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Superstar from age 0 Chapter 52

After hearing the main problems from Ryan Will, Seojun thought of several ways to fix them.

The first way.

As director Ryan Will said, he needed to practice, practice and practice again.

But the more he practiced for the past few months, the more he realized he wasn’t in the right direction. But Seojun didn’t give up and still continued.

Seojun took a deep breath. The Light Mana was put aside and he started [Evil’s Basic Breathing].

The second way

Waiting for a New Door to Open from the Good Life Library.

The third door opened wide like a birthday present, but there was no proper ability in it either.

Given that Seojun seemed nicer, he is now agonizing over whether to open the Evil library’s door or not.

The Light Mana was the source of Seojun. And now Seojun needed to wait for the black mana to change his source.

Third way.

Opening the door to the Evil library.

In order to open the door of it, Black Mana was needed.

Seojun tried to shake off his impatience, but he seemed to be very nervous because he couldn’t move a bit.

Usually, when he decides to do something, he will have the will to do so. However, right now he is hesitating. But either way Good is good, evil is evil. There was no reason or need to choose between the two.

As long as he could spend his life the way he wanted.

He already did this method before. Starting with Light Mana, change it to Black Mana in order to open the Evil Library.

It was the life of an elf who lived in order to avenge his tribe hunted by humans.

The Good Elf tried to open the Evil library in the same way as Seojun is doing right now.

Elf’s life was long, and Elf had that much patience.

However, before the Elf change his source to Black Mana, one of the elf hunters, who was the target for his revenge, fell ill and died.

The Elf realized. Unlike himself, who had a long life span, humans, who were the subject for his revenge died too easily and very early.

‘I longed for revenge. But what if it takes 10 years or even 100 years?’

The elf closed his eyes. ‘I gave up.’

Using the bones of the Skeletons, the blood of the Vampires, and the flesh of the monsters,

He became a devil.

Seojun shook his head at thought of his previous life.

However, the end of that life was doom.

The Elf, who became the devil, killed humans and destroyed the Human kingdom, and Madness eventually took his head, that he even destroyed the kingdom of his fellow elves.

His next life was a black Elf wizard who remembered his previous life, he read the Elf’s life by opening the vicious library and warned him for his next life.


Seojun breathed out loudly.

He don’t know how long he had been working hard in front of the library.

However, unlike elfs who live long ages, human life was short and the filming of Shadowman 2 will happen at even shorter time.

Seojun performed [Evil’s Basic Breathing] again.

A lot of time went by, Seojun sighed and got ready to wake up.

“First of all, Shadowman 2 uses [Bubbly Goblin’s Teasing Mr.Kim].”

He looked at the evil library tightly closed and tied with black chains.

“Keep practicing and practicing, breathing and breathing. Soon I’m going to open it.”

Just before waking up as always, Seojun’s eyes were blurred.

“I won’t appear in any other movies until then. I’m not even going to do a drama!”

Like a warning, Seojun’s firm words seemed to shake the library a little.

* * *

The Next day

Seojun, who went to kindergarten as usual, practiced hard, went to bed, and opened his eyes in front of the library.

As he sat in front of the Evil library he took a deep breath slowly.

As if to suck all of the Evil coming from the Library.

Seo-joon made an impression of controlling the ship, as if he were defeating an intruder.

However, the Blck Mana who was discouraged by the spirited demeanor only hovered around Seojun’s body but did not come inside his body.

“Oh, my God.”

‘Is it impossible for two Mana to coexist?’

Seojun sat properly again and began to take a deep breath.

‘Will the evil library doors never open in this life?’

Light and Black confronted each other outside and inside of his body.

“So, I can’t shoot anymore for the rest of my life?’

The library shook a little.

Seojun closed his eyes and focused on [Evil’s basic breathing], did not see what is happening around him.

‘Can I be a superstar because I can’t even act as a villain?’

Seojun breathed deeply and inhaled.

It was then.

The library of life moved.

