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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 34

I was surprised by Jang Gilsan’s slightly out of the blue proposal.

“What the hell, you’re now talking about the guild. Didn’t you hate that kind of thing?”

Jang Gilsan did not hide the fact that he was the successor of the Korean giant guild, but he did not enjoy it being mentioned.

Especially at the Academy, he used to frown when anyone talked about it.

Jang Gilsan shrugged as if it meant little.

“Think seriously. If you say okay, I can make a place for you in the guild.”

“Thank you for your generosity. Please pay attention to other juniors besides me. He wanted to make a connection with you somehow, so he was turning on his eyes.”

“I’m not interested in kids who are interested in me.”

“What a strange personality.”

The conversation was cut off for a while as the employee brought two cups of coffee.

Jang Gilsan continued to talk, stirring the straw of coffee.

“You’re supposed to be an intern in sixth grade anyway. Do it in our guild.”

The last year of the six-year curriculum at the Awakening Academy was an intern program.

“Thanks for the offer, but I can’t make a decision on my own.”


“I’m not alone anymore.”

“……what the hell is that?”

At that time, Aqua became a reality in front of Jang Gilsan’s nose.



Jang Gilsan struck Aqua’s forehead with a straw, making a strange sound that did not fit his usual image.


Aqua let out a new shriek.

“Are you okay?”

[It hurts!]

Aqua was in my arms, sobbing tears. I rubbed Aqua’s forehead with a puff.

Jang Gilsan stuttered and apologized while pointing his finger at the forehead to see if the shock was great.

“Well, I’m sorry.”


Aqua puffed up her cheeks and stuck out her lips. Apparently, pride received more damage than physical pain.

“I was surprised. I’m terribly sorry.”


Aqua dug deeper into my arms.

Jang Gilsan asked me for help with a confused look. I just replied him with small smile.

“Aqua. Does it hurt a lot?”

[It hurts a lot! I feel like my forehead was taken out!]

“I’m sorry, too. I didn’t expect him to react like that.”

It was also my fault that Aqua was ill. Because it was a prank I wanted to do.


Aqua dug more into my arms. As if I was forgiven but not Jang Gilsan.

As a matter of fact, that was enough for me. But I couldn’t even leave my friend like that.

I decided to use the best way of reconciliation for spirits.

“Aqua. That uncle is going to buy you something delicious.”

It was a reconciliation method by using food.

Aqua said in a sulky voice.

[I’m not attracted to food!]

“Do you remember the banana milk you drank last time? It’s going to be much more delicious. It is chocolate milk.”

[…….Is that delicious?]

Jang Gilsan caught up with I am doing and he quickly winked at his secretary. The secretary picked up the signal and went to the counter to order something quickly.

Seeing some yellow bills being given, they must even seemed to have put in tips.

Aqua was still pouting, but I didn’t miss her glancing inside the store with anticipated eyes.


It’s so cute.

Maybe it’s the power of tips, but the cocoa came out in less than two minutes.

[It’s smells good.]

Aqua turned her head slightly and chased the sweet smell.

“Hey, look. There’s marshmallow on top of the cocoa.” I spoke in an exaggerated voice.

[…… marshmallow?]

A small marshmallow was sprinkled on top of the cocoa like snow.

“Something like those. If you don’t look at it quickly, it’ll sink.”

[Sink down?]

Just in time, a marshmallow melted and disappeared into the cocoa.

“Oh, one is down!”

Aqua must have grown interested in my fuss, so I turned halfway and took the glass of cocoa.

I smiled and brought the glass of cocoa to Aqua.

“Hey, it looks delicious.”

Aqua twitched her nose a few times and turned around to grab the cocoa cup.

Then, the second marshmallow melted under the cocoa and disappeared.


Aqua gleamed at the third marshmallow. After a while, a third melted away.

[Did you see that?]

Aqua looked up at me and asked me.

“Now try it. It’s really good.”


Aqua gulped down a glass of cocoa with a look of anticipation.
It was a spirit of water, so I didn’t worry about her being burned.

Aqua drank the cocoa in one shot. And shouted, putting down the glass with a bang.


I could tell just by looking at Aqua’s face how sweet that cocoa must have been.

Cocoa’s dark brown color quickly colored Aqua’s body. The one who prepared it seemed to have put more chocolate as thick as the amount of the tip he was gave in.

“Do you want another drink? This uncle said he’d buy it for you.”

Aqua looked at Jang Gilsan at what I said. Jang Gilsan looked a little nervous, but Aqua, who already ate something delicious, had already forgiven him.

[I want more!]

Jang Gilsan quickly winked at his secretary.

The secretary ordered almost as fast as he could. Looking at his face, his secretary seemed to want to feed Aqua more cocoa quickly.

“Additional orders, please! Two more cocoa!”

Only after hearing the sound did Jang Gilsan lean on the sofa as if he were relieved.

I hugged Aqua tightly. Aqua also rubbed his cheeks in my face. Jang Gilsan looked at us for a moment and shook his head.

“……spirits are really spoiled.”

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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