”

Count Warlug replied with a nod.

He knew everything about Count Millennium coming here anyway, and he didn’t have to break the long tradition.

He took an invitation from his arms and presented it to Count Warlug.

That’s the end of Raymond’s role here.

Listening to the conversations coming and going, he looked at the time and spoke.

“I… It’s been a while, so I want to look around the mansion.”

“Look around as much as you want. Butler, take Raymond and show him around the mansion.”


Count Millennium glanced at him, and tried hard to ignore him as he walked with the butler.

He had no desire to hear the conversations of the adults forever.

Now he have to implement the reason why he was here.

He looked around the Mansion.

But of course, Selina could not be easily discovered.

Eventually, he asked a question to the butler.

“I want to see a place like Training field. Is it possible?”

The butler thought for a moment and replied.

“The 1st Training field is used by the knights, and the 2nd Training field is used by Lady Selina… I think it’s possible to just watch.”

Found her.

He was looking around the mansion to find Selina.

He couldn’t help but feel happy to find where she was.

“Then let’s go there.”

The butler bowed his head quietly.


There was really only one person in the second training field.

Looking at her wearing leather armor and swinging the sword.

He felt there was something strange.

He felt she was a little different from what the novel described.

“Is it because I didn’t see her face properly yet?”

Was it this time when her talent failed to manifest?

“I think her movements is a little clumsy.”’

Selina was wielding a sword, and Raymond felt something wrong on her movements.

It was very awkward for the sword to go out first and the tip of her toe to follow later.


He nodded and made a small sound, and just in time, Selina came out and stopped her sword as she saw the butler.

The shining silver hair slowly turned around, and only then could he see Selina’s face properly.

It was only then that he realized how high the standard of ‘beautiful’ depicted in the novel was.

With that much beauty, he can’t compare her to any stars from Earth.

Raymond slowly approached her to the side.

She looked confused gazing at Raymond.

“Young master Raymond Millennium has come to deliver an invitation for the banquet.”

“Oh, that day is today.”

Selina mumbled as if she knew now and reached out her hand.

He reached out to her actions right away and shook hands.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Selina Warlug.”

“…Raymond Millennium.”

“Since I started attending the banquet, I wanted to see you at least once because you didn’t show your face, but now, I didn’t know I would be meeting you like this.”

Selina said with a slight smile.

It was a business smile, but Raymond couldn’t help but look at her lips.

Raymond is currently 18 years old.

And Selina is 17 years old.

In terms of his original age, he was surprised that he, in his late 20s, could be attracted to a beautiful person at the age of 17.

“First of all, more than that…’

This isn’t what’s important.

“I guess you were practicing swordsmanship.”

“You’re from the Warlug family.”

Raymond hesitated for a moment, and he told her how he felt a little while ago.

“When you swung a sword, your feet seemed to follow you a little late… Is that really how it should be done?”

Her eyebrows wrinkled at Raymond’s words.

She looked at Raymond with strange eyes.

Is her pride hurt or is there any other reason?

Selina opened her mouth with a slightly sharper voice than before.

“Sword… You must know something”.

“No, it’s not like that.”

He shook his head.

He knew Raymond was a sword genius.

But if he was asked if he knew anything about swordsmanship, the answer would be no.

All he knew was from the novel.

Selina looked at him with strange eyes and said.

“I can’t believe you came to the Warlug family and pointed out our swordsmanship. You’re a rude person.”

Did I hurt her feelings?

His forehead wrinkled. He decided to apologize because he didn’t want to offend her.

I’m 16 years old.

It was necessary to be careful at every step.

Moreover, if he have to bring someone to his side, he needed to exert more effort and care.

“I didn’t mean to…”

While opening her mouth carefully, Selina gently held out the sword she was holding.

“The basic swordsmanship of the kingdom. If you know it, would you like to try?”

She said proudly.

He apologized and tried to refuse.

But why?

When he saw Selina’s sword, his heart was beating faster.

His hand reached out and wanted to grab it unconsciously.

Selina smiled and stepped back as if giving him a chance to try.

Raymond slowly picked up the sword.


The sword cried.

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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