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Superstar from age 0 Chapter 51

TL: Change ‘Mana of the Sun’ to Light Mana for easy writing.

The next door has finally open.

“I’ve been waiting for this!”

Seojun already read all the books from the other two libraries. Before this happened he would grabbed a thin straw and knocked on the door of the library every night.

He was waiting for when it would open, but now it finally opened.

Seojun opened the newly opened library with his eyes sparkling.

“Seojun is feeling down today.”

“He’s been like that since morning.”

Seo Eun-chan stopped by Seo Eun-hye’s house and the first thing he noticed is how Seojun was today.

Seo Eun-chan has been busy acquiring stocks and organizing Cocoa Entertainment on behalf of the president, who has been arrested for crimes such as embezzlement of funds.

He came to inform Seojun, his older sister, and brother-in-law, who contributed funds for the acquisition of Cocoa Entertainment, about the important announcement.

Seojun was lying on the sofa in the living room like slime that had been worn out after playing for a long time.

“What’s wrong?”


“Nothing? What?”

“There’s nothing really…”

Seo Eun-chan rolled his eyes at Seojun’s adult like words and gaze at Lee Min-joon. Lee Min-joon smiled bitterly at him and pointed his finger toward the kitchen to discuss Seojun’s problem.

“Director Ryan came in korea back at the end of December.”

Lee Min-joon slowly told the whole story.

Seo Eun-chan watched the five-year-old boy laying on the sofa with tired eyes. It seems that he was tired from filming his recent practice of the One-Man drama that Ryan Will gave him.

“It’s July now.”

The weather is slowly becoming hotter, and the typhoon will be coming soon in early July.

For the past seven months, Seojun has been practicing his One-Man drama every single day.

From morning till night. Whether at home or in kindergarten, he practiced continuously not wasting a second.

However, after realizing that he had been spending too much on his acting and neglected his daily life, Seojun now went to kindergarten and practiced acting only at a fixed time.

Many video calls with Ryan Will, but all of those failed.


Seojun was flapping on the sofa screaming.

‘It wasn’t even in the new library! I read all the books, but there was none…’

He used the ability that seems to be ‘Villain’, but he failed once again. Ryan even told that he became nicer.

‘From the day Ryan came, I didn’t even do [Elf’s Basic Breathing]!’

He got used to using [Elf’s Basic Breathing] so he was trying hard not to do it unconsciously.

‘Oh no, I just did it!’

Seojun stopped [Elf’s Basic Breathing], which he just did unconsciously.

When Seojun, who was flapping, fell on the sofa tired, Seo Eun-chan smiled at the sight of him. This was a new side of Seojun, who seemed to be always calm.

“So these past few days, I saw a lot of things that I didn’t know about Seojun.”

Seo Eun-hye scolded Seojun for constantly staying in his room.

He goes to the kindergarten without washing up and even take the script out even at school hours.

Lee Min-Joon scolded his son for thinking about something else while eating snacks.

Recalling the attitude of Seojun during these past few months, Lee Min-joon also smile.

Seojun was getting tired.

It’s already been seven months. He was confident if it would be a year or 5 years later. No, Seojun shook his head.

Seojun, who was lying on the sofa and look at the sky outside the window and sighed.

At first, he thought he could do it if he didn’t use my powers, but it wasn’t on par with Ryan Will’s assessment. Still, he said he looked nice.

So he waited for the next library door to open, but there were still no Villain like ability he could use.


Seojun breathed a heavy sigh as if he had all kinds of problems in the world again.

‘But wouldn’t it be better if I practice a little more?’ Seojun jumped out of the sofa and headed back to his room.

‘Practice. Practice is the only way to live.’


Ryan Will came back to Korea. Jonathan was with him again. The couple and Seojun were very nervous about the sudden appearance of the director. They had a hunch that a big one would pop up today.

Today, Seojun needed to act in front of Ryan Will. He memorized all the lines and his body movements were perfect. However, it was rejected again. Ryan Will, who was watching Seojun sighing, suddenly opened his mouth.

