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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 38

Aqua, seated on the table, was even humming. She seemed to be very excited with the luxurious atmosphere of the restaurant.

Aqua was making his body real in consideration of Jang Gilsan, who had no “spirit affinity.”

Jang Gilsan asked for a private room to avoid people’s eyes in consideration of Aqua.

The private room with only three of us was cozy and quiet.


Then, a Sylph appeared outside the window. It was one of those guys a while ago.

Sylph found us and shouted something at us somewhere. Then the other two Sylph quickly stood outside the window.

The Sylph clung to the window and gave Aqua a mournful look.

It was a clever attack that evoked sympathy, sending a tearful look with their hands together against the window.


Aqua made a groaning sound.

The Sylph were begging Aqua to buy them wine.

Aqua turned her head and turned away from the Sylph.

But the twinkling eyes of the Sylphs poured into Aqua’s side face so in the end, Aqua eventually surrendered.

[Can I ask for a favor, Gilsan? I’m sorry, but can you give me one wine for the Sylph outside?]

“It’s not difficult.”

Jang Gilsan called an employee and ordered him to hand out a bottle of wine to the Sylph outside.

“……To the Sylph outside, which are you talking about?”

The employee, who was secretly looking at Aqua, looked puzzled at the order.

Not only do they see Sylph but also give them wine. It must have been the first time anyone ordered like that.

“All you have to do is leave the unscrew wine in the garden outside the window.”

Only after hearing my explanation did the waiter nod.

“Okay, sir.”

After a while, an employee left the wine outside the window.

The Sylph jumped on the wine excitedly.

Like children looking at kaleidoscope alternately, the Sylph, who had their noses near the wine alternately, soon began to dance excitedly.

Even one of the Sylph blew a finger heart at us. I smirked at the sight.

“Where are you looking at?”

“What? At the Sylph.”

Without <Spirit Affinity>, Jang Gilsan could not see the Sylph outside. So I explained the situation outside.

“The Sylph blew a finger heart to say their thank you.”

“……Finger heart?”

Jang Gilsan smiled and looked out of the window. He couldn’t be see it, but he still tried to.

Sylph, who had eye contact with Jang Gilsan, made a heart over their head using both arms this time.

“They are sending you a big heart this time. They know who bought the wine.”

“They’re funny.”

Jang Gilsan smirked. Aqua was smiling a little at the satisfaction of the Sylphs.

* * *

Before the meal, the Alps bottled water came out with bread and butter.

A waiter wearing white gloves poured three glasses of bottled water and left the room.


I pushed a glass in front of Aqua and she quickly took the glass of water.

[What a clear water!]

Aqua lifted the glass almost the size of her own face and admired the light.

Aqua, the Water Spirit, seemed to have seen something invisible to our eyes.

[Let’s make a toast!]

Aqua clink her glass at us.

She really was learning human culture fast.

Jang Gilsan smirked and played along with Aqua’s rhythm. Three cups hit gently with a clear sound.


Listening to Aqua’s clear laughter, I took a sip of the bottled water.

No matter how high a mountain in a foreign country comes from, my prediction that water will taste the same anyway was broken from the first sip.

‘This water tastes really different.’

Alps bottled water tasted different from purified water or tap water boiled at home.

Just as water shakes my common sense of tastelessness and odor, the Alps bottled water tasted and have a lingering smell.

It was a bit unfamiliar taste to me as I got used to the taste of water in my country.

Still, Aqua seemed to be very fond of it.

Aqua, who took a sip of the bottled water, smacked her lips as if she was trying to analyze the taste.

[Oh! This is the taste of water!]

Aqua tried to tilt the glass once again, but gave up and held the glass with her mouth, not the neck of the glass.

The higher the angle of the glass, the higher the Aqua’s head was.

Her lower lip biting the glass was cutely protruding.

Aqua, who emptied the glass in one gulp, coughed up.

[Pooha! That’s nice!]

“……one shot with bottled water.”

While Gilsan was embarrassed, I refilled Aqua’s glass.

“How do you like it?”

[I’ve never tasted water like this before!]

Aqua was excited to meet the new water.

[Did you say it was from the top of the mountain?]

“Exactly, the snow on the top of the mountain. This is melted snow water.”


Aqua tilted his head.

[Oh, you mean the white things tha fall from the sky in winter? I’ve heard of it!]

The spirit world was warm all year round, so it didn’t snow.

Perhaps that’s why Aqua, the Water Spirit, first tasted the water.

I said with a smile.

“Yes, white snow falls like petals from the sky.”

[Oh! Like a petal?]

Aqua’s eyes headed somewhere far away, imagining snow falling.

[Like a petal…]

Aqua’s eyes began to twinkle little by little.

An indescribable smile began to rise around my mouth when I saw Aqua full of imagination and expectation.

It’s still summer, but I couldn’t wait to shoe Aqua the first snow.

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