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Devour the wolf Chapter 11

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Leon did it deliberately as he just shrugged silently.

“Then I need to hide.”

“Why don’t you play hide-and-seek in moderation. I feel sorry for your Vice-leader.”
Leon said as he looked at Lovelita, who leapt to her feet.

“I’m just too tired to do that these days.”

Leon snorted, thinking he was doing all the credit. She’s the head of the First Army, but she’s more free than his deputy.

Either way, Lovelita, walked past Leon and approached the window, opened the window and let one leg out.

“Can’t you get out of here in a normal way?”

“I don’t wanna.”

Lovelita grinned she didn’t want to do it like Leon expected.

“Then take care.”

Leon slapped his forehead when he saw her jumped from the window.

* * *

Lovelita opened her eyes. Now, as she walked through the trees listening to familiar voices, she saw a group of people confronting.

“Who are you, identify yourself!”

“Let’s see, not him, not him, hmm…….”

Familiar with even at the scene were they point a knife at her, Lovelita pushed all the men armed for a new attempt and stood in front of the faceless boy.

Still sitting on the fence, he showed no will.

“Hi, kid.”


“I think I need to tell it to you every time, my name is Lita.”

The boy was silent. No, she couldn’t even tell if she was making eye contact because she couldn’t even see his face in the first place. But Lovelita asked for the first time.

“What about you? What’s your name?”

“……I can’t say.”

That’s took a lot of courage for a name. Lovelita, whose lips are crooked, soon said again.

“You know that, don’t you? This place is a dream.”


The boy said it from the beginning. It’s a dream here and it’s no use. She just need to open her eyes.

It occurred to her that there must be some reason why only this boy knew about it, and also knew why his face was invisible.

“Yes, I think you’re the key.”


Lovelita held the boy’s hand. The tepid temperature of the boy trembled with surprise in this vivid dream.

And Lovelita left everything behind and started running.

“What the hell are you doing..…!”

The embarrassed boy shouted, but still ran hard regardless of the situation he is currently in.

Armed men chased them from behind, and the blue haired guy was still on the floor bleeding, but she had nothing to do with that. Yeah, it’s just dream anyway.

If only there was a way to fight this dream, that way would be able to escape from this nightmares loop.


“Not hey it’s Lita.”

Maybe because it was a dream, but her feet were infinitely light. She was as if flying at high speed, they ran down and went past by the trees and bushes.

Only then did Lovelita stopped in the middle of the wood without a single human being.
She realized that the forest doesn’t end no matter how long the run.

“It’s no use.”

The forest that never ends. Realizing that fact, Lovelita stopped her feet and again, the boy said, the same line. Then, as usual, he tried to push Lovelita away.

But this time Lovelita grabbed his hand and faced the boy again. Her red eyes shone brightly even in the dark forest.



“Are you stuck here?”


The boy said in a low voice.

She can’t believe he was also stuck inside a dream. Lovelita thought it wasn’t just about the boy.

What if both of them we’re trapped in a dream? What if she keep waking up in this world where nothing works every time she fall asleep?

No, this couldn’t hapoen. Lovelita thought they had to get out of here somehow.

“How do you do that?”


“You kick me out of here all the time.”

The boy tilted his head.

“Put your hands on it, and if you’re desperate. I want you to let me get out of here.”

Uh, that’s the way she had been doing everytime.

As soon as she heard the boy, Lovelita grinned and put her hand on the boy’s shoulder.

“Let’s get out of here at the same time on the count of three.”

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