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Superstar from age 0 chapter 151

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Sunday, at the same time.

“Today is the last day.” An employee from the Whale Studio’s public relations team smiled and said while handing over some clothes to Seojun.

“Yes. I just have to play well today, right?”

“Please play the violin exceptionally.”

So far, Seojun has shown improvement step by step. More and more people came to watch him in the park. While the professors at music schools also expressed their interest in knowing that there was a child showing tremendous growth in skills.

After watching the video, everyone wanted to watch him in person.

“It’s a shame that this would be the last one. I really enjoyed playing the violin in front of many people.”

Everyone smiled at Seojun’s words.

For the Hollywood star, Seojun Lee, what he gained for busking was just a small amount of money, however, he would always carry the piggy bank and cherish it.

“I’ll make more money in the future.”

Seojun clenched his fist and vowed.

* * *

Choi Yoo-sung and Natalie headed to the park with a smile. Both are violin majors so they had violin cases on their shoulders.

While Choi Yoo-sung went to buy snacks for the boy, Natalie smiled as she touched her old violin case.

“Last week’s performance was good, right?”

“Yeah. His bad habits seemed to have disappeared. However, there are still some parts where he is clumsy.”

“I guess the person who is teaching him is not good.”

“Still… He really became very good in just a few weeks time.”

Awkward posture, messy performance and desperate feelings. Choi Yoo-sung and Natalie fell in love with the boy’s performance.

“He must have gotten a bit better today.”

Choi Yoo-sung and Natalie were filled with expectations as they went to the park. They went to their usual place and began watching the busking of the boy.

The boy lay his chin on the violin.

The two girls wondered how much he have improved this week.

The eyes of the people looking at the boy were all filled with expectations.



Seojun, who played the first note, thought, “Oh, my.”

The Blue Whale bodyguards, the filming staff, and An Daho, those who were paying close attention to the growing number of people, were surprised at the sound and looked at Seojun.

Seojun’s performance right now was Gray’s messy performance which he learned from Swallow, the scammer.

Seojun thought: ‘Should I fix it right here or after this song?’

“It must be weird either way…”

While Seojun was agonizing, he unconsciously continued the messy performance as ‘Gray.’

The chaotic performance continued, and the onlookers’ expressions became weird.

His posture was terrible than when they first saw him. From the position of his finger, the height of his arm with the bow and to how he stood, it all became worse.

“Oh, my. What’s that?”

“Calm down.”

“Do I look calm now?”

“There must be a reason. It’s none of our business.”

Choi Yoo-sung replied immediately at Natalie’s words.
That’s true.
They don’t even know what’s going on behind the scenes but…


The sound was unbearable. It seemed like the violin was crying. They could feel the boy’s desperate heart within the sound.

It was full of discord. No matter how mamy desperate emotions were pouting in, itcould not be said to be a performance.

‘I like the violin. More. More. I want to play more. I want to do well. I want to learn more!’

Even at the moment of contemplation, Gray, which Seojun continued to act like, hit Choi Yoo-sung’s heart hard.


The audience standing around the boy closed their eyes at the squeaking sound.

Even the onlookers, who cheered for him every Sunday, and all those who came to see them for the first time today were very sad.

Choi Yoo-sung’s eyes was filled with tears. It didn’t matter what the situation the boy was currently at.

“Little boy!”

Choi Yoo-sung’s voice rang very loudly. The students, and Natalie looked at Choi Yoo-sung with surprised faces.


The violin performance that followed stopped. The boy raised his head.

Seojun, who had just decided to play properly as soon as this song was over, stopped his movement when he heard the voice.

“What’s wrong with your posture?”

“Uh… Did I get it wrong?”

“Yeah. If you lower your elbow that low, the bow won’t be moving properly.”

Since then, Choi Yoo-sung has pointed out the wrong posture one by one.

“Put your feet here. Straighten your back, and your arms this way. Your fingers position were better last week.”

The boy changed his posture according to Choi Yoo-sung’s words. Students from the same violin department also interfered.

“I’m still young, so I have to learn the basics well.”

“I think it’d be better if you lower your shoulders.”

Thus, the boy’s posture was fixed. Choi Yoo-sung and the students moved away with a proud face.

“Play it as it is.”

“The last song you played was the Autumn of the four seasons, right?”

“Play it now.”

At the words of the onlookers, the boy picked up the bow.

“Wait a minute.”

Natalie handed him a violin case when she saw that the boy was preparing to play with the small and old violin.

