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Music show Genius chapter 21

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Ten million won was deposited into Jung-Ho’s bank account.

It was the pay for Summer Fantasy.

“They treated me to the highest standards.”

He don’t know what it’s like now, but none of the Korean pop music composers received 10 million won for their music.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is the highest level of treatment.

‘But if he think about it there’s an additional promotional fee… It should take this much.’
In some cases, top composers with high grain costs may also have promotional costs.

In my case…

[S.O.T.A. and Jera’s new album starts with J.Ho’s song!]

‘That’s pretty good.’

Considering that Jera’s name can also be used to promote, 10 million won is never a high price.

“This is the end of my business with S.O.T.A.”

What he worked on this time was purely loyalty to Choi Woo-young and Kim Myung-woo. He thought that this was enough in return, so he wasn’t going to respond to any requests afterwards.

‘Let’s work on how to run my own YouTube channel.’

For the first time in a while, the atmosphere in the Neocrew conference room was good.

They’ve listened to the songs they’ve heard it over and over again. In the meantime, while discussing costumes and choreography concepts, the smile did not disappear around their mouth.

Happy sound rang from time to time.

“This is how it should have been. Look, the rest of the songs are going well because they’re good. You said the background was Palau Island, right? Let’s go. Let’s go there to shoot a music video.”

“Isn’t there Choi Yeon as a female trainee? She’s so pretty. I think it would be good to make her the heroine in the lyrics and make her debut in the music video.”

“Oh, that’s nice, too.”

Choi Woo-young watched the company executives laughing and talking with pride.

‘I did it!’

The rise in stock prices with one success is not just for artists.

Dedicated managers can also change their status.

‘I can take it to the next level with this song!’

But just then, a voice broke his sweet dreams.

“Next song, let’s get it in advance and prepare it ready.”


Frozen face.

Kim Sang-joong, CEO of Neocrew, said terrible things with a smiling face.

“Don’t you think you’ll be able to keep getting songs? Jung-Ho will be busy after the song is released, so let’s get the song in advance.”


“Jung-Ho and the kids are in good harmony. S.O.T.A, let’s just trust Jung Ho. If we do well, won’t we be able to enter overseas markets?”

“Who is Jung-ho? Isn’t that composer Jera? To be honest, my kids can’t even compare to hin.”

“Yes, the Korean Wave is strong right now, so maybe we can take this opportunity to do that forced entry.”

“Right? Hahaha!”

As if everything had already been achieved, the executives laughed. They didn’t see any anxiety on Woo-young’s face.

Just a few days ago, it was a dramatic change, considering the fact that S.O.T.A. was failing all the time.

But Choi Woo-young can’t laugh.

“Get me another song?”

It was a difficult song to get.

He wasn’t sure if he could get it again.

Choi Woo-young said carefully.

“Jung-Ho seems busy preparing for Jera’s album, so shouldn’t we look for another composer?”


Kim Sang-joong was adamant.

“How do you think such a great song could have been played? Because Jung-Ho is a genius? Of course, there’s that, but the real reason is that we have a good chemistry.”


“He was a candidate for debut group. So Jung-ho knows the five members very well. A genius musician who dominated the Billboard Singles Chart knew our kids well and made this song. That’s why such a great song came out.”

Choi Woo-young is hardened.

That’s the last thing he’d thought of course.
“If the next song is by another composer. What do you think will happen then?”


“It’s a more disastrous fall. Why? The other composer won’t be able to match our kids to that extent. And he’s not as genius as Jung-ho.”

The face that was smiling nicely suddenly changes.

He spoke with a grim look on his face.

“By all means, get the next song from Jung-ho. If it’s hard, call for more money. Do whatever you want. Don’t you know entertainment?”

Choi Woo-young bit his lips tightly.

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