“We’ll start shooting Shadowman 2 in September.”

At the sound of his voice, the couple’s movement also stopped. Ryan Will, who saw Seojun’s fluctuating eyes, unconsciously touched his face. He was gonna wait a little longer.


“Yes, I can’t help it.”

The schedules of the other actors for Shadowman 2 and the released of other Marine films have been scheduled.

Ryan Will has delayed the deadline as much as he can at his discretion. But that was also now impossible.

Seojun opened his mouth.

“Then acting…….”

“First of all, let’s film with the acting you did at the audition.”

Seojun was speechless. He has been practicing for 7 months, and now he is saying, “Let’s go with the first one.” Seojun, who had barely moved his mouth, changed his words.

“Are my pictures still going around?”

“Even the FBI can’t get rid of it.”

He said that the photos floating on the Internet will be somehow be removed, but it could not be removed from the photos that each individuals own. Even more if it’s printed.

Ryan Will and Seojun shook their heads.

It was because there was a picture of Seojun printed by his own mother at Ryan Will’s main house, and Kim Hee-sung even made a nice frame in Seojun’s house.

Lee Min-Joon and his wife hung them in their rooms.

“Come to think of it, some countries sell your picture as a souvenir, printed in a cup or a fan. Like a talisman that brings you good luck? I heard it’s popular.”

“Uncle Ryan!”

Seojun, who was energized by Ryan’s relaxed talk, screamed. After dozens of video calls, the two even shared jokes to each other.

“I mean, it came out so well. You’re so into acting like an angel because it’s Christmas Eve, isn’t?

“Do you think I knew this would happen?”

Seojun pouted his lips. Back then, on Christmas Eve, he was so happy to hear that he used his ability to bless the whole world. He couldn’t bear to say no to Ryan.

Now only silence remained. Ryan Will spoke first.

“What do you think? Can you get ready?”


Seojun nodded his head. Just this time, let’s use [Bubble Goblin’s Teasing Kim] and next, let’s practice harder.

“I’ll try.”

* * *

Jonathan watched Ryan and Seojun talk.

Ryan, who informed him of the filming date, got up from his seat. The couple and Seojun also said goodbye.

‘Did he came to Seojun’s house and give acting guidance?’ Jonathan, who had thought so, followed him out the door.

“Where are you going?”

“To revise the script.”

‘I thought It’s already been fixed.’ Jonathan saw Ryan pressing the button on the elevator.

He said he found the perfect actor, and he was happy about it. But know he was adjusting the script for the same actor
“Do you want to make more corrections?”

“The actors are trying, but I’ll do my best.”

‘I think it’s okay to change actors.’ Jonathan wanted to say so but shut his mouth. Ryan, who has been filming for years, wouldn’t want to hear about it.

He was sure Seojun Lee knows. However, the two did not give up at all.

Jonathan and Ryan got into the elevator. A heavy silence enveloped the two.

* * *

Seojun stood in front of the library. Director Ryan Will visited and gave the  him filming schedule of Shadowman 2.


Now it’s August. Today, Seojun turned around and walked. The Good Life library, which had been shining brightly, gradually disappeared and behind Seojun’s back darkness came.

Not long after walking, he could see several doors. Unlike his original library doors, which had colorful colors, on this one only black doors were visible.

The library’s doors were covered with thick black chains.

Seojun approached and touched the door of the library. The black chain did not react, let alone open the door.

This dark library was a collection of bad past lives.

“The library of Evil Lives.”

There was only one way to unlock the chain and open the door. Seojun must have possess Black Mana.

If Seojun had made the source using [Evil’s Basic Breathing], the evil library here would have opened wide, and a thick white chain would have firmly surrounded the virtuous library.

For the past eight months, this was his daily job, but he was still very nervous.

Seojun breathed out to calm his nervous body. His Light Mana wriggled to see if it was influenced by the evil library.

Seojun sat in front of a vicious library. He closed his eyes.

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