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Devour The Wolf Chapter 5

Southeastern capital, slum areas.

“What’s the type?”

“Another new type never seen before. It splits itself and explodes.”

“How many monster?” Lovelita asked, looking down from one roof in the 27th District.



Bora, who had been reporting to Lovelita, replied to Jamie’s question with a shrug.

“One…seven…twelve, so basically it is just one, isn’t it?”

Even if she look at it, dark red lumps, not just one or two, were wriggling as if they were alive and attacking the knights. When she cut it down, looks like a pliable jelly, it splits in two, explodes into pieces and hits the knights.

“Kettle. This name would look good on you.”

Jamie grinned in vain at Lovelita, who gave the Monster the name of the fire fairy in ancient mythology.

Either way, Lovelita, who started warming up, jumped down the building.

As Lovelita, who sat on the floor gently as if she were walking on an invisible staircase, threw her hand out loud, and the knights who were struggling all the time were pushed out smoothly.

Lovelita, who had already dealt with the most of the Monsters last week, looked at the wriggling Kettle in front of her with a faint smile on her face.

Soon after, with sharp momentum, part of the kettle was shot at Lovelita, and she jumped quickly into the air once and shook her hands.

Then the intangible energy rushed at Kettle with a wedge and she began to tear it into tiny pieces.

There was a bad smell of something burning, with a chirp of chirr.

As soon as she reached out and clenched her fist, the small condensed Kettle began to explode again and again.


She turned her head to the sound of calling her, who was watching her struggle small and loud without any influence around her.

Jamie shouted something with a face of urgency.




“Look back, you idiot!”

As he hurriedly turned, a small piece of Kettle, which Lovelita had not recovered, touched his side and exploded.

Lovelita, who easily flew away, rolled in the floor on its aftermath.

“Ugh, man, it hurts…….”

She avoided it because she could avoided it, but it seemed like she still receive some damage on her side.

Lovelita’s eyes, which look down on her blood spilling wound, showed a pendant that fell to the floor when she flew away.

A strange sense of unease enveloped her at the moment. Normally, she would have rolled the floor screaming in pain, but Lovelita, who jumped up and raised her upper body without even forgetting it, quickly picked up the pendant and looked at it.


The pendant cracked, probably due to the explosion. In addition, the black liquid that had been rolling around inside the pendant drifted into Lovelita’s hands.

“Chief, are you all right? You’re bleeding a lot!”

“Huh? Uh-huh.”

Jamie, who had been running as hard as he could, took off his shirt with a contemplative face and began tearing it apart.

Lovelita still had no words or movement, even though her shirt was bandaged as a temporary measure on her side.

“Chief, are you sure you’re all right?”

Jamie, who became more anxious about her completely different appearance, asked with a face that seemed like he would burst into tears.

“Uh, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

Lovelita, who had been spacing out without even knowing what the hell was going on, slowly realized.

‘Oh, I’m screwed.’

She felt like she had caused a very big accident.

* * *
A person’s business also a matter to be taken cared of. Especially if one work with Lovelita.

Yohan sighed, shaking his head like a habit.

The great princess called him on her own, and he thought that no matter what happened today, it would be a real big deal.

In front of the door, Yohan, who cleared his clothes with a rather nervous face and raised his glasses, opened the door before touching the handle.

“Hello, handsome.”

Lovelita greeted, with her silver feet hanging randomly, the symbol of the Kabda royal family.

When he saw her sitting on the bed with a pale face, he thought it was not a big deal, but when he saw the blood on her side, he felt like fainting.

“You’re such a troublesome fellow.”

Once again, Yohan, who sighed deeply, strode and began to pack the necessary medicines and bandages.

It’s his third year working in the health service and he still don’t get used to her at all.


He always asks with a casual face.

The third daughter of the Kabda Emperor. The princess who is the leader of the First Army and has a “Mana” of wind attributes.

She is a woman called a white-eared, or wolf, in her ruthless hands, unlike her natural and delicate appearance. She is genius who swept the battlefield with her natural talent.

There are countless other Title attached to her after that. At first, he thought he was a very big man and someone he didn’t dare to approach.

“I heard there was a victory party yesterday, but does the hole in your side make any sense?”

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The Wolf’s Meal

The Wolf’s Meal

Devour the wolf, The deer and the wolf
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Lovelita Kabda. Princess of the Kingdom of Kabda, also the First Army Commander, She’s beautiful and has the same temper as a wolf. She got entangled with a complicated relationship with her rival, Leonhard Dier! Odd events that happen since then. In her dreams, Lovelita was associated with a man she can’t see his face. Powerful demons come upon the kingdom. Lovelita, who was confronting the case, after a series of events… She find herself connected to Leonhard. A much deeper intertwined relationship than just a one-night accident. The dizzying romance between a well-behaved deer man and a wolf princess begin!


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