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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 37

<<An unforgettable memory.

Make unforgettable memories with the spirits.

Rewards: Spirit Growth and Spiritualist Foundation Growth>>

After purchasing the new quest, we got into Jang Gilsan’s car.

The driver was in the driver’s seat and Jang Gilsan’s secretary sat in the passenger seat, and the three of us sat in the back seat.

“But where are we going?”

“To eat.”

“Out of the resort?”

“No. The restaurant is still in the resort.”

“But why are we moving with a car?”

“The resort is currently full of Reporters roaming around so it may become uncomfortable if they see me.”

Guild Meeting was a pretty big event. Reporters who aimed at it seemed to have come to bother them.

Jang Gilsan glanced at me and added.

“I’m going to buy you a meal, take as me entertaining a client so don’t feel pressured. Also it’s only a little bit.”

I didn’t like being treated specially by Jang Gilsan. Because if he do so I feel like we are not friends on an equal standing.

“Yes, thank you.”

But this time, I accepted the favour. I couldn’t refuse his favor in front of his subordinate.

[Oh! It’s the sea!]

At that time, Aqua jumped out of my lap and ran towards the window on Jang Gilsan’s side. It was to see the sea out of the window.

Outside the window, the sea was shining under the sun.

[It’s beautiful!]

Jang Gilsan was looking at Aqua with surprised eyes while she was looking out of the window. Aqua even settled between his legs in order to be comfortable while watching the sea.

It was as if she was a cat, which suddenly sat on his lap and looked at the surprised person.

Jang Gilsan looked at me. His gaze seemed to asking, “What should I do?”

I just laughed once to make fun of him.

‘That’s is how you get close.’ I mouthed to him.

Jang Gilsan looked carefully at the Aqua with a relaxed posture.

Little by little, his lips began to smile. Jang Gilsan’s eyes were pointing towards his legs where Aqua was sitting.

‘I know what that feels like.’

The soft, bouncy texture unique to the Water Spirit carries the weight of Aqua and presses his legs gently.

It would have hurt if Aqua had bones in her body, however she was like a jelly.

There, Aqua, was excited to see the sea, stood up tall and put her face near the Window as if wanting a better near view of it

Her cute appearance gave us heart attacks.

Jang Gilsan now had a clear smile on his mouth. He looked cuter compared to his usual self.

‘That’s a face that completely fell for the charms of Aqua.’

Jang Gilsan carefully raised his hand and reached out Aqua’s head. But before he could do so, I held his hand and directed it to Aqua’s back.

‘Aqua doesn’t like to touch her head.’

Besides, I didn’t want anyone other than me to touch Aqua’s head.

Jang Gilsan’s hand gently stroked Aqua’s back.


Aqua looked at Jang Gilsan with a slightly surprised look and soon continued to look out of the window with a pleasant smile.

Jang Gilsan, who had been stroking Aqua’s back for a long time, looked back at me with a completely disarmed face.

“Now I can see why you were so proud to have a characteristics of <Spirit Affinity>.”

“Spirit is the best gift out of the gate crisis.”

“Yes, I think so.”

Jang Gilsan smiled and happily served Aqua.

* * *

After a short drive, we arrived at the River Steak House on the cliff of the resort.

[Huh? Aren’t they the Sylph?]

As I got out of the car and headed to the store, Aqua looked up and looked on the sign. There were three Spirits sitting there.

Sylph was the spirit of wind with a translucent white body.

[Huh? It’s Aqua, right?]

[Hello, Aqua!]

[Aqua, are you here to buy wine?]

The Sylph giggled among themselves and flew over Aqua’s head.

[Why are the Sylph here?]

Watching Jang Gilsan go in to confirm his reservation, I replied to Aqua.

“They sell wine here.”


“It’s a very fragrant drink.”


Aqua giggled as if she knew about it.

Sylph was notorious for being a villain spirit. Free as the wind, but as mischievous as the wind.

Especially, the Sylph loved to smell the incense, but when the Sylph smelled it, they lost their senses and became drunk over the perfume and wine.

It was because Sylph was a spirit that deals with air.

“During the first time that the gates opened and the spirit world connected, the wine business almost went out of business.”

It was not until the technology of blocking the access of spirits was invented that the wine business could flourish again.

[I don’t know why they drink!]

Among the spirits, the only ones who liked the drinking were the Sylph.

After confirming our reservation, we were led inside the restaurant.

The Sylph tried to sneak up on us but were blocked by the Sylph barrier.


[Wow! Spirits are free to go where they want to go!]

[Restaurants should guarantee the right have spirits freely move!]

We turned a blind eye to the raucous the Sylph were causing and followed Jang Gilsan into the reserved room.

When Jang Gilsan sat down, he immediately called in an employee and ordered a two-person course and bottled water.

“This was restaurant where you have to pay for a single bottled water.”

Of course, it wasn’t ordinary water. It was an expensive water from lakes formed by melting the ice from the Alps.


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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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1 year ago

this chapter really make me laugh at how cute those spirits act >-<

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