Natalie laughed at the appearance of fhe boy who just received the violin case.

“It’s what I used when I was young. It can still be used. This is probably the right size for you.”

“I didn’t know you prepared such thing.”

Choi Yoo-sung looked at Natalie and Natalie shrugged.

“I brought it because he reminds me of the past… I thought it would be better for him to use it than letting it rot in my attic. This is a gift for you kid.”

When the surprised boy waved his hand and tried to refuse, Choi Yoo-sung and Natalie insisted.

“Take it. We’re here to listen you playing.”

“That’s right.”

“Thank you.”

As everyone said so, the boy accepted the violin. Like Natalie said, the violin inside was well managed enough to be played at any moment.

The bodyguards, staff, and An Daho were shocked by the unexpected situation of Seojun being gifted by a good hearted students.

Looking at the people smiling happily, Seojun laughed.

Seojun decided to stop acting as Gray and decided to play with sincerity.

[Basic practice of the violin fairy will be activated]

[Goblin violinist’s melody will be activated]

[Elf’s basic breathing will be activated]

This was the only thing Seojun could do now.

“I think everyone, at some point, will listen ti music.”

‘An I hope it can help you a little bit.’

Seojun, who had his chin on the violin, started playing with all his might.

Dream Fairy, Gray’s violin performance No.1

Choi Yoo-sung, who was busy looking at the posture of the boy due to the sudden changed violin, was stunned.


Surprisingly, the boy’s posture was proper. Like a master violinist on stage. Brilliant.

Somehow, the spotlight seemed to be on only where the boy was standing. It’s strange that I didn’t know until now, but it’s overwhelming presence.

Choi Yoo-sung was not the only one who felt it. The students standing around could only open their mouths wide.

Gray, a genius and shy boy, disappeared on stage. Right now it was Lee Seojun, emitting confidence from his toes to his head.

A long bow that seemed to shine came down beautifully.
The boy’s performance passed each of the onlookers ears and struck into their heart.

The sound resonated on their bodies as if it were an echo.

It was just an ordinary violin that someone used when they were young, however the sound was striking as if it was from a master.

The sound from the small violin rang in the whole park. More people gathered around at the beautiful performance.
Those who were earlier and those who came late listened to the performance quietly.

Explosive energy was emitted from the small body. The current was thrilling.

Someone was inspired in just one breath, and someone was enlightened by one note. There was no other way to study than listening to music at another level. (Referring to the violinist student)

The boy right now looked like a boy who came from a movie. Everyone looked at the boy playing powerfully with his soul.

The last note of the song, which was long, rang loudly leaving a deep impression on each of the onlookers. Even after the performance, people couldn’t come to their senses.

An Daho, who has no knowledge with music, together with staff and bodyguards were the first to come to their senses and helped Seojunn organize his luggage.

At the same time, they couldn’t take their eyes off from Seojun.
They met every Sunday and talked about anything, but right now he seemed completely different.

This is Seojun Lee.

Right now he has an aura of a Hollywood star.

When Seojun, who carefully put the violin in the case, gave it back to Natalie, Choi Yoo-sung, who was next to her, came to her senses and spoke.

“Who are you?”

It was a low whisper, but it reached Seojun’s ear, who was keenly sensitive due to the usage of three abilities.

Seojun, who slightly lifted his black hat and showed his face, smiled and said.

“I am Jun. Thank you for lending the violin.”

Perhaps, because of his clean voice, or the quietness of the park, Seojun’s answer was exceptionally loud.

“No, wait a minute!”

Jun and the Blue Whale staffs disappeared without waiting for them to come to their senses. Choi Yoo-sung drooped her shoulders with frustration.

“What’s going on?”

When Choi Yoo-sung asked, everyone came to their senses.

Someone shouted.

“Where’s the kid?”

“Wait, I have an Idea!”

Natalie opened her note and wrote something down. As she was taking her own notes, Natalie suddenly asked.

“Is there anyone who knows the song name just now?”

The park, which was buzzing, became quiet at the sudden question. Everyone thought of all the songs they knew, but they could not find the correct answer.

“Then… Was there anyone who filmed it?”

The first performance was so shocking (in a bad way) that it wasn’t even properly shot. The filming staffs stopped what they were doing when Choi Yoo-sung and the other students fixed the child’s posture.

Everyone was frustrated. Natalie and Choi Yoo-sung were also in despair.
Really, no one filmed that great performance?

“There’s really no one!”

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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