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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 31

The next day.

A new quest has been registered in the store.

<<An unforgettable memory.

Make unforgettable memories with the spirits.

Rewards: Spirit Growth and Spiritualist Foundation Growth>>

[This can be achieved in no time!]

Aqua, said with a smile.

[Every moment with you is unforgettable!]

“I feel the same.”

We hugged each other tightly. There was no fear or concern in our future.

The only problem was, it wasn’t free from the second quest.

<<Price: 1,000 coins>>

Our coin balance was only 10 coins. It was the result of eating Churros excitedly over the past few days.

[Are we now beggars?]

Aqua’s question left me speechless for a moment.

“No, we have cure.”

[Healing water?]

“There are people who will buy healing water at an expensive price.”

I talked about what I discussed with my friend, Jang Gilsan, who I talked with on the phone a few days ago.

‘Guild Meeting will be held at the Phoenix Resort from today.’

Phoenix Resort was a 10-minute walk from my house at the north end of Samcheok Beach.

Guild Meeting is an event that happens every quarter, and it was like a meeting where the leaders of Korea’s leading guild gathered to build friendship and talk about business.

‘Every time it’s held at a resort or hotel from each guild, it’s Samcheok this time.’

It was good for me to meet my friend there.

In addition, the Phoenix Resort was the place where I was planning to take Aqua with me.

Because there was something there that surely Aqua would like.

“Aqua, do you know the bathhouse?”


Aqua tilted his head and soon met his palms aloud.

[Oh, I’ve heard of it! It’s like a hot spring!]

“Do you want to go to the bathhouse?”

[Oh! I want to go! Let’s go!]

Aqua jumped up and down from her seat.

The sea, bathhouses and fountains were sort of home for water spirits.

* * *

We went to the Phoenix Resort on a scooter.

[Wow…! That’s amazing!]

Aqua was admiring the size of the resort from afar.

The Phoenix Resort was so huge that it could be seen anywhere on Samcheok Beach. Even in my house, I could see it when I turned my head.

‘It’s one of the largest building in the country.’

But Aqua wasn’t fascinated by the size.

[Is that a building that represents the sea?]

Aqua glistened its eyes and pointed to the roofs of the resort buildings.

It was a white-blue wall and roof with the style of the buildings on the beach of Santorini, Greece.

[Are you saying that’s a temple?]

“Hahaha. No, it’s not. This is the Phoenix Resort.”

[Resort? You mean there?]

Aqua looked around in bewilderment.

[It looked so different from our house]

Before departure, when she asked what a resort was, I said it was a huge lodging house.

That’s why Aqua thought it would be a really big lodging house.

“Because this is a much more luxurious place.”

Parking my scooter in the parking lot, I took off Aqua’s helmet and let her sat on my neck.

“Well, shall we go take a bath?”


Aqua inhaled as if she had forgotten it for a moment.

[Let’s go!]

She moved her feet with excitement.

* * *

The Pheonix Resort was a luxury resort, and the interior was also a place where much effort was taken to build it.

As I walked through the marble hall on the high ceiling, Aqua looked around diligently and admired it.

[Wow! Beautiful!]

There were a lot of people in the lobby of the resort. Among them, there were many awakeners.


[Long time no see!]

Just in time, one of the Undines called Aqua.

[Are you really living here in the human world?]

[Hehe! I even signed a contract!]


The Undines chatted for a while and returned to their spiritualist.

We watched the inside of the resort and moved our feet.

[Oh! I can feel the energy of water!]

As the bath neared, Aqua was excited and flustered on my shoulder.

I showed my ID to the staff and even got a discount for the local residents before entering the bathhouse.

[There are so many hot springs!]

It was Aqua’s first impression while I quickly took off my clothes and entered the bathroom.

Aqua’s eyes was all over the hot springs.

The bathhouse at the Phoenix Resort boasted an enormous area.

‘Customers who enjoyed the water park have to wash themselves here often times.’

There were some guests in the bath. However, there were quite a few empty spaces because it was still early and the bath was so spacious.

It was a good thing for us. Bathing with others was often a nuisance.

I took a quick shower and led the Aqua into an empty hot tub. While, I tried to get in.

“Wait a minute.”

I stopped Aqua from jumping into the water any minute.

[What’s wrong?]

“The water is a little dirty.”

In fact, it wasn’t really dirty.

The Phoenix Resort was much cleaner than public baths in other areas because of its strict management of facilities.

But I didn’t want to let Aqua water to receive any dirt.

[Shall I it clean up?]

“No. Let’s use the store.”

I quickly bought the items that I had looked at by opening a spirit store.


The spring water of purification that springs only from the deepest pond in the spirit world. It washes away all kinds of negativity and dirt.>>

<<Price: 10 coins>>

10 coins were deducted from our balance and now our coins is zero, but we didn’t worry too much.

‘I’m going to meet Gilsan soon and get a good deal.’

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