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Devour the wolf Chapter 7

“I hate to admit it, but she is an unprecedented genius. What should I do if its discovered?”

Looking into space with blank eyes, the timid Leon murmured.

“No, it’s not.” Leon, who shook his head again, smirked with the usual face of the Second Army Commander Leonhard.

“What the fuck do I have to do?”

At that time, Lovelita, who held toilet paper in her hand, was also muttering to herself with a serious look.
She have to give it back somehow.

“Maybe it’ll come out as a poo?”

Sadly, however, no miracle has happened.

An unknown power that even in a kingdom, only a certain minority are often born with. People named it Mana.

Some said that the properties and methods of implementation vary widely, and that there are different ways to deal with them as many as there are Mana in the world, but it was very easy to deal with Mana. Although it’s the standard of Lovelita, who is famous for being a genius.

To put it simply, she felt it in her and called it by the appropriate name.

Unintentionally, her precious Daughter (yes, the name of Lovelita’s Mana) was brought in as a new family.

However, when she wanted to return it to the original owner, she didn’t know how to send it out, and she thought of it as a temporary method, but there was no change that came out in her poop.

“I’m still the blood of the Kabda. I’m called Lovelita the wolf on the battlefield. It’s going to be too easy for me to express myself too easily.”

Still on the toilet, after much thought, Lovelita decided to call the new mana she had picked up.

“Baby, Puppy…….”

Thinking about Leon, she thought what would be his reaction.


With a half-dark face, Leon said.

“You have to take responsibility.”


Returning to her senses.

“In any way.”

Lovelita, who had been looking around for a long time holding her breath, slipped up her shirt and felt her side.

Soon, her hands become faster, cutting through the bandages and removing the gauze.


The left hand pats the smooth side and admires it.

There was a pouting face in Lovelita’s face, who acquired a very skillful new Mana.

Lovelita temporarily attached the name to the new Mana.

“Lion, you’re so cute.”

* * *

Lovelita, with an ever-present nervous face, bit only her lips. In front of her was the office door of the commander of the Second Army.

The knights of the Second Army, who knew her, are more accustomed her storming in proudly or had already invaded, were busy tilting their heads or talking to the awkward sight.

Soon as Lovelita decided to do something, the door burst open from the inside as soon as she took a step forward.


“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

Surprised, Leon’s deputy Carlyle, who was more surprised, quickly lowered his head.

“No, it’s okay.”

Lovelita, who waved her hand to bite the greeting, asked while looking inside the office through the gap.

Carlisle blinked his eyes. As expected, his guess was not wrong.

His hard-nosed, respectable boss and boss, Leonhard, has become extremely strange since yesterday. It was even more surprising that it was related to Lovelita, who he had such a bad relationship.

A person who didn’t even come close to a normal man suddenly called him to bring him clothing to the royal lounge, askinh hin to bring a dress to the first squad, and asked him to find out in detail about the injury of the First commander, and even muttered Lovelita’s name all day today.

Finally, Carlyle, who shrewdly figured out what could have happened, directed Lovelita to his commander’s office.

“Let’s go in. He’s been waiting for you.”

“Huh? Uh-huh.”

Lovelita was noticeably surprised by the unexpected news that he had waited for her. Carlyle’s eyes began to glisten even more in response to her reaction he had never seen before.

Lovelita, who didn’t care what he was thinking behind her back, burst open the door under the direction of the deputy.

“……what is it?”

Leon, who seemed a little embarrassed when he saw Lovelita suddenly coming in, asked.

Looking at the face in front, Lovelita, who couldn’t say what she had prepared in advance, raised her hand first as a form of greatings.


But Leon still said nothing with his face stiffened. Only Lovelita scratched the back of her head and opened her mouth again.

“Don’t you even tell me to sit down?”

“Normally, didn’t you sit on your own before you said that?”

“Well, it was.”

Lovelita, who had never been polite, lost her words at Leon’s comments and sat down on the sofa in the middle of the office before the owner recommended it this time. And her hands, a little hesitant, soon searched her pockets and pulled out the pendant.

Leon’s fingers, which had been neatly placed on the desk, flinched at the sight of it.

“Well, you know, I’ve been in a lot of trouble…….”


“Sorry. I think I broke your necklace.”

When the opponent said nothing, Lovelita hurried on.

“Hey, I’ll make it up to you somehow. I don’t know, but Mana in here…….”

“What do you mean?”


“It’s not mine.”


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The Wolf’s Meal

The Wolf’s Meal

Devour the wolf, The deer and the wolf
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Lovelita Kabda. Princess of the Kingdom of Kabda, also the First Army Commander, She’s beautiful and has the same temper as a wolf. She got entangled with a complicated relationship with her rival, Leonhard Dier! Odd events that happen since then. In her dreams, Lovelita was associated with a man she can’t see his face. Powerful demons come upon the kingdom. Lovelita, who was confronting the case, after a series of events… She find herself connected to Leonhard. A much deeper intertwined relationship than just a one-night accident. The dizzying romance between a well-behaved deer man and a wolf princess begin!


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