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The Greatest Extra Chapter 44- The General’s Attack

When Raymond opened his eyes, it was a high ceiling that came into his view.

His fingertips felt a soft texture. It was the bed.

Raymond looked around at the same time he raised his body.

He seemed to have exhausted his Mana when he confronted the enemy and collapsed. After that his consciousness was taken to the World Tree and received the Blessings of the Eternal Forest.

“I didn’t expect to be blessed…”

Raymond muttered to himself as he started manipulating mana. There seemed to be a little bit of pure forest energy mixed with his mana.

When Richard, the main character from the novel, helped Sylvia, he received only the “Sword and Magic Blessing” and the friendship of the Platier Elven Village. However, Raymond received an additional of the “Blessings of the Eternal Forest”, together with what the main protagonist received.

“Something changed.”

Seeing that the Blessings of the Eternal Forest was bestowed unto him, it could be assumed that many of the bodies had been lost. Therefore, this time, as a gratitude for Raymond, who saved the whole village of Platier Elven Village, was greater.

‘Is it related to the Apocalypse association?’

Raymond’s eyes became sharp. So far, the biggest variable he knows has been the ‘Apocalypse Association’.

Just as Raymond gained a new life along with the knowledge, as he started messing up with novel a new variable appeared.

Knock Knock

“Your Highness, may I come in?”

The person who knocked, with a clear voice, was Desia.

“Come on in.”

When Raymond allowed, the door opened and Desia walked in. She was not alone. Even under the dim light, Sylvia with platinum hair was carefully following her.

“How many days I lost my consciousness?”

This is the most important problem. Raymond asked questions as soon as he made eye contact with Desia.

“Your Highness lost consciousness for two days.”

Desia replied in a calm voice. Raymond nodded slowly.

Although he received the ‘Blessing of Magic and Sword’ and reconstructed his body, side effects were expected from the beginning because Mana Explosion, was used with an unfamiliar body.

Rather, the period when he lost consciousness was shorter than expected.

“Is everything okay?”

“I don’t think there’s much change on the border yet.”

“Are you saying that with confidence?”

Desia noticed at once that Raymond was not asking about the village of the Platier Elven Village.

Raymond lightly pointed out how she spoke with confidence it was excessive. She seems to be hiding something.

“Your Highness, the Fifth Prince, don’t you think I’ve changed?”

Raymond didn’t expect to ask this question so suddenly from her, but Raymond cooled down and looked at Desia.

She wasn’t a person who liked to jokes. It seems to be out of line with the topic of conversation, but there will be the same point.

As the aftereffects of losing consciousness for two days disappeared, Raymond could clearly feel Desia’s change.

“You’re on the level of a Supreme wizard.”

The concentration of mana, which rises subtly from the whole body of Desia, has deepened. She didn’t reveal it intentionally, but she didn’t seem to be trying to hide it herself, so it wasn’t difficult to know that she was at the Supreme level.

“It’s all thanks to your highness.”

It wasn’t empty words. When Raymond received the “Blessing of swords and magic” and began to reconstruct his body, Desia remained to side and watched the whole process. As he watched the progress of ancient magic, he realized.

‘She is actually scary.’

Raymond shook his head lightly, thinking so inside. He knew her talent in the novel and reaffirmed it when he saw her in person, but he didn’t know it would be this much.

She is now in her early 20s and learned magic for four years.

However, it takes more than 10 years for a genius to reach the Supreme level. Historically, this is not uncommon as in the ancient times the time it took to achieve her feat was much shorter, but the fact that it is a great achievement remains unchanged.

“Now you can contact the Tower Master.”

“It was fortunate that I brought the perfect tools just in case.”

She may said it as a coincidence, but Raymond thought she had calculated all this.

She seems to have been confident that she will surely reach the Supreme level on this journey.

“Tell the Tower Master that I’m coming soon because the work is done.”

The last news he heard was the Fresyria Kingdom’s General entered the Black Mountains.

Theh probably didn’t come to the dangerous black mountain range for a picnic. It is time for the battle to take place by now.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Desia noded and stepped back. However, Sylvia looked like she had something to say.

“Lady Sylvia…”

“It’s okay, so go ahead.”

Desia tried to go out with Sylvia, but Raymond said it was okay and sent her first.

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“My lord! Are you awake?”

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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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11 months ago

So, are the other chapters going to get posted? The top paragraph implies there chapters to be posted but it has been almost a week a no new chapter has been posted.

you are precious
you are precious
10 months ago

Thank you for the update🙏

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