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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 32

This was a priority rather than anything else.

With Aqua’s anticipated gaze, I opened the lid of the purifier and poured the contents into the bath.

After a while, the purifier began to take effect as the purifier was dispersed.


Because of how good the effect was, the floor tiles of the bathhouse were all shiny.

“Okay. Let’s wash up.”

[It’s water!]

I went into the bath with Aqua in my arms. Aqua was excited when the water touched her body.

[Warm! Is this hot spring water?]

Aqua left me in a good mood and went around splashing water around.

Aqua, who had a body of about four years old, the bath was like a swimming pool.

[Sighs, I feel like I’m melting…….]

Aqua, who had been in the water for a long time, floated in the bath with her stomach up.

“How do does this feel compared to the hot springs of the spirit world?”

There was also a natural hot spring in the spirit world.

[Needless to say, the spirit world was better, but the human world isn’t bad either!]

Aqua flipped over and kicked again.

[Best of all, here the water is divided by temperature!]

I recalled for a moment the hot springs of the spirit world. A place full of Undines who were singing and playing in the water together.

“Aren’t you sad that they’re not here to play with you?”

[But I have you!]

I was surprised by the unexpected answer. Slowly, a smile rose around my mouth with a tingling sensation.

It was then. An a common bird floated past Aqua’s sight.


Aqua straightened herself up and looked at it with interesting eyes.

It was nothing special just some rip-off common bird in a public baths.

However, Aqua’s eyes sparkled as if she were looking at something funny.

Slowly, Aqua’s body quietly went down the bath.

Then she began to hover quietly around the tub.

She looked as if an alligator sitting on the surface of the water, aiming for a bird while hiding.

‘Does she want to hunt?’

I gulped unknowingly at the sudden exciting development.

Aqua, who was currently submerged, lightly erased her existence. Even I, her Spiritualist, could barely recognize Aqua.

I watched Aqua hunt with sweat in my hands. The innocent bird, who didn’t know anything, drifted away and bumped into the wall slightly.


At that moment, the Aqua popped out of the water.

[It’s a hunt!]

Wharak, Aqua covered the bird with her body. Then she hugged it with her arms and legs and dragged it under the water.

[Don’t resist me!]

Perhaps using spirit power, the water around the bird and it began to drag the bird down little by little.

[Struggling means nothing! Ahahahaha!]

Aqua sank into the water hugging the birf with a villainous laugh.


Clap clap clap, clap without realizing it. I felt as if I had peeked at a side of the wilderness hidden inside the spirits.

So Aqua’s hunting game seemed to have ended successfully. Until the birf started to revolt.

Suddenly, the bird rose from the water like a submarine. There was Aqua on its back.


Aqua, who was dragged out of her wits, looked puzzled from the top of a floating bird.

She looked as if she didn’t understand what the situation was.

“Oh, it’s air!”

I later realized what the situation was. It was because of the air in the stomach of the bird that had been turned upside down.

‘Then next time…….’

At the moment, the bird was turned upside down. The weight of the Aqua was not overcome.


Aqua fell into the bath from the face.


I forgot there were others in the bath and burst into laughter.

(Note: it is not a real bird but those ducks that float on the tub.)

* * *


After the bathhouse we went had a view to East Sea out of the window where the guest can look down at a panoramic view of the sea while in the bath.

It was a specially treated window that could block the view from the outside, but could be seen from the inside.

[What a view!]

Aqua, who enjoyed the hot water of the bathhouse while floating, was also impressed.

[As expected, hot springs should be pleasing to the eye!]

“Hey, who knows all the customs in case they don’t exist in nature?”

[It is common sense in the spirit world that hot springs are located in a beautiful place!]

The spirit world was known as an utopia, where nature was beautifully harmonized.

A long time ago, some professors even argued that the site of the fable of the Goblin which their ancestors declared to have gone there was actually the spirit world.

I put something on Aqua’s head that was fiddling with laughter.

[What is this?]

It was a towel made in the shape of a sheep’s head.

(Towel that has some twirl in both side. Does who watch variety show with water park as theme know this.)

“It’s a hat.”


Aqua looked at herself reflected in the window and soon smiled satisfactorily.

[Hmm! It looks good on you!]

Aqua was more excited and started playing in the water and suddenly stopped and put her hand under the water.

A moment later, when Aqua pulled her hand out of the water and she held the hat made of water.

[Take it, it’s yours!]

A smile spread around my mouth. I took Aqua’s gift and put it on my head without hiding a smile.

A hat made of water was put on my head which didn’t lose its shape due to Aqua’s spirit power.

“Well, you look great!”


I hugged Aqua and rubbed her cheek. Aqua didn’t stop smiling because she was in a good mood.

The bathhouse was heaven for the water spirit and for their Spiritualist.

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