Suddenly I have a husband and Children

Suddenly I have a Husband and Children Chapter 5

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As Estella repeated “Oh my God” without saying anything else, the wrinkles on Izak’s forehead became more and more thick. Fortunately, soon after, the nanny returned with a doctor.

The doctor asked Estella this and that. Then he raised his thick glasses and said his opinion.

“It’s a loss of memory. You remember things before the age of 19, but you don’t remember anything after that, it’s a partial amnesia.”

The nanny’s mouth opened wide, Estella’s eyes widened, and Izak sighed and shook his head as if he had expected.

“I think you were traumatized when you fell into a pond. There seems to be no other trauma, just think that they are memories that often disappeared with headaches. First of all, I’ll give you a tranquilizer because you’re confused right now.”

The doctor said it was nothing, but it was not nothing to Estella. Memory loss, what a ridiculous situation. How can seven years of memories disappear like this? Estella looked at Izak with a shocked face.

Izak looked down at Estella, looked away and asked the doctor.

“What happens if her memory never comes back?”

“If it doesn’t come back… I guess she may not remember this forever. It’s not life-threatening, and it usually takes years to get them back, so don’t worry too much, Izak. Don’t let her try too hard to remember, but make herself comfortable.” The doctor said so and left the room with the nanny.

There were only Estella, Izak, and two children in his arms in the room. Estella alternately asked Izak and the children with a complicated look.

“So, those are the kids between you and me?”

“That’s right.”



“Then here…”

“My last name.”

“We have the same last name? …So we’re married.”

“…You’re stating the facts.”


Estella gave a very short, low exclamation. 

No, I mean. I’m married to Izak, and I gave birth to twins, right? Seven years from now, I’m awesome! When Estella thought so, her face began to blush subtly.

After seven years, Izak became more handsome, has a bigger physique, has more muscles, and matured than Izak seven years ago, flowing to decadent beauty. What a perfect ideal type of husband Izak, who looks both precarious and reliable!

I couldn’t hide my smile. What a gracious situation this is. It was more surprising and amazing that he had married Izak, whom he loved so much, than that his seven-year memory had disappeared.


Izak looked at Estella, raising her eyebrows sharply as if she was expressing such admiration in this situation.

“No, it’s something I never expected. Oh, my God. I can’t believe I’m married to Izak. I got it wrong. Oh, no. Hooray.”

Estella smiled awkwardly. Inside, I called for good luck again and again. Married to Izak! Married to Izak! We even have twins!

Estella, who wanted to dance joy on the bed right away, stopped laughing without realizing it. Izak was looking at her with a scary face.

“Did you really lose your memory?”


“Did you really lose your memory?”

Izak’s low voice made the twin children squirm. Izak dropped the children off and bit them with his small hands clenched tightly.

“You’re not doing a play on purpose? You’re trying to make fun of me.”

“What do you mean?”

Estella was embarrassed. 

It’s strange. 

Isn’t Izak, who she knows, not raising his voice, but speaking softly and affectionately, no matter what?

However, Izak, who is now, is very cold from the way he looks at himself. Estella felt something was wrong and asked again.

“What’s that look of resentment?”

His eyes look as if he is dealing with his enemy.

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