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Doting my wife and daughter Chapter 2

There are no slightest change on Pan Lingling’s face.

He looked at Lin Haoqiang coldly.

“Do you mean it? Every time you hit me, you’re like this, do you think I’ll still believe it? If you are really a man, just go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with me to get a divorce, don’t make trouble here!”

Lin Haoqiang stared at Pan Lingling .

“Sorry! I know I’m an asshole! But anyway, please trust me one last time!”

Lin Haoqiang turned his eyes to Pan Xiaojun.

“Xiaojun! Please be a witness today! Your sister and I have been married for five years, and we have a lovely daughter…”

Mentioning Lin Qianqian, Pan Lingling’s emotions suddenly Bursts.

“Don’t mention Qianqian!!!” Pan Lingling screamed, “You are not qualified to mention Qianqian! You don’t deserve to be her father!”

Pan Lingling burst into tears.

“From the moment she was born, I asked you, how many times have you taken care of her? I did everything! Have you washed her diaper even once? How many times have you held her? On her arm, to now there are still scars from your cigarette butts! What kind of face do you have!”

“What in the world! There’s still this kind of scum!”

“Burning your own child with a cigarette butt?! Are you even human?”

“How can you bear it! You are not as good as a pig and a dog!”

For a time, everyone couldn’t bear it anymore, and some people even picked up half a brick from the roadside.

The crowd is turbulent.


Big things are about to happen.

Pan Lingling hurriedly explained: “Don’t get me wrong, my child was burned by a cigarette butt, not on purpose, but because the child was curious and accidentally touched it.”

Seeing this is the situation, the people who had just been irritated finally calmed.

“Even if it wasn’t intentional, how could someone smoke in front of a child! He is not a person anyway!”

“Yes! Scumbag!”

“Girl, aunt supports you, leave him!”

“Such a beautiful girl, Why do you feel that way? Leave this beast!”

Pan Lingling wiped her tears and looked at Lin Haoqiang’s eyes, which were so unfamiliar and desperate.

Lin Haoqiang felt a deep pain in his heart.

Especially before he died, he finally got the news of his wife and daughter.

But it’s all bad news.

Lingling became ill from overwork and died of illness.

Qianqian went astray, and at the age of 30, she was living on the streets.

Lin Haoqiang’s heart felt as if it had been torn apart.

God, thank you for giving me a chance to atone!

tears streamed down Lin Haoqiang’s face.


With a thud, Lin Haoqiang knelt down straight towards Pan Lingling.

“Lingling! There is gold under the man’s knees! I kneel down on my knees and kneel to my parents. Today is the first time I kneel to you! If I swear, I won’t say it anymore! Please give me one last chance!”

The surrounding voices gradually became smaller after he knelt down.

Pan Lingling was confused.

Is this still the Lin Haoqiang you know?

He could actually kneel down in public and ask for forgiveness!

Should I forgive him?

Tears streamed down her delicate cheeks.

“You…you get up and talk!”

“No! If you don’t forgive me, I can’t afford to stand!”

Lin Haoqiang turned to look at his stunned brother-in-law, and said solemnly, “Xiaojun, if I bully Lingling again in the future, kill me! I said what I said!”

Pan Xiaojun snorted and turned to look at his sister.

Pan Lingling choked up and said, “You…you really swore that you would never hit me again?”

it turns out!

How could such a good girl say such a humble thing!

Is this what people do? !

Lin Haoqiang’s nose was sour, and he nodded again and again: “If I hit you again, I’ll cut off my hand, whichever hand hits you I will cut it off!”

“I am just asking you to forgive me for being a scumbag! The prodigal son will never change his return. From now on, I will treat you a thousand times better!”

Among the crowd of onlookers, there are many uncles and aunts, and their eyes were also red.

Pan Lingling whimpered and nodded: “Okay, get up!”

Lin Haoqiang was surprised and happy, unable to control himself any longer, and looked at his wife crying and laughing.

Pan Xiaojun paused and said: “Sister, you are just confused, Haoqiang’s nature is difficult to change! How could you still trust him!”

Pan Lingling looked at her younger brother begging and said, “He is Qianqian’s biological father after all. I…I’m also afraid that if I got divorced, it will be bad for Qianqian…”

Lin Haoqiang looked at Pan Xiaojun with a smirk and said, “Brother-in-law, don’t worry about it! I just swore! There has never been a day in my life when I was so awake! I used to be an asshole! But not now! I want your sister to live a good life from now on! I want Lingling to live a sweeter life than honey from today until we’re gray and old”

Pan Lingling said angrily, “Why are you not the same today as you were before, full of crap! You still have a set!”

Lin Haoqiang just looked at his wife and smirked.

When the aunts and uncles onlookers saw that they were reconciled, they all warned them one by one, and gradually dispersed.

Lin Haoqiang kept bowing to these enthusiastic people and saying words of thanks.

Turning around, there is still a smirk on his face, there is no one else in his eyes, only his wife!

Pan Xiaojun wondered: “Sister, did I just beat this stupid person?”

Pan Lingling rolled her eyes at him: “It’s really stupid, you can’t support him for the rest of your life?”


Lin Haoqiang didn’t look at other people, just stared at Pan Lingling, and said without turning his head: “I don’t want him to support, from now on, I will support you! I will never let you leave me again! I will treat you for the rest of my life. It’s all good! You can hit me, but I won’t hit you!”

At this moment, Lin Haoqiang, if his brother-in-law wasn’t there, if not on the street, he really wanted to hug his wife and wouldn’t let go.

Charlotte was worried that in this movie, Charlotte was reborn, and when she saw her mother, she refused to let go no matter how she hugged her.

When watching the movie at that time, Lin Haoqiang felt that it was very exaggerated.

But now, he felt that it was no exaggeration at all.

It is a lost and found feeling.

If you haven’t lost something precious, you can’t experience this feeling of being lost and found again.

“Why are you… so strange today! You aren’t fooled by Xiaojun, right?”

In Lin Haoqiang’s eyes at this moment, there is no more room for other people.

“It’s not surprising, I’ll look at you like this every day in the future. I used to be a jerk, I’m sorry! In the future, I will never let you suffer again!”

Pan Xiaojun looked at his sister, a blush appeared on his pale face.

Could not help but get angry.

“Sister! You are so useless, you were coaxed by this guy with a few nasty words!”

Pan Lingling’s face turned even redder, to the base of her ears.

“Never mind! Don’t call me crying in the future!” Pan Xiaojun hated that, stomped his feet, turned around and left angrily.

Lin Haoqiang shouted at Pan Xiaojun’s back, “Your sister will never call you to cry!”

“Haoqiang Comes”

He excitedly took Pan Lingling’s hand.

“Lingling,I finally managed to keep you!”

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On the day of my rebirth and divorce, I became a doting husband and dad

On the day of my rebirth and divorce, I became a doting husband and dad

Status: Ongoing
Opening his eyes, Lin Haoqiang returned to the day he divorced his wife. In the last life, he was a gambling addict, lazy, and abandoned his wife and daughter. As he was dying, he learned that his wife became ill from overwork and had long since passed away, and his daughter became a criminal and died on the street after ten years of being in prison. Although Lin Haoqiang died, he did not go to after life as he expected. God not only gave him a chance to return back in time, but also gave him a small farming space.


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