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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 33

We came out to the changing room after taking a bath.

[I’ll stop you from getting wet!]

When Aqua gestured, the moisture from my body disappeared in an instant. There was no need to wipe it with a separate towel.

“Thank you, Aqua.”

[I am just helping you out!]

While I was putting on lotion, Aqua played with the fan.


There was no difference between a spirit or a human being in front of a fan.

I changed my clothes, leaving Aqua to play with the fan. By the time I finished changing, Aqua approached me.

[Look at this!]

Aqua was dragging a giant red lizard.


Salamander was a spirit of fire, in the shape of a red lizard.

It seemed that there was another Spiritualist in the bathhouse.

Aqua was holding the salamander by putting her arm on his armpits, while the rest of the salamander’s body was being dragged on the floor because the salamander’s body was longer than Aqua’s.

Aqua was waddling on both legs because its length was out from her control.


It was a pity that I couldn’t get a picture of Aqua with the salamandet because it was not becoming real.

Aqua, who dragged the salamandet, had a bright face as if she had found something fun.

On the other hand, the salamander flicked his tongue at her and ignored what was she doing on him with his signature sullen face.

Aqua whined and came all the way in front of me.

[Piggy salamander!]


I burst into laughter without realizing it.

Aqua’s salamander was larger than other salamander.

In addition, Aqua was dragging it like a rice bag, so it’s weight was concentrated on his lower belly, so his belly was sticking out like an obese man.


Perhaps Aqua’s words were shocking, but the salamander, who had been silent for a while, hissed with anger.

Aqua replied while listening to the sound.

[Isn’t it true that you’re fat?]


[Who said that?]


[Tsk, because most of the things the spirit says to you are good to avoid you being hurt.]


[Average size? Where did you come from?]


[Lose some weight! That’s why you became a crocodiles, not a dragon.]

The salamander trembled and stared at Aqua, shook her hand vigorously and stood with its four limbs.

“What’s wrong with you?”

[Shoosh! Shoosh!]

On the other side of the wall, a voice of a spiritualist calling for a salamander were heard.

Me and Aqua exchanged glances, then quietly, but quickly escaped from the bath.


Aqua covered her mouth and laughed long after he had fallen from the bathhouse.


Childishly, I also laughed happily after Aqua.

* * *

When I got out of the bath, it was time for the appointment with my friend.

I headed to a cafe on one side of the resort where I planned to meet Jang Gilsan.

[Is the friend you’re meeting a Spiritualist?]

“No. Gilsan has a different awakening.”

He was also an A-Rank awakener.

[Then I’ll have to be real!]

Her words reminded me of something.

‘Gilsan doesn’t know I signed with Aqua yet, does he?’

Also he thought that the Healing water was something I wasn’t selling it, but rather I was selling someone’s instead.

Suddenly, I got playful.

“Aqua, shall we make fun of my friend?”


As I explained the situation, the round aqua’s eyes narrowed with mischief.

[Hahaha! That sounds fun!]

We arrived at the meeting point with a plan to screw Gilsan like that.

It was a cafe with the sea as a view from the window.

Jang Gilsan was sitting in the innermost seat. Behind him stood a big man, his secretary and bodyguard.


When I raised my hand, Jang Gilsan nodded quietly. I sat in front of him and greeted him gladly.

“I never thought I’d see you here.”

Jang Gilsan nodded with his indifferent expression and sharp eyes.

At first glance, he looked hard and cold, but in reality, he was very considerate and thoughtful.

“I ordered coffee for you, is there anything else you might need.”

“Oh, really? How much is the coffee?”

“It’s okay. People are going to mess with me if I got paid for something I bought voluntarily. Sit down.”

I was here to play, but Jang Gilsan was here for business with his guild’s name on his back.

“Guild Meeting? Did it already started?”

“Not yet. It starts at lunch.”

Jang Gilsan was the successor of one of the world’s leading guild, Union Guild.

Until a few weeks ago, it was a strange feeling that a guy who he had been eating together and lying in a club room together participated in guild meeting as a successor to a large guild.

Jang Gilsan asked.

“Didn’t you get your grades released a few days ago? Are you the no.1 this time again?”

“I think so.”

“At this rate, you are going to set a record for being the top of the semester until graduation. The professors won’t stay still.”

“The professors asked me if I wanted to be a graduate student.”

“…… graduate school? Professors?”

“Seven people are going to graduate school in a week after final exams.”

Jang Gilsan raised his eyebrows.

“Are you going to graduate school?”

“Well, I said I’d think about it.”

“Would you rather join our guild?”

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