The Lighti and Black Mana was in unison circling him around. He mediated between the two manas and demanded cooperation.

Sometimes the two were friendly to each other and sometimes they were devouring each other. But the Library growled, showing his teeth at the two disobedient manas.

In the end, two manas held hands with disapproving expressions after being overwhelmed by the library’s behavior.

As if they were ready to let go each other’s hand at any moment, only their pinkies held each other. (TL: imagine pinky swear but coming from enemies)

This all happened while Seojun has his eyes closed tightly and focused only on breathing.


Black Mana was slowly entering deep into Seojun’s body.

His heart pounded. The Black Mana was also likely to run amok to defeat the Light Mana, but it didn’t, it was just spinning around at his original source.

‘What’s going on?!’

‘What happened in my body?’

Seojun was just looking at the two Mana, but quickly came to his senses.

‘Let’s find the cause later’

Seojun decided to not waste this opportunity.

‘Focus, focus, focus!’

He cheered on Black Mana with all his might. He did everything he could to soothe two manas in co-existing.


Finally, Black Magic united with his original Source. As if they were in a truce, the two manas circled each other. They were wary of each other. And gradually, it calmed down.

At that time, a blessing alarm came in.

[Evil’s basic breathing is activated!]

Maybe it was because Seojun was in a good mood at the two manas stayed together without any problems, and the notification made him happier.

[Evil’s basic breathing]

The presence of evil evokes his Black Mana.

It does not conflict with any other breathing methods. (Except Light)

It harmonize with the body of the holder.


Seojun shouted with his arms raised high. Shouting of joy.

“Finally! Finally!”

He was so excited that he ran around inside the library.


‘I’ve never been this excited since his birth!’ He burst out laughing and ran around.

Deng-deng. Deng-deng.


He could hear something falling from the library. Seojun looked back with a curious face. Three beads were rolling on the floor.

“What is it?”

Seojun picked up three beads. There were patterns on each of theme. It was a bead with a long stick pattern, a bead with a slime pattern, and a bear pattern.


Seojun, who arranged the beads on the floor, quickly looked at the palm of his right hand and smoothed his stomach and back of his head.

‘I don’t have it. I don’t have it!’ Seojun face was now in disbelief. He couldn’t feel the energy from this abilities.

The only things in Seojun’s body now were [Elf’s Basic Breathing] and [Evil’s Basic Breathing], not in the form of beads.

“Why did it fall?”

Seojun was now in an awkward position because it was his first time to be in such a difficult situation, soon he came to his senses. It was because he realized that it was the first time Light and Black Mana had started to coexist with each other.

“It’s the first time two manas are together, so no one knows what’s going to happen. First, let’s put it in.”

Seojun grabbed the bead. It was Slime’s ability to digest. And he put it in his stomach like he always did.

There was now a slime pattern on his stomach. Then he put [Summer Bear’s Hibernation] in the back of his head and [the orchestra conductor’s connection] in his right palm.
Fortunately, it still permeated into his body.

“Was it because of the sudden change in my Mana?”

Seojun’s eyes, which had been looking at his body for a long time, rolled around.

“I didn’t know this would happen.….”

The amount of Mana that he have been using freely so far has been reduced by half. Thus, the 100% was reduced to 50% and the Black Mana took the remaining 50.

He could only use his full power for half a day.

Of course, it was a source that would naturally grow as he grew older.

“I’ve got another Mana, so this is fine.”

It would only be possible if the ability was controlled and used only during filming.

The Eight months of acting practice with Ryan Will was not in vain. So, practicing the same role every time, he was able to get away from Immerse acting for a little bit. He could now easily adjust.

“It’s only a little for now.”

Seo-joon turned around and looked at the Evil library, which was tightly closed.

At Seojun’s gaze, the black chain sensed Black Mana in Seojun’s body and began to unravel with a loud sound.

The chains that tied the black door disappeared in an instant.

The large door, like from the Good Library, disappeared from his left and a smaller door appeared on his right. The door got smaller at Seojun’s touch.

