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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 123

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Like it or not, there were many occasions to be involved or encountered with the same S-class hunters.

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In this turbulent world, if you were just throwing your body away, you would have been swept away.

Since it’s happening among a few people.

It was important to know more information if you wanted to quickly understand the situation and survive.

“Ha-ha-ha, what advice would you give to a dead man anyway?”

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“You must be here to fight me.”

“You’ve been fighting the guild, making a big debut, and you don’t think you’re going to have a single initiation ceremony. Let’s see what we can do. We’ll evaluate if the word king fits you.”

Oh, my.

Koo Chang-hwan lifted the sword.

Then the masked man frowned slightly.

“You’ll see the monsters around you. You didn’t bring your men, and you’re going to deal with all this alone?”

“Haha… you’re kidding, aren’t you?”

There were more than 1,000 minions in the boss room.

In addition, there were a number of ancient golem that had not yet joined.

Koo Chang-hwan, on the other hand, had only one confidence.

Many of the guild members who followed him were not here.

The reason was simple.

Because there was no need.

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“S rank Hunter is basically a soloist. Do you know why? First of all, there aren’t enough people to make a team member. We don’t get along well with each other, but the biggest reason is that we can do it alone.”

What it took to become S rank’s Hunter was an overwhelming level of strength, nothing else.

The classification itself is different from that of ordinary hunters.

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And for Hunters with such power, the number of regular monsters in the dungeon did not matter much.

As long as they are physically fit, they can organize themselves by themselves, no matter how many hundreds of them flock at once.

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“No matter how many minions there are next to you, it’s no different from the usual dungeon. It’s much easier for the weaker Necromancer to deal with than the boss monster surrounded by monsters.”

Koo Chang-hwan’s appearance disappeared for a moment.


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The masked man  lifted the sword and prevented Koo Chang-hwan’s attack.

Koo Chang-hwan tried to press the sword with his strength from top to bottom.

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Surprisingly, the mask-in endured without collapsing its posture.

Then Koo Chang-hwan’s expression was a little curious and interesting.

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“Oh, my God, you’ve got this, and you know how to use your body. Aren’t you a necromancer?


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Two men facing each other between swords.

But the men around them weren’t just watching the fight.


“Don’t bother me.”


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Koo Chang-hwan  cut down the monsters that were rushing towards him.

The opponent tried to fight back by twisting the sword, but Koo Chang-hwan easily dealt with the masked man and removed the monster.

There was such a big difference between the two’s skills.

“You know how to use your body. But that’s about it. Maybe it’s not the main field, but he’s poor at sword skills, and there are a lot of summoners, so it’s not that great. I can’t believe how he survived after turning Cheongseong back to the enemy. I have to say he was lucky.”


Even the ancient golem that joined them was dismantled at once.

Monsters rushing from all sides seemed to have become useless.

Although it was not far behind in terms of strength or speed, the difference in the ability of the prosecutor was clear, so the mask man could only hold out.

“I don’t know if you’re tired of cleaning up the S-class dungeon, but… I’ll call it a day.”

Koo Chang-hwan caught the sword by spinning it leisurely.

If he had only this much potential, he would have been filtered out quickly anyway, and he had no interest in having any more.

“I’ll take your breath away before the Hunters of Cheongseong arrive.”


Koo Chang-hwan’s sword, which found a gap, swung in an instantaneously.

It penetrated the abdomen of the mask with a thud.


A little groan broke through the mask.

He tried to stop the blow just now, but it didn’t work, and blood spilled over the very deep stab wound.

The blade stretched out to the back and penetrated.

“The attack on the S rank dungeon itself is like risking your life every time. There’s only a stronger way to survive without running away. And this is the gap. It’s different from Rookie, who just started.”

“It’s been noisy since a while ago, but stop talking.”



Koo Chang-hwan was hit by a sudden blow.

He was pushed back by the shock of being hit in the face.

Koo Chang-hwan, who frowned as much as he could, spit out blood.

“You’re going to die beautifully… Are you trying to make the last move?”

Apparently, Koo Chang-hwan stabbed his opponent’s vital point accurately and deeply.

No matter how much he had the body of a high-ranking hunter, he could never be safe.

Let’s go!

Surprisingly, however, the wound of the mask man, which had been split, began to heal.

It recovered at an incredible pace, not at a slow pace.

“…How is this?”

“You can’t use the sword.”

Take care of yourself!

The masquerade threw the sword aside.

Anyway, it was just a brief take over what a skeleton warrior used.

Then the body of the mask man began to swell and twist.



“They said the Hunters of Cheongseong are coming here. Before that, I’ll make sure you’re done.”

Werewolf the Great Chief, Locan.

Hidden behind the mask, he revealed his true self.

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