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Devour the wolf chapter 13

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TL Note: the following scenes are Leon’s flashback out of the blue by the author.

With a very nervous face, Leon fixed his clothes.

He didn’t like the bright yellow tie since he were still a freshman, but today was the day he joined the student council that he ever dreamed of.

And there was the person he wanted to meet the most in his whole life.

Lovelita Kabda. A Senior and the current vice president of the student council. She was also the Princess of the Kingdom of Kabda, a renowned genius in dealing with Mana.

He couldn’t forget the day he met her at the academy entrance ceremony, which was well known throughout the kingdom.

The well-dressed uniform seemed to be made for her without a hitch with her sparkling silver hair and red eyes which symbolizes the royal bloodline.

But above all else, Lovelita had her atmosphere surrounding her sharp as a sword, and a beast’s aura that reveals her strength in a loose manner.

Leon still got goosebumps when he recalled the time where he was overwhelmed by the energy she was giving out, the seniors knew about it but back then the newcomers didn’t know anything yet.

Since then, Leon has collected all the stories about Lovelita as if he were possessed by something.

With excellent grades and good connection, he was like a model student. Men and women of all ages loved him, and he also looked at other without discrimination.

Leon, who had been determined to be loyal to the royal family since he was young, without hesitation, pointed out a the woman named Lovelita as his future master.

And finally today, he could see her the closest.


Leon, who cleared his throat on purpose, knocked on the door with his little trembling hand.

He had already knock, but there was no answer yet. What happened?

He got a notice yesterday to get inside the student council room by two o’clock today. He came about 10 minutes early, but isn’t this normal?

It was more disturbing than before, but Leon knocked on the door again with a still-remembered face, but there was still no answer.

The nervous Leon thought for a moment about whether to go back or boldly open the door. And that worry quickly got him stuck in a corner.

He can’t back down when he would be meeting someone who might become his future lord!

Little Leon thought. So he’s going in without any hesitation.
He slowly opened the door carefully in a way that no one would hear.

Fortunately, he could feel the signs of a person inside and breathed a sigh of relief.

And as soon as he raised his head and looked ahead, it wasn’t long before the previous white cheeks turned red.

There were two people there. Very close to each other with no distance at all, their arms were around each other’s waist and two lips facing each other.

It’s was his future Lord.

Leon opened his mouth in surprise and his eyes caught the sparkling silver hair underneath the sunset.
The red eyes stared at me and laughing.

“Oh, well, you know…….”

“Are you new?”

“Yes, but, uh…….”

Lovelita, who was smiling cutely at Leon, who couldn’t even say a proper word.

“You came on time, kid. It would be good for you to know each other.”

At that word, Leon closed the door again without saying a word.

Everything, including his grand future plans, his future master and his future academy life, just flew away.

“What is this…….”

Frustrated, Leon plopped down.

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