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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP chapter 121

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“Anyway, we’re gonna have to clean up this place up.”

Sung-hyun looked away and looked at the fragments of Walten.

He’s shattered to the point where it’s hard to recognize the original form.

But it didn’t really matter, and Sung-hyun extended his shadow.

Let’s go!

His shadow permeating every inch of Balten’s debris.

The piles of debris began to stick together.


[Ancient Weapon “Walten”]

[Grade – Leader]

[Level – 155]

[The pressure of the boss], [the ancient being], [the nucleus of the mana].

The ancient golem, which regained its original form, rose from its seat.


The one who stood in front of Sung-hyun with a new owner.

Other ancient golems in the shattered dungeons also began to rise one by one.

‘As expected, not at the monarch’s level… I got a very good record.’

Basically, the level and specifications are good.

It will be useful in many ways because it has durability that is almost impossible to knock down without knowing the weakness of the nucleus.

It was not only Walten, but also other ancient golem under his command.

‘Then what’s left is…….’

Sung-hyun’s eyes turned sideways.

He knocked down the boss and cleared the quest, but not everything was done yet.

Behind the boss room where the lord of the dungeon ruled.

There was another space left at the end of the dungeon.

“This is….”

Entering it, Sung-hyun was able to find a sword stuck on the altar.

Originally, top-ranked dungeons in the S-class often gave additional rewards to the space itself in this way, except for boss looting.

Of course, the effects of the items given in the S-class dungeons were all powerful.

This is why even big-name hunters are greedy for S-level dungeons.


[Cold Sword of Sorrow]

[Grade – Best]

[Durable – Very Robust]

Weapon attack 905-1056

[Curses – Curses the enemy who was attacked]

[A sword with a cold heart and a curse.]


A message came up before Sung-hyun, who picked up the sword.

Like the finest sword, the specs were great.

Sung-hyun’s entrance was so open.

Of course, Sung-hyun, who already had the best weapon, could say that he liked his sword better.

He had adaptive characteristics and an incredible option to be strong with his owner.

However, this guy here was also a first-class weapon that was worth the price to call when he was auctioned.

‘But money doesn’t matter right now. It’s better to strengthen the power.’

Sung-hyun’s eyes turned slightly.

Then, over his shoulder, Izuna, who was looking at him with a curious look, met his eyes.

“Izna, it’s best for you to have it.”


Izuna, who opened her eyes round, stopped as if she were surprised.

“Is that, really?”

“Yeah. You can’t give this to your regular minions, can you? You’re the only boss who uses a sword.”

“The sword that the Lord has bestowed upon me… I’ll give you my life!”

Izuna, who was truly touched, knelt down with tears in her eyes.

He thought she was already dead because she was undead anyway, but he didn’t say that because of the atmosphere.

Such a powerful sword would create greater synergy when combined with her power.

“…You’re not jealous, are you?”

“No way.”

For some reason, when Locan stared at Izuna, Sung-hyun said, “I shouldn’t have.”

I’m sorry, but I can’t give something to a naked Locan.

‘Anyway, let’s get out of here.’

Fortunately, the uninvited guests succeeded in finishing before breaking in on the way.

The guild members who guarded the entrance to the dungeon would have told them that the king had come, so there was nothing good because they took a long time.

That’s why the monarchs called in and pushed the dungeon as fast as they could.

The immediate result was successful.


But then, a loud noise came from the entrance of the dungeon.

The ancient golem, which was the floodgates of Sung-hyun, is being destroyed at a fierce speed.

It was still a long distance away, but he could roughly understand the situation there because it was Golem that accepted the shadow.

‘You wouldn’t know that I came in first… I don’t know who he is, but I don’t think he’s a friendly guy.’

The existence of another S-class hunter who entered the dungeon.

I didn’t know exactly who came in.

However, given that Sung-hyun is already entering the dungeon, it was highly likely to be an enemy.

“I’ve got everything I need, but how do I do this…….’

Against an unidentified enemy

Sung-hyun was lost in thought for a while.


Fragments of the ancient golem, which was shattered, rolled on the floor.

A man who broke the golem that had been gathering and simply destroyed the weak core.

Rabid-dog  Koo Chang-hwan wore a sword on his shoulders in a relaxed manner.

“You’ve turned them all into your own bodies. That’s a great ability as I’ve heard. The rumor that it’s S-class was real.”

Golems holding black shadows.

Koo Chang-hwan, who has seen the video of King of the shadows as a necromancer, could see that this was his work.

“It’s like a necromancer anyway, and I think it’s over if I cut off the neck of the body… But he’s been carrying tens of thousands of dogs, so maybe it’s a little different.”

Koo Chang-hwan glanced at the screen of his cell phone.

Unfortunately for the young king, he had already contacted Cheongseong.

In other words, it has some insurance against unidentified enemies.

Thanks to this, the Hunters of Cheongseong, including the top executives of Class S, were flocking here.

He meant that there is no possibility that he will survive here, apart from winning or losing anyway.

“Still, I’ll have to taste it first.’

Koo Chang-hwan’s mouth went up again.

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