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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 35

After emptying three cups of cocoa in a row, Aqua, who turned brown, tapped her stomach.

Jang Gilsan, who had been staring blankly at the scene, made a “Ah” sound as if he had just come to his senses.

“Congratulations on contracting with a Spirit.”

“Thank you.”

“Now you have fulfilled your life’s dream.”


Jang Gilsan and I spent almost three years together at the Academy from the first grade. That’s how much he knew about my situation.

“……that’s why you came to me asking for Magic stones too.”

Jang Gilsan stroked his chin with his thoughtful eyes.

I don’t know what he was thinking, but I need to get them before Gilsan got busy again.

“Gilsan, can I sell you Healing Water?”

“Oh, of course. Come to think of it, the healing water you wanted to sell must be Aqua’s.”

“That’s right.”

The sale of healing water was the biggest addition to having contracted a water spirits.

‘It’s called panacea to exaggerate a little bit.’

In particular, it was widely used as a cosmetic for skin regeneration and as a supplement for the nourishment of the elderly.

“Wait, you’re going to take the money at the last minute?”

Jang Gilsan asked with a mysterious face.

Magic Stone was in the spotlight as a new generation energy resource, but as an individual, there was no way to use it.

“This new characteristic I obtained which is that can turn the Magic stone into a Spirit Stone.”

The inherent characteristics were not exactly something to hide. Jang Gilsan also had his own characteristics.

Still, I felt it was too early to talk all about Spirit Shop, so I choose appropriate words.

“Oh, yeah. Your Spirit Affinity was a F-Rank.”

It meant that it would not have been possible to sign a contract with a spirit if such skills had not been developed.

Jang Gilsan winked at his secretary. Then he opened one of the cases that the secretary had put aside.

It was a 300ML water bottle that was frequently used for healing water transactions. Jang Gilsan took out a water bottle and put it on the table.

“You can fill it up here.”

Aqua looked up at me. I said with a smile.

“Please, Aqua.”

[Well, leave it to it!]

Aqua put her hands in front of her chest.

Moisture gathered between her hands, and they became a stream of water that poured into the bottle.

Quarrrrrrrrrrrrr, a bottle full, Aqua patted her shoulder with her small hand.

“Good job.”

I closed the lid of the water bottle and handed it to Jang Gilsan. Jang Gilsan raised a water bottle and asked with his eyes shining in delight.

“What’s your healing grade?”

[Supreme healing level!]


Jang Gilsan turned his eyes to me. When I nodded, Jang Gilsan’s forehead wrinkled.

“I know that Spiritualist take care about their Spirit, but if you are just saying so to feel her better…”

“There’s no way I’m cheating on you.”


Jang Gilsan’s face turned strangely and checked the healing water in his hand again.

Just as there were no Supreme spirits until now, no Supreme healing water existed.

“I get it for now. However, the price for the Supreme healing water is not yet measured, so I will buy it at the price of the A-Rank healing water. I’ll send it to the lab, and if it’s properly measured, I’ll pay the rest of the money.”

“All right.”

When Jang Gilsan beckoned, the secretary put the second bag on the table.

Inside the bag, which was opened with clicks and sounds, there were marbles classified by size.

“They are High Quality Magic Stones.”

I’ve seen it a few times at the Academy, but I’ve never seen it that big.

Jang Gilsan took out a rock the size of a fist and handed it to me. It was 15 million won worth of Magic stone.

“I’ll fill out the transaction certificate for now.”

Jang Gilsan wrote down the certificate of transaction between the healing Water and Magic Stone with precision.

He also meticulously wrote, “We will check the level of healing water and pay the remaining value later.”

We signed underneath the contract and made another copy in order to have one paper each.

“Come on.”

Jang Gilsan pushed the Magic Stone in front of me.

Looking at the brilliant twinkling stone, I was speechless for a moment.

Isn’t this 15 million won?

It didn’t hit me for a second. The biggest money I’ve ever felt in my life was the 5 million won I received in my scholarships.

For as much as three times that amount, I gulped down to my saliva and hold the Magic Stone tightly.

“Thank you.”

I know it very well that there are few friends who would pay such a large sum of money by believing in my ridiculous words that It was a Supreme Healing Water.

As such, I know very well that Jang Gilsan considers me a precious friend.

Jang Gilsan said softly as if it were nothing special.

“If you appreciate it, just join our guild later.”

Hahaha, I laughed a little. He was a very persistent friend.

I asked Aqua.

“Shall we exchange the Magic Stone right now?”

[Let’s change!]

I summoned the store and exchanged the Magic Stone immediately.

With the sound of Tsutsutsu, the Magic Stone was sucked into the store.

The number 1,500 appeared in the currency mark at the bottom right.

It seemed that coins were worth around 10,000 won.

’15 million won in cash.’

No matter how hard I looked at it, it looked like a mobile game, so I couldn’t help but think like that.

Search, Spirit Stone.

The store window displayed the search results.

<<Spirit Stone

Stone filled with spirit energy. It recharges the spirit power of spirits.

Price: 1,000 coins>>

1,000 coins was 10 million won. But I didn’t think it was a waste. It was a coin that I wouldn’t have earned without Aqua anyway.

<<Payment completed.>>

Light began to clump in the air in front of the shop window.
And soon a stone with the same size of a fist popped out and I caught it.

Indeed, this was the real deal. The stone was filled with so much Spirit Power. It was the kind of power that was also felt by professors who possess High-Level Spirit.

I handed the spirit stone to Aqua.

[Whoops, that’s quite a high quality thing!]

Jang Gilsan also leaned forward and watched it.

“Is that the Spirit Stone? It look like just a normal stone.”

The fact that people except me and Aqua could not see the store window was already discovered by the days we spent together with my parents.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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