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Second Life Chance of the B Class Villain Chapter 1- Ending

Translator: EatSomeGrass

“Name Lee Si-Guk. Nationality: Republic of Korea. Date of birth May 1, 2005. Age is 37 years old (Korean Age. 36 international). And an awakened of Class B.”

A Japanese prison guard recited the information in front of the death row sentenced prisoner in a mechanical way.

Hearing the Guard from beyond the glass wall, Lee Si-Guk stared into void with a calm look.

“To the date, September 9, 2041, 193 organized crimes, 122 international drug trafficking, 324 murders and 252 arson cases were done and he was arrested at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan. On December 3, 2041, the Supreme Court of Japan unanimously sentenced him to death. The death penalty was decided to be held on May 1, 2042.ā€

The Japanese prison guard stopped talking and looked at Lee Si-Guk.

His situation was still the same, staring into the void.

“What’s the last thing you want to say?”

Lee Si-Guk grinned at the words of the prison guard. He just looked at him without saying anything.

As if familiar with this kind of thing, the prison guard was looking at the prisoner with the usual poker face look.

“Give me a cigarette.”

Proficient Japanese words flowed out from his mouth. The prison guard nodded.

Then, a member of the Japanese Superhuman Association, dressed in a suit next to the prisoner, brought a cigarette, passed it on to his mouth, and set it on fire.

Staring at the sight of the burning cigarette, Lee Si-Guk closed his eyes.

“Why don’t you have anything to say? You bastard!”

Amidst the acrid smoke, Lee Si-Guk briefly recalled the past.

‘You stupid Russian. You said you’d only drink one glass of vodka, but you finished three bottles of vodka.ā€¦.ā€™

Lee Si-Guk was calmly sucking out the smoke from the cigarette as he recalled the Russian Class C villain, Maxim, who was shot dead at Kansai International Airport.

September 9, 2041, about eight months ago.

After finishing his work in Japan, Lee Si-Guk was passing through Kansai International Airport’s security checkpoint using a forged passport.

Security at the airport was tight. This was because a spy from the Japanese police agency who infiltrated the Yakuza organization received intelligence that a group of villains would enter Japan through Kansai International Airport.

However, the two men, who are currently lining up to get their passport check, were the villains, also their true indentities were not on the list of suspects.

Because they were hiding their true powers with items, the two men were able to get to the security checkpoint without receiving much attention from agents waiting all over the airport.

They were able to pass through since the forged passport itself was issued by the Russian Far East government, it was not caught in the search bar.

The problem was Maxim causing trouble on the airport with the personnel.

“Fcking bastard!”
The drunken Maxim did not remember his alias, Aleksandr Ilich Ivanov.
“Maxim Frandelovich! That’s my name, you little monkey!”

Right now, the airport security was in chaos, and agents from the Japanese National Superhuman Association rushed over.

“Let me ask you again. Are you Aleksandr Ilich Ivanov? Or is Maxim Frandelovich right?”

Instead of answering the agent’s question, Maxim threw a huge fireball.

The fireball hit the agent’s body and exploded.

In no time, airport security was in chaos, and association agents were prepared to fight.

“Hey, Korean Man! These chickens don’t recognize us and they don’t know us.”

The agents and the eyes of Lee Si-Guk met, do had no choice but to draw his sword.

Maxim was a mage superhuman, so he bullied the association members by throwing fireballs from a certain distance.

The current situation was super easy for close range attackers to strike, so Lee Si-Guk knocked down agents one by one with Maxim’s long-distance support.
So far they were on the advantage during the battle.

No matter how good the Japanese agents were, it was not enough to overcome the collaboration between Class B close ranger and Class C long-distance ranger.

In addition, due to the influence of Lee Si-Guk’s skill, the movement of agents has slowed down even more.

“Ura! ”

The problem was Maxim.

Maxim, who was running wild under the influence of alcohol, threw a fireball at the back of Lee Si-Guk.

The attack came from friendly forces behind him, so Lee Si-Guk could not prepare himself to avoid it.


The fireball exploded in his back, and in no time his vitality was halved.
Concentration also fell to 40% in an instant from 80%.

As a result, the problem was solved for the Agents as Lee Si-Guk couldn’t use it anymore and now they were able to exert their own power.

“Fcking Bastards!”

Maxim swore, but the situation couldn’t be solved with just a swear.

