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Genius with a healing spirit shop Chapter 39

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After a luxurious lunch, Jang Gilsan handed me something.

“You should use this.”

After receiving it, there were two tickets to a massage spa.

“It was given to me by the guild, but I thought I wouldn’t have time because of the Meeting so might as well give it to you.”

He glanced at me and added.

“You are not going to ignore my sincere thanks, are you? So you go instead of me.”

“All right.”

I received the ticket with a smirk. Jang Gilsan stood up with a satisfied face.

“I’ll get up first. I’ll see you when meeting ends well and I have time.”

“Uh. Call me anytime.”


“See you again, Aqua.”

Jang Gilsan got up first and headed to the parking lot

Looking at the ticket in my hand, I thought about Jang Gilsan for a moment.

Jang Gilsan was the successor of a guild, which is one of the largest in the world, the ‘Union’ guild, it also competed for the first and second place guild here in Korea.

“Even expensive gifts can’t compare how much Jang Gilsan is a friend to me.”

Nevertheless, I have so far rejected Jang Gil-san’s favors. Because I wanted to remain friends with him.

‘Once I start receiving favors, there’s no end.’

If I start getting spoiled by him, our friendship may go to ruin.

I often saw Jang Gilsan move away from people like that at the academy.

Perhaps the reason why I was able to remain friends with Jang Gilsan for a long time was because I had refused his favor until now.

“That’s why I’m considering over the offer to join the Union Guild.”

I still wanted to remain friends with Jang Gilsan.

“Today, I’ve accepted favors using Aqua as an excuse.”

Still, I won’t change my mind completely.

I’ll live my life the way I want to live, the way I want to. Like a free spirit.

I grinned at the Aqua.


Aqua smiled brightly after me.

* * *

I put Aqua on my shoulders and came out from the restaurant.

I was going to stop by the resort’s central square before going to the massage spa.

I should show Aqua the central square first.

The most famous photo spot at the Phoenix Resort was this central square.

Taking pictures at the square overlooking the sea was the main tourist route for tourists visiting Samcheok.

There was even a huge fountain in the square.

[Oh! The energy of water……Huh?]

Aqua raised his horse’s tail as if he were a little surprised while talking.

She got the same reaction when it was my first time.

‘It’s the Undines, isn’t it?’

The Undines were playing in the fountain.

At the nearby outdoor café, I could also feel the spirit affinity of the other Spiritualist.

‘Spiritualist from Guild Meeting? ……Oh, it’s the get Together!’

I remembered the notice about community gathering.

The operator said he would stay here due to problems related to guild meeting. That’s why we’re meeting at the Phoenix Resort.

Shall I join them?

I had a moment of hesitation.

Among the group of Spiritualist, the Spiritualist, who were the upper level of “spirit affinity,” turned their heads and looked at me as if they felt something.

At the same time, some of the Undines approached us.


[I can feel Aqua!]

I looked up and looked up at the Aqua.


Aqua smiled round and waved.

“She was already thinking about playing.”

I dropped Aqua on the floor with a small smile.



[I’m finally seeing you again!]

Aqua lifted up the Undines who ran toward her and held them tightly in her arms.

[Play with us!]

[Hey, let’s go to the fountain!]

When Aqua lowered the Undines to the floor, the Undines took Aqua’s hand and led her to the fountain.

Aqua looked back at me. When I smiled and nodded, Aqua smiled and headed to the fountain.

[Let’s go!]

I took a quick look at Aqua as she was going to play with the Undines and moved my feet to the outdoor cafe.

The Spiritualist who noticed the existence of Aqua were looking at me.

One of them raised his body. It was a Spiritual Temple with a high gradr<spirit affinity>.

“The Spiritualist of at least high level spirit.”

High level spiritualist were also quite rare in the Academy.

A high level female spirit in her late twenties welcomed me with a smile.

“Welcome, butler. I’m the Moderator of the Water Spiritualist community.”

“‘I’m the only one who doesn’t have a spirit. I’m sorry to come all of a sudden without any comments.”

“It’s okay. I’m just glad you’re here. Please have a seat.”

I sat in an empty seat under the guidance of a waiter. The other water spiritualist were still looking at me with interested eyes.

The man asked me, offering me a cup of cold coffee.

“Do you happen to remember me?”

“Were we acquainted?”

“A few days ago, I was taking a walk in the sea, my Undine and the Wild Undine played together.”

“Oh, that was then.”

I couldn’t remember his face, but I still remember feeling the strong spirit affinity.

The man asked.

“So, you are the Spiritualist of My spirit’s bib sister?”

“Big Sister Spirit?”

“Oh, you didn’t know.”

The man continued with a big smile.

“Have you seen a picture of your baby on the community?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Whenever they are playing, it’s like your Spirit is the big sister.”

I turned my head and saw Aqua.
Aqua was leading all the Undines on the train.

“That’s a good nickname.”

“So who is that baby? I don’t think it’s an Undine.”

There was silence in the room. Nearly ten spiritualist were silent and waiting for my words.

I spoke frankly with a smile.

“Actually, I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“It hasn’t been long since I signed a contract. I don’t know anything except that she’s a Supreme-class spirit and has the name Aqua.”

“Supreme Class?”

I nodded quietly.

“Aqua.. I’m pretty sure it’s not Undine.”

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