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Doting on my wife and daughter Chapter 1

The cold wind is dreary.
Late winter, early spring.

At this moment, Lin Haoqiang’s heart, like this cold weather, has no warmth.

Riding an electric car, although there is a windshield, it is difficult to resist the wind.

Lin Haoqiang was on his way to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Five years of marriage will officially end today.

Lin Haoqiang felt very uncomfortable. He did not expect that the time, after his rebirth, would be the day he and Pan Lingling divorced.

Yes, Lin Haoqiang returned back to the age of twenty-nine.

It was just the beginning of spring, the cold winter is not over yet.

This was the most painful day of his life.

When he was dying, Lin Haoqiang made a wish.

‘If there is an afterlife. I will never divorce Pan Lingling, but I must reconcile with my wife and daughter, and stay together for the rest of my life until old age.’

“God, are you kidding me?”
“Why today!”

From memory, Lin Haoqiang knew that he owed Pan Lingling too much.

In the five years of marriage, apart from drinking and gambling, He really haven’t done anything.

He beat his wife and children when he was drunk.

Even when he lose the bet.

Unfortunately, after punch and kicks, Pan Lingling’s second child was aborted.

This is also the trigger for today’s divorce.

It was also shortly after the divorce that Lin Haoqiang came to his senses.

It’s just that his wife and daughter Qianqian, who just turned four years old, have left his life.

And cut off all contact with him.

Until Lin Haoqiang’s gray-haired years, he did not have any contact with them.

He didn’t knew anything about them until his death bed.

Later, his wife went south to Guangdong Province to work and took care of Qianqian while working. After a few years, she married an honest man.

But Pan Lingling died at the age of 40 due to overwork.

Lin Qianqian was not an adult at the time, so she could not accept her mother’s death, she became rebellious, and eventually made friends carelessly.

She used to smuggle prohibited items, caught by customs, and spent ten years in prison.

After years, her (Qianqian) arm was full of syringe holes, and she died next to a cold garbage can.

At the moment before he died, Lin Haoqiang felt like a knife stabbed in his heart.

If I hadn’t gotten divorced back then, if I could have shouldered the responsibilities being a husband and father to them…

Maybe my Wife and daughter will not have such a tragic fate!

The wind, blowing on the face, in the eye sockets, was cold.

Pan Lingling, my beloved wife.

Qianqian, my baby.

Wait for me, I don’t want a divorce!

God has given me a chance to relive my life, and I will definitely use this life to be good to you!


The door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

A large dry elm tree stands.

Bicycles and electric vehicles parked in a row.

There are young men and women who join hands happily, and there are middle-aged men and women who are far away to each other. They even brought their children with them.

Pan Lingling was wearing a rose-red jacket, dark blue jeans, and a pair of white sneakers from unknown brand.

A graceful face with a straight nose.


It’s like a beauty who comes out from a star’s poster.

However, in those beautiful eyes, there was an unconcealed tiredness with no vitality.

In the eyes, there is a kind of bleak and utter despair of life!

That bloodless pale face is pitiful.

Lin Haoqiang is just across the street.

The first face after rebirth.

I don’t know how many clips flooded Lin Haoqiang’s mind.

Park the vehicle.

Lin Haoqiang hesitated.

In this scene, the memory of the previous life came flooding back.

His self back then… Didn’t know how to appreciate her at all.

A poor and white man, except for his face, he has no job, lazy, gambles, drinks and smokes.

“This silly girl! Why did you love a waste like myself!”

“Silly girl, in this life, I will definitely change the past! I will never be as scumbag as I used to be! I will spend my whole life with you and Qianqian!”

Across the street, behind the big elm tree, a young man with an electric bike helmet hurried out of the street and charged straight towards Lin Haoqiang.

Lin Haoqiang knew who it was.

In the past life, this scene also happened.

That is Lingling’s younger brother, Pan Xiaojun.

In order to vent his anger, Pan Xiaojun didn’t even tell her sister. He hid behind a tree and scuffled with Lin Haoqiang. In the end, both of them were injured.

After being stopped by passers-by, Lin Haoqiang divorced Pan Lingling angrily.

The corners of Lin Haoqiang’s mouth twitched slightly, revealing a wry smile.

This time, Lin Haoqiang did not intend to fight back.

No matter how hard Pan Xiaojun beats himself, well, he deserves it!

Helplessly, watching Pan Xiaojun rush in front of him.

The fist is getting bigger and bigger in front of my eyes.

Lin Haoqiang did not hide.


Lin Haoqiang tilted his head subconsciously, and the punch hit the cheek.

With anger shot, how can his strength be light.

Cheekbones are sore.

The electric vehicle fell to the ground, and it also fell with Lin Haoqiang.

Pan Xiaojun’s punches and kicks, Lin Haoqiang just covered his head and curled up without saying a word.

One punch, one kick.

Although it is painful, how can it compare to the crimes Lingling and Qianqian have suffered over the years!!!

“Hey! How can you beat someone!”

“Stop now! Otherwise, I’ll call the police!”

I don’t know how many times I’ve been hit, but passers-by shouted loudly.

“It’s none of your business! This man is my brother-in-law! He beat my sister and caused her to miscarry. Do you think it is right to beat my Sister!!!”

The guy in his early twenties felt distressed for his elder sister. After shouting, his eyes were already red.

The well-meaning people onlookers saw that such a situation was actually happening.

They all looked at Lin Haoqiang, who was holding his head and curled up into a shrimp with strange eyes.

No one would sympathize with such scumbags!!!

Some people even spat at Lin Haoqiang!


“Beasts are not as good! They should be killed!”

Pan Lingling discovered the situation here.

Recognizing that it was his younger brother, he was shocked and hurried across the road.

“Xiaojun! What are you doing!”

She grabbed Xiaojun and pushed away from Lin Haoqiang.

“Sister! What are you holding me for! Shouldn’t this scum be beaten?” Pan Xiaojun growled in grief and indignation.

“He hit you! Hit Qianqian, shouldn’t I hit him?”

The young guy was so angry that his chest heaved and he glared fiercely at the embarrassed Lin Haoqiang.

“No need to fight.” Pan Lingling seemed calmer than ever, “I am divorced today, and I have nothing to do with this person. Why are you beating him?”

The onlookers were amazed by Pan Lingling’s beauty. Such a beautiful girl, this scumbag, she was willing to be married with?!

Countless pairs of eyes with hatred wanted to go up and punch him a few more times and also give a few more kicks.

Lin Haoqiang struggled to get up.

He wanted to show a smile at Pan Lingling, but in pain after getting beaten, he grinned.

“Lingling, I’m sorry! I can swear to God, from today onwards, I will definitely change from my past self! If… if I hit you again, I, Lin Haoqiang… From today, I will treat you well. If I don’t do it, you should let Xiaojun beat me to death! No, I don’t need him to do it, I will kill myself!”

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On the day of my rebirth and divorce, I became a doting husband and dad

On the day of my rebirth and divorce, I became a doting husband and dad

Status: Ongoing
Opening his eyes, Lin Haoqiang returned to the day he divorced his wife. In the last life, he was a gambling addict, lazy, and abandoned his wife and daughter. As he was dying, he learned that his wife became ill from overwork and had long since passed away, and his daughter became a criminal and died on the street after ten years of being in prison. Although Lin Haoqiang died, he did not go to after life as he expected. God not only gave him a chance to return back in time, but also gave him a small farming space.


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