Devour The Wolf

Devour the Wolf Chapter 6

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Now, of course, it’s jus a plain relationship between a doctor and a patient. In addition, this patient is too foolish.

“Oh, there’s a lot of work going on. Just put a bandage on it and it’ll get better soon.”

Especially in this way in a careless way.

Lovelita, who shook her hand as if she wouldn’t listen to his annoying nag in the first place, gently rolled up her clothes and stuck out the wound on her side.

Leaving the small scars behind, Yohan slapped his forehead, looking at the certain someone’s shirt wrapped around it like a bandage.

“What the hell is going on? Is there another insurgency in the group?”

Lovelita, who always had nothing to say in front of Yohan, hesitated again and blurred the end of hid words.

“No, I was a little off guard…….”

“Off guard? Off guard?”

Yohan’s voice grew louder, and still indifferent-faced Lovelita began to bring up last night’s tale of dance as if suddenly rising.

“If you know what happened last night, you would understand.”

“What’s happened?”

“I ate a deer.”

Yohan, who was not even very curious in the first place, sighed as if he were surprised at that point.

Either way, Lovelita, who was excited again, quickly continued.

“I don’t really remember, but I just said it was awesome. At first glance, It may seemed nithing, but before I knew it the size is already bigger than the eggplant…….”

Contrary to Lovelita, who smirked at the end of her words, Yohan quickly frowned.

“I told you I don’t want to hear dirty talks.”

Yohan, who was determined to get things done before Lovelita could tell how great the deer she met last night, he sat in a low chair and began to unwrap the bandage facing her.

“Why? Listen to me.”

“I’m a pure man.”

“Yes, that’s why I’m aiming.”


“Ah, you know I hate that title.”

He knows. That’s why he called her on purposely.
Lovelita knew that Yohan called her like that on purpose.

Yohan said again, rolling up her flowing sleeves.



“Please don’t pay attention to me.”

Lovelita, who didn’t have much expectation sighed as if she were very disappointed, soon asked with a sparkle in her eyes.



“Are you sure you don’t like me?”


Without paying any attention to how ridiculously shining her eyes at him, Yohan replied heartily.

“I don’t like people who get hurt every day because it’s their job.”

“Well, I don’t get hurt very often.”

“Especially those who don’t take good care of their wounds.”

‘You’re in the blacklist.’ John’s gray eyes were saying that.

“Che, I got it.”

Lovelita, who lost interest, looked loose again. Then she opened her mouth out of the blue.



“You know what?”


“Well, nevermind.”

It’s been more than three years since he had known her, and when Lovelita, who hadn’t said anything without saying what she wanted to say, called me and said nothing, Yohan looked strange.

Whether he knew it or not, Lovelita sighed heavily.

The black one felt different, but apparently, it was Mana.

At first, it was so amazing that I was looking at it because I wanted to look around, but who would know if it would come into my mind?

Who the hell puts Mana in some kind of necklace?

Lovelita didn’t even know it was possible, she swear. It was even in Leon’s pocket.

She’ll have to put it back somehow. What the hell can she do?

Lovelita’s agony, which unintentionally ended up taking away Mana from her enemy, was deepening.

* * *


Leon, who had been biting his lips nervously all along, raised his head. Carlyle, who was more surprised, bit back a little and opened his mouth.

“We’ve just received a report that she is currently being treated by the Health Department and just returned to their accommodation.”


“I haven’t heard anything else…….”

“Oh, yeah. Thank you. You should go now.”

Carlyle bowed with a strange face.

Soon the door was closed, and Leon wrapped his head in a silent scream when he was left alone. This was an obvious blunder.

A strange woman who has been standing on the other side of me ever since she was an Academy student and falling on everything.

A person who used to play with him everywhere, whether he was going to the palace or the battlefield.
He should never let his guard down. It was currently being swept away without even knowing where it was going.
And she was destroying a man so easily, in a blink of an eye. In the most brutal way, too.

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