The last small tightly closed door appeared.

“It’s starting again.”

Seojun put his right hand against the black door.

Creak, creak.

The door opened.
Ryan Will and Jonathan returned to the United States a week after. Even then, Ryan Will’s one-man drama was still on-going.

Ryan Will and Seojun decided to talk on video call once a week while watching the video that seemed to be the best.

In the meantime, grandfather and grandmother, who went on a trip to Europe, has returned safely.

Seojun came to meet them in the airport, his grandparents each held out a piece of torn firefly talisman paper.

“What do I do about this? The amulet Seojun gave me was torn apart.”

“Grandpa’s, too. Will you draw it again later?”


Delicately painted fireflies were torn from place to place. There’s no way a grandparent would tear up a gift from their grandchildren.

‘Oh, it’s…’

Seojun was surprised and circled around his grandmother and grandfather to see if they were hurt. Adults thought it was because he was happy to see them so they laughed.

His grandparents came to Seojun’s house while happily talking about their trip in Europe and also talked about the traffic accident that happened on their trip.

When his grandmother realized that she had left her stuff at the accommodation, she went back to the accommodation with the guide.

Because of that, the package tour bus left about 10 minutes late.

“I don’t know how shocked I was when a teenager cursed at me.”

“How much did they blame your grandmother for being late? But when we saw the accident, the driver and the guide said, ‘If we had left on time, we would have been there’, and everyone kept their mouths shut!”

Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but it could have been a major accident if their bus was involved in the crash. The couple and Seojun breathed a sigh of relief.

After New Year, Seojun received a lot of birthday gift and became one-year-old older.

He is now 6 years old now, 7 years old in Korean age!

The next door has finally open.

“I’ve been waiting for this!”

Seojun already read all the books from the other two libraries. Before this happened he would grabbed a thin straw and knocked on the door of the library every night.

He was waiting for when it would open, but now it finally opened.

Seojun opened the newly opened library with his eyes sparkling.

“Seojun is feeling down today.”

“He’s been like that since morning.”

Seo Eun-chan stopped by Seo Eun-hye’s house and the first thing he noticed is how Seojun was today.

Seo Eun-chan has been busy acquiring stocks and organizing Cocoa Entertainment on behalf of the president, who has been arrested for crimes such as embezzlement of funds.

He came to inform Seojun, his older sister, and brother-in-law, who contributed funds for the acquisition of Cocoa Entertainment, about the important announcement.

Seojun was lying on the sofa in the living room like slime that had been worn out after playing for a long time.

“What’s wrong?”


“Nothing? What?”

“There’s nothing really…”

Seo Eun-chan rolled his eyes at Seojun’s adult like words and gaze at Lee Min-joon. Lee Min-joon smiled bitterly at him and pointed his finger toward the kitchen to discuss Seojun’s problem.

“Director Ryan came in korea back at the end of December.”

Lee Min-joon slowly told the whole story.

Seo Eun-chan watched the five-year-old boy laying on the sofa with tired eyes. It seems that he was tired from filming his recent practice of the One-Man drama that Ryan Will gave him.

“It’s July now.”

The weather is slowly becoming hotter, and the typhoon will be coming soon in early July.

For the past seven months, Seojun has been practicing his One-Man drama every single day.

From morning till night. Whether at home or in kindergarten, he practiced continuously not wasting a second.

However, after realizing that he had been spending too much on his acting and neglected his daily life, Seojun now went to kindergarten and practiced acting only at a fixed time.

Many video calls with Ryan Will, but all of those failed.


Seojun was flapping on the sofa screaming.

‘It wasn’t even in the new library! I read all the books, but there was none…’

He used the ability that seems to be ‘Villain’, but he failed once again. Ryan even told that he became nicer.

‘From the day Ryan came, I didn’t even do [Elf’s Basic Breathing]!’

He got used to using [Elf’s Basic Breathing] so he was trying hard not to do it unconsciously.

‘Oh no, I just did it!’

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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