Lee Si-Guk back wss fully cooked and his internal injuries were significantly big, so his power output was weakened.

To make matters worse, members of the International Superhuman Association’s Office of Superhuman Crime have joined hands with the Agents.

In an instant, the battle was turned upside down in an instant.


Finally, the blade of the wind blown by a mage agent cut through Maxim’s throat.
Maxim died on the spot, and Lee Si-Guk, being alone, was arrested.

“International Most Wanted B class villain was arrested in Japan!”

This has become an international issue immediately.

His rank was B, and although the stage of Lee Si-Guk was limited to East Asia and the Far East of Russia, attention from all over the world was now focused on Japan as he was quite notorious.

The trial was put in an open trial, which was held in coverage by reporters from all over the world.

“Why did you become a B-class villain?”

This was what the reporters, who were camped out on the way out of the trial, always asked.
It was a question full of curiosity of course.

Class B was a high-end superhuman awakened because there were only 10,000 of them present worldwide.

The question was not just the reporter’s personal curiosity, this were all people who look up to high ranker awakened thoughts when they hear he was s Class B villain.

But Lee Si-Guk remained silent on all the reporters’ questions.

He was not just silent in front of the reporters. Lee Si-Guk remained tight-lipped even after being arrested and sentenced.

With Lee Si-Guk exercising his right to remain silent, the Supreme Court of the Japanese Superhuman Crime Court unanimously sentenced him to death after just three months of hearing.

The South Korean government requested the repatriation of Lee Si-Guk to South Korea, citing he was still part of the country’s citizens, but the Japanese government lightly dismissed them saying that Kansai International Airport its within their jurisdiction so they have rights to sentence him.

And today, less than six months after he was sentenced to death, he was left alone in a chair dedicated to death row for superhuman beings.

‘Why did they have to kill me on my birthday?’
Lee Si-Guk exhaled the cigarette smoke through his nose.
‘Well, it’s technically not my birthday because May 1st was when I was discovered in front of the orphanage.ā€™

Lee Si-Guk laughed dryly.

At most, he is only 38 years old or 37 years old, but there was still a lifelong question that remained on the mind of Lee Si-Guk.

‘Why did you abandon me?’

From the time he grew up, to the time he became a villain, and to the time he was waiting for his execution here in Osaka.

This question was always stuck in the head of Lee Si-Guk.

‘I’d rather be aborted if I was just abandoned….ā€™

324 people, including unofficial killings, this people would have not lose their lives if he were not alive.

Hundreds of kilograms of drugs he smuggled would not have destroyed countless homes and individuals.

Countless people would not have been threatened and extorted by him, nor would a criminal organization have grown up to threaten police rights.

“Why did you became a Class B villain?”

Suddenly, his first murder came to his mind.

‘Was it when I was Twenty-one years old? Yeah, I did it back then. That’s right.’

December 3, 2025.

Lee Si-Guk killed a human for the first time.
A housewife in her early 30s was the victim.

The reason for the murder was simple.

“If you oversleep and go to kindergarten late, that’s what happens to you when you grow up.”

That morning, she told her daughter so, pointing at Lee Si-Guk near the apartment complex. Then Lee Si-Guk heard the story clearly.

At that moment Lee Si-Guk let go all of his reason. All sorts of sorrows exploded and drove him to extreme excitement and madness.

He went straight to the convenience store and bought two bottles of soju and returned to the apartment complex.

The bottles were emptied immediately

Drunkness came up, and in that situation, Lee Si-Guk was captivated by something extremely negative, a mixture of sorrow, anger, and injustice.

In a drunken state, Lee Si-Guk took the child from the kindergarten and had a quarrel with the housewife, who was returning home after drinking coffee during the break.

All Lee Si-Guk wanted was to vent the injustice and anger in his heart.

But Lee Si-Guk eventually exploded due to her attitude, forgetting all his sanity, he strangled her to death on the spot.


The guard screamed when he saw Lee Si-Guk standing there staring blankly down at the woman’s body.

Residents panicked, and police rushed to the scene due to someone’s report.

“Don’t move! Put your hands up!”

Police said so and pointed a gun at Lee Si-Guk. With blank mind, he has obeyed meekly.

When police twisted his arms back and handcuffed him, Lee Si-Guk awakened his superhuman powers.

In the face of the power of an awakened superhuman, handcuffs were merely cumbersome objects, and were not a tool to restrain them.

Lee Si-Guk, which was handcuffed with force, fled after knocking down police officers on the spot.

That’s when the villain’s life began.

Soon after, he was involved in the terrorist attack on the U.S. ambassador in South Korea, which led to the declaration of Lee Si-Guk as a villain and wanted by the criminal investigation bureau of the International Superhuman Association.

“I wouldn’t have wanted to live like this. You filthy bastards.”

Lee Si-Guk exhaled the cigarette smoke.

The cigarette was slowly turning into ashes and the butts only remains.

It is widely believed in academia that superpowers are innate capabilities.

If he hadn’t became a villain , he might have been able to live in the upper class of society, enjoying the wealth and honor of being a class B hunter.

At least he didn’t have to sit on a death row chair waiting to die, did he?

Suddenly the realization of a futile imagination crossed to his mind.

He smirked.

The cigarette burned down to the butt.

The agent watching him by his side pulled the cigarette out from his mouth.

A deep sigh came out of the mouth of Lee Si-Guk.

The agent nodded lightly at the prison guard over the glass wall and went out of the room.

“May 1, 2042, 16:24 PM. The Osaka Third Superhuman Prison, authorized by the Japanese government, will carry out the death penalty for the Superhuman Villain Lee Si-Guk.”

With the mechanical voice of the Japanese prison guard, the glass walls turned black. And soon all the electricity within the room was turned off.

Lee Si-Guk looked at the darkness with a calm expression.

Now, in about a minute, his Vitality will run out and he will die.

The time he lived, the history of his life will go up in smoke.

All that’s left in the world is the notoriety of a B class villain, accusations on the Internet, and a trial record that will remain as a case to be mentioned in the media or the legal profession in the near future.

He was now moving towards the end.


A needle came out from the death chair and stabbed deep into the spine Lee Si-Guk

The prickly pain and foreign sensation began to paralyze his senses.

‘Status window.’

Lee Si-Guk called out the status window into the air.

A series of letters and numbers appeared in front of him like a hologram.

Vitality: 3300/3300,
Mana: 2400/2400,
Concentration: 100%
Skill: Sense of Combat (B), Case (C), Murder (B)

It was not a bad level of ability as a B class awakened superhuman.

But now those ability will be reduced to a handful of ashes.

In the eyes of Lee Si-Guk, a rapidly declining vitality figure came into play.

Vitality: 2670/3300
Life force: 1700/3300
Vitality: 900/3300

The crucial difference between superhuman and ordinary people is this vitality.

In the case of ordinary people, if they are shot with a gun, they die at once, but for superhuman it wasn’t that case.

The superhuman dies only when the figure of their Vitality reaches zero.

In other words, even if they were shot, there are few cases of instantaneous death except for Class E.

Therefore, the execution of a superhuman was different from that of ordinary people.
Hanging and Electricution were meaningless to them.

The death penalty of a superhuman was carried out in such a way that the superhuman’s vitality was continuously extracted from their body. This was how superhuman’s death penalty was carried out.

Vitality: 98/3300

As vitality fell below 100, all senses of Lee Si-Guk was paralyzed.

Now there was no status window in sight.

Only his brain survived and didn’t lose consciousness yet.

Vitality: 32/3300

Death came as if it was just sleep. Like a child who fell asleep at any time to the extent that narcolepsy was suspected, floundering between dreams and reality.

So Lee Si-Guk was dazed and breathed out his last breath.

‘If I were born again…ā€¦ā€™
After a meaningless thought, Lee Si-Guk lost consciousness.

May 1, 2042, 16:26 PM.

Lee Si-guk, a Class B villain from South Korea, notorious in East Asia, ended his life like that.

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Second Life Chance of the B Class Villain

Second Life Chance of the B Class Villain

Life of a B Class Villain Act 2
Score 8.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
B-class villain Lee Si-guk, gained superhuman powers in a world where fantasy became reality. Due to an unlucky event, he was caught by the authorities and sent to death sentence at the age of thirty-eight. With all his abilities and memories, he returned to 2017, when he was thirteen, and still in the sixth grade of elementary school. ā€˜Iā€™m not going to live like that this time.ā€™


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Chasing Dreams
Chasing Dreams
1 year ago

Interesting start, hope to see more!

1 year ago

Soooo he became a villain becuase of, what? A whim? Depression?

Also, that may be an execution, but it’s pretty peaceful, huh? šŸ